2 Big Announcements—and a Giveaway!

As I always say, summer is my favorite time of year, and this go-round might just be the best. I’ve got two big announcements today that have been a long time coming.

First up, I’ve got two brand spankin’ new condiments for your summer cookouts. Anyone care to take a guess? It’s a pair you won’t want to live without this season.

Next up, I’m handing the reins to my staff next week as they kick off our annual 21-Day Summer, Staff-Led Challenge. They’ll be sharing their favorite Primal eats, their active vacay shots, their relaxation routines and more.

But we’ll have all the blow-out contests and prizes of a traditional 21-Day as well—with one grand prize so big Grok would be proud. It might just be the biggest I’ve ever given away for a Challenge.

And, speaking of giveaways—I’ve got one today with a prize for lucky 5 commenters.

The 21-Day Challenge—and the 21-Day Primal Reset Program

With a new season comes new energy, which is why our team is ready to announce our favorite, much anticipated event of the year: The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge! This year’s challenge will run from June 11-July 1, and we’ve got a big lineup of contests, prizes, and all around fun activities planned for everyone who wants to participate.

Whether you’re new to Mark’s Daily Apple, you’ve been incorporating (but not quite committing) to Primal principles for a while, or you’re an old timer ready for a new layer of Primal living, I hope you’ll join us.

Starting next week, you’ll be able to kick your summer goals into gear with thousands of other Primal folks looking to do the same—all in the service of living awesome and becoming your healthiest self, with the least amount of pain and sacrifice possible.

I’ll have a full announcement next week with all the details, but we’ll also be releasing a massive update, upgrade and reboot of our popular 21-Day Primal Blueprint Challenge course, now the 21-Day Primal Reset—with a whole new line-up of videos and resources to offer you continual support and detailed planning for your Challenge experience—and anytime you need your own reboot. 

I’ll also have a list of resources on the blog Thursday to get the ball rolling. Consider what you want this summer to be in your life and how a 21-Day Challenge experience can kickstart that process. What have you wanted in terms of vitality, weight loss, strength, fitness, energy, calm, and inspiration? Let this month be that beginning.

Get the App—Only Through June 11!

21day-appWe’ve teamed up with Vimify once again to create a Primal Blueprint 21-Day Transformation Challenge accessible from your desktop computer or Android or iOS-compatible device (iPhone or iPad).

First things first: get the Vimify app and join the 21-Day Challenge. Seriously, go download the app—either to your computer or iPhone/iPad/Android—and sign up right now. It’s FREE, it takes just a couple minutes, and it will enrich your experience in the weeks to come. (Note: When signing up, make sure you’ve entered your email address correctly and that your password is at least 8 characters long.)

From there, you’ll have a series of Prep Tasks to complete before the Challenge starts next week, including:

  • Purge your pantry of all non-Primal foods and restock it with Primal fare. Doing this now allows you to jump headfirst into the Challenge when it begins.
  • Do a Primal Essential Movement assessment. Determine your level of physical fitness so you know what you’re working with and can plan fitness goals accordingly.
  • Invite friends to join you in the Challenge. The strength of this app lies in the community you build, the accountability it promotes, and the healthy competition it provides. You need people to get those benefits.

You can also review the Primal Blueprint Guides to the aspects of Primal living that are especially important to success this Challenge, like the 10 Laws, Shopping Guide, Primal Essential Meals, and the Carb Curve.

After that, it’s a waiting game. Once the Challenge begins, the daily tasks will be linked to the daily challenges, contests, and content posted right here on Mark’s Daily Apple.

***Important note: If you want to participate in the app challenge you have to sign up by June 11th. There is no joining mid-Challenge. The app challenge is available all year on a regular, revolving basis, but for this month only, the entry fee has been waived. Long story short, get in soon!

Introducing PRIMAL KITCHEN® Ketchup and Mustard!

I’m thrilled to introduce Primal Kitchen’s latest addition to the game-changing family of condiments. That’s right—ketchup and mustard are back on the menu.

First off, my Organic Unsweetened Ketchup. That’s right, no dates, honey, high fructose corn syrup or other sweeteners in sight. It’s Whole30® approved, paleo-friendly and infused with nourishing, USDA organic ingredients, including organic balsamic vinegar, and packed with the wholesome flavor you’d want from a backyard BBQ. Add its perfect complement with Organic Spicy Brown Mustard. Smoky and savory, it’s packed with zesty turmeric and other USDA organic ingredients for your favorite summer spreads.

