19 Keto Ground Beef Recipes

A special thanks to Courtney Hamilton at Paleohacks.com for today’s keto recipe roundup.

There are so many comfort foods that use ground beef in a starring role. Think meatloaf, meatballs, cheeseburgers, chili—you get the gist. It may feel too indulgent to keep on your keto diet but rejoice! Ground beef is an easy protein to use in low-carb recipes, especially those of the comfort food variety. On this list, you’ll find hearty fare like keto meatloaf with a tomato-y topping (without the sugar found in standard ketchup), a variety of low-carb chili options for any night of the week, and even innovations on carb-laden classics, like cheeseburgers and tacos. If you crave lighter options, try the crunchy romaine salad with taco toppings or veggie-filled Thai beef bowls served atop cauliflower rice.

It’s worth mentioning that grass-fed, organic ground beef will offer you the best nutritional bang for your buck, as well as ensure you’re enjoying ethically and humanely-sourced meat. It’s better for the environment, and affordable to boot. It’s a win-win all around.

#1 Cook Eat Paleo | Easy Keto Meatloaf

Meatloaf often contains sugar hidden in the ketchup, but this keto version uses fresh salsa instead.

#2 Tasteaholics | Meatballs in Coconut Broth

Beefy meatballs simmer in a rich lemongrass coconut broth for a Thai-inspired dinner.

#3 Wholesome Yum | Keto Low Carb Chili

Skip the beans with this keto and low-carb chili. You can make it in either your slow cooker or Instant Pot!

#4 I Breathe I’m Hungry | 10-Minute No-Chop Low Carb Chili

If you want all of the flavor of chili without any of the time, this 10-minute recipe is for you.

#5 The Healthy Foodie | Keto Ground Beef and Spinach Skillet

Get a super dose of iron in this one-pan recipe, thanks to the spinach, capers, and, of course, the beef.

#6 Low Carb Yum | Low Carb Korean Ground Beef

You can swap out the molasses in this Asian-inspired recipe to keep it 100 percent keto-compliant. It’ll still be sweet, savory, and spicy!

#7 Keto Summit | Keto Hamburger Soup

When cooler weather strikes, this hamburger soup warms the soul, sans carbs.

#8 PaleoHacks | Keto Tex Mex Casserole

Load up on keto-friendly, spicy deliciousness with this creamy avocado-topped casserole.

#9 Real Simple Good | Easy Curry Beef Bowls

Channel Indian flavors with these ground beef curry bowls, packed with curry powder, ginger, and garlic.

#10 Ketogasm | Low Carb Keto Breakfast Burrito Bowl

Enjoy ground beef for breakfast with this hearty, low-carb breakfast burrito bowl loaded with cauliflower rice, cilantro, and scrambled eggs.


#11 Tastes Lovely | Keto Ground Beef Taco Meat

You don’t have to give up your beloved tacos on a keto diet! You can use this taco-spiced meat to stuff into keto-friendly wraps or tortillas.

#12 Thyme and Joy | Paleo Hamburger Skillet with Thousand Island Dressing

This tangy beef skillet is topped with red onions, avocado, lettuce, dill pickles, and a homemade keto Thousand Island dressing. It’s like a burger without the bun!

#13 Tastes Lovely | Whole30® Ground Beef Burrito Bowl

Burrito bowls are a great way to enjoy ground beef on a keto diet. Load yours up with fatty avocado or guacamole to fuel ketosis!

#14 Paleo Running Momma | Instant Pot Paleo Beef Chili with Bacon

It’s a proven fact that bacon makes everything better, and this beef chili with peppers, onion, and garlic is no exception.

#15 Tasty Yummies | Grain-Free Thai Beef Bowls

We recommend topping these Thai-inspired ground beef bowls with carrot ribbons, cucumber slices, red chiles, and fresh lime juice for best results.

#16 40 Aprons | Instant Pot Beef with Peppers

If you’ve got 10 minutes, you’ve got time for this quick Instant Pot beef with peppers—the perfect keto weeknight meal!

#17 Beauty and the Foodie | Easy Hamburger Pie

It’s everything you love about a hamburger, baked into a crustless pie!

#18 Savory Tooth | Beef Picadillo

Think of picadillo as a Cuban type of chili with lots of briny green olives. Serve with cauliflower rice for a complete meal.

#19 Primavera Kitchen | Ground Beef Taco Salad

This bright and hearty salad boasts plenty of fresh ingredients, like spicy salsa, creamy avocado, and crunchy romaine.

Thanks again to Courtney Hamilton from Paleohacks.com. Interested in seeing a certain recipe or roundup of a certain category—Primal or Primal-keto? Let us know below!

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