Looking to find these in stores near you? Stop by your local Whole Foods Market. They’ll be stocking our Organic Unsweetened Ketchup and Organic Spicy Brown Mustard all summer long! Or order from PrimalKitchen.com today.

And look for a special promotion with our Ketchup and Mustard in tomorrow’s Mark’s Daily Apple newsletter. (Need to sign up? Just scroll to the bottom of this post.)

And Now For the Giveaway…

On Monday, June 18th (Week 2 of the 21-Day Challenge), our Primal Health Coaches will be taking over Dear Mark for an “Ask the Coach” column featuring YOUR questions. So, here’s your chance to ask away—and be entered to win one of 5 FREE Primal Kitchen Ketchup and Mustard prize pairings.

  • Have a question about what it’s like to work with a Primal Health Coach (or the process of becoming one)?
  • A question about beginning a Primal (or keto) transition?
  • Something about your Primal fitness routine?
  • Want to know more about food sensitivities or recovery strategies?

Here’s your chance to get a coach’s perspective on what it’s like not only understanding the Primal principles but also applying them within individual coaching relationships.

Just submit your comment on the board below by midnight PDT tonight (6/5/18), and you’ll be entered to win one of 5 sets of our new PRIMAL KITCHEN Organic Unsweetened Ketchup and Spicy Brown Mustard. The staff and I will choose 5 questions (decisions final) from among the bunch for the June 18th post and the prize package. 

Thanks for stopping by today. I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts. Have a great week, everybody.




About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. What was the most difficult thing for you in becoming a health coach, and why?

  2. What’s your take on the balance between exercise and sleep?

  3. What are your thoughts about eating much of the same food in relation to developing allergies? I’ve heard of people who have developed egg allergies after consuming 30+ eggs a week. As part of a primal/paleo lifestyle. Is this hyperbole?

    Same question with ground beef and a carnivorous diet.

    Is variety something you feel is truly important? Are routine foods detrimental at a high volume? Even when they are nutrient dense and health promoting foods?

    Especially when there are easy/cheap food groups that can make up majority of a healthier diet on a budget.

    If these foods could really cause a problem, are there ways to mitigate the effects? Aside from lowering the quantity. Could supplements, herbs, or lifestyle changes help?

  4. How do you know when you should make the jump to do this program and do health coaching full time?

  5. How do you explain your dietary choices and exercise habits to critical friends, family, and coworkers?

  6. When tracking macro nutrients, what range of numbers would you recommend on such vitamins and minerals based on sex, age, height, etc…? For instance: Vitamin A, C, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Fiber,Cholesterol, Calcium amounts? Thanks!

  7. Do you make customized, individual plans for every client? What does that encompass? Also, what resources do you have access to as a Primal Health Coach that allows you to provide support for your many clients?

  8. For those of us with casein intolerance problems (assuming intestinal permeability), what is the most accurate way to self test for cross-sensitivity to gluten?

  9. How can I help a picky kid get more interested in primal eating?

  10. Hey coaches!

    I am ready to sign up for the health coach certification program. However, it’s important that I have my wife’s buy-in and support before investing in the program — seeing as it will effect her and our two young sons. She’s on the fence. What is the value of this program (particularly for a young family) based on your experience as a health coach that I can relay to my wife as an outside perspective? How has the mastery of primal nutrition and lifestyle impacted your family?

  11. What do you find to be your biggest challenge when coaching people? Overzealousness? Resistance? What about coaching seniors?

  12. Is getting up from the desk to do 10 squats every 15 minutes enough to make up for not getting to walk much or move around most of the day due to a heavy sedentary workload?

  13. I have been practicing 16:8 IF since Jan 1 and am following a Primal WOE during my eating window. I am in maintenance after losing 165 pounds about 16 months ago. I am struggling with two things and would love your thoughts on them.

    1. Since my weight loss I have seen an increase in gout attacks. I have been grain and sugar free for 10 months and doing IF for 6, and my gout flare up don’t seem to be lessening. I have read conflicting information on Gout with a low carb diet and gout with IF. What are your thoughts?

    2. Since starting IF, I have found that even though I am only eating two meals, I am satisfied and not hungry after eating, but typically find that I am only eating 1600-1800 calories (my calculated BMR is approx. 1800). Am I causing problems by eating less than my BMR? Calculated TDEE based on BMR an exercise is around 2300 calories.

  14. I would like to hear more about nutritional needs of kids. I have a 1.5 year old and a 4 year old. Should they be following a general primal food diet?

  15. WORKING WITH A PRIMAL HEALTH COACH: How are your coaches trained to help people get past their inner voices (or the voice of Keanu Reeves) that tells them, “Life is short. Eat the delicious food.” I’m an endurance athlete who *logically* knows what I need to do and agree with it… but at least half of the time, I just don’t want to. I love bread. I love pancakes. I love ice-cream. Is it worth paying the money to work with a coach when I’m worried even before signing up that I’ll self-sabotage my efforts?

  16. What is the return on investment after becoming a primal health coach? Does the course count as CEUs for a certified personal trainer?

  17. If you are health-coaching full time, what’s a Day in the Life like?

  18. How do you deal with sleep, stress, sun exposure, circadian rhythm, and digestive circadian rhythm on shift work? Especially if your shift switches frequently (i.e. every other month or week!)

  19. I love to run. How can the Primal way of eating fuel me for running? I’m excited to get started!

  20. What’s your advice for peri-menopause women and IF, especially impact to thyroid function. Should we, shouldn’t we?

  21. Sugar. That’s it – that’s the whole question :). How do I live without it!?

  22. Being a senior myself, I’d like to have some impact on helping seniors especially those that have some minor health issues and are willing and open to making changes in their lifestyle. What does the Primal Coaching Program/21 Day Challenge offer in that regard?

  23. So when are you guys going to roll out a 6 week keto challenge to follow your 21 day challenge? I think that needs to happen.

  24. I like taking 45-60 mins long spin classes. But, my heart rate gets VERY high. It’s definitely not slow and steady cardio and the class drills are a bit long to qualify as sprints. When or how do I work these workouts in to a primal lifestyle?

  25. I have a very physically active job (Physical Therapist Assistant in a hospital). I walk and lift a lot on a day-to-day basis. I also find it necessary for stress relief to work out 6 days a week; yoga once a week, hiking once a week (except in the summer when it’s too hot here in Phoenix), and weightlifting primarily. Is this too much? I’m afraid if I don’t work out to negate stress that someone will die, LOL.

  26. I was tested for food sensitivities and tested positive for a few things – whey, casein and green beans and I know that as time has gone by, I have developed joint pain and gastric upset whenever I eat tomatoes (a nightshade). I am working on healing my gut and am curious if it is possible to lose a sensitivity once you have healed your body?

  27. How do you manage eating primal at events, or as a guest at someone’s house or business, when there are limited food choices?

  28. There are so many different takes on women and keto, what’s ok and what’s not. I’ve heard of women who start to experience low thyroid symptoms on keto (like hair loss and cold extremities) that say just stick to it and it does go away, because it did for them. Same with the insomnia or low energy issues (something I personally have experienced). I hear stick with it and it will get better. But, just as many say it doesn’t and that’s a sign to quit. Also, you hear some say lower your carbs or protein further and things get better (and the opposite).
    So, my question is, what side effects of keto really aren’t normal and shouldn’t be waited out? And, should you play around with lowering carbs or protein first before you up carbs (assuming you already are already eating what should be keto range)?

  29. Can I modify the food prep to take it on the road? (Cold is fine!)
    I work EMS and I am either at work, with no expected eating times, or enjoying the outdoors with my young grandchildren, who I want to share this with.

  30. How could working with a Primal Health Coach help me personalize and put into practice what I have read in the Keto Reset Diet book?

  31. Can you tell me your 5houghts on the sweetener erthyosomething or other? And how about allulose? Should we stay away from these also?

  32. What are some specific exercises to include that will help close up an abdominal gap from pregnancies? I’ve seen mixed information about what’s safe and what will make it worse. And if I have persistent bloating should I be worried that it’s from my ab separation or should I just try fixing it with food (keto and/or less fiber is what I’m considering)?
    Also, I know this has been discussed a lot, but if I can hardly afford any high quality meats/eggs, is it better to eat less meat overall or more meat of lower quality? Especially if I need to do keto or low fiber for my digestion, would it be worth it to consume more meat to make up for lack of plant foods even if the quality isn’t the best?

    Questions aside, I saw the ketchup and mustard at Whole Foods a couple days ago before this announcement and was so shocked! I’m definitely buying the ketchup when I can afford it.

  33. Another question: my son has been primal since birth. He is 3 years old, breastfed for over 1 year, and as long as he’s been able to ask, he’s eaten so much to the point that he has a big pregnant looking belly. Is this normal? Should I be worried that he overeats or has emotional eating problems? (he is CRAZY about food)

  34. I still love to know more about paleo/primal vs Keri and what the differences are. I’m 3 months postpartum and am not looking at restricting my calories due to nursing my baby but would love to jumpstart weight loss. I eat pretty primal but would love to see what Keto could do for me. Is it nursing mama friendly?

  35. How would you balance the advice from a Primal Health Coach with doctor recommendations? The two view points often seem like they are at odds. Doctors seem to have outdated views on nutrition, but ignoring their advice seems like it could be dangerous.

  36. What is your best advice for dealing with very low stomach acid? (taking 6 HCL capsules per meal, plus digestive enzymes) (and not eating meat, or not eating much isn’t an option)

  37. I have an office (desk) job, although I have a standing desk and I am fairly active, I worry about being stationary, whether sitting or standing (usually a combination) for 8-10 hours a day.

    Can you recommend some exercises and stretches that can be done at the office in small intervals throughout the day.

  38. How do you recommend timing of eating carbohydrates (i.e. after workout, evening vs morning, etc.)?

  39. I’m excited about the prospect of becoming a Primal Health Coach but seeing as how it is a relatively new certification, do you feel that your Primal Health Coach status has increased your “legitimacy” in the eyes of current or potential clients?

  40. What are the best ways to eat while traveling? Also taking into consideration multiple food allergies/intolerances?

    I feel like I explain clearly to the server, but then often encounter them putting croutons on salads, and batter fried onions on steaks? Advice please!

  41. When are you going to come out with shelf-stable, small condiment packets of the Primal Kitchen mayo, ketchup and mustard? I seriously need backpacking friendly ways to carry that mayo with me on the trail!!!

  42. What are the legal liabilities with health coaching? Is it considered medical advice? Would a license be required to have clients?

  43. What strategies would you recommend for breaking/ replacing bad habits like eating at certain times not out of hunger but out of habit?

  44. This is amazing thanks!! How do you know if you have a food sensitivity?

  45. Hi Mark, I really like your 21 day challenge and 21 day primal reset plan. I inform people who doesn’t know about this great program. Thanks for sharing. Every time you wrote is something very beneficial for everyone. I just love your articles.

  46. Oh shoot…this didn’t pop up in my feed until today!! But anyway…what about coaching people with physical limitations (arthritis, scoliosis, etc) who would love to go all-out with the sprinting, high-intensity workouts, but are so easily injured? I’ve worked with quite a few trainers before but none of them seem to understand that I don’t want to start out super slow but I can’t manage a full workout with deep squats, serious upper-body work, etc., without injury. I’m dying to get into shape, but if I am pushed much harder than I can go, I am in pain for days and I give up thinking it’s just too late for a 62-year old with arthritis, a bad knee, and joint pain. Help?

  47. This is not my first 21 day challenge. I find that I get overwhelmed with all these new actions … great steps all of them but what strategies can I use to complete the 21 days and have Fun doing it ?
    Thanks !!!

  48. I have several autoimmune diseases and I have extreme hand swelling, muscle and joint pain. I have recently gone carnivourous, due to sensitivity to karbs. I feel 99% better, but I still have hand swelling. I still drink coffee and tea and wonder if I have to give that up AS well?

  49. First what’s the best advice you can give about non believers? I’m not trying to convert anyone, I just want them to respect my choices. Second my daughter and son-in-law are both doctors, how can I get them to see that this way of life is really good for me.

  50. So I’m late to submitting the question, but still going to ask in hopes that it will be answered even without the prize. How do you transition children, especially younger children (who are used to goldfish and cheezeits and other similar fare) to a Primal diet?

  51. How make a transition from a normal diet to a keto diet more easy?