18 Underrated Blogs You Should Be Reading

Blogging is the lifeblood of the growing Primal/paleo movement, as you know, and new veins, arteries, and capillaries are popping up every day. I’m calling this the underrated blog post, but really, given the steadily increasing span of the community, even the most underrated blogger has a fair amount of readership. In fact, as I review my list of “underrated blogs,” they all get a significant amount of readers and comments. Oh well, they’re still worth listing. I suppose you could say we’re all underrated in the grand scheme of things.

I did a similar thing a year ago, and it’s time to do it again. The blogs I listed in 2010 remain essential, but these all deserve consideration to be included in your blog rotation. They’re not all Primal, or even strictly paleo, and some of them rarely ever mention exercise and nutrition, but they will enrich your lives and broaden your knowledge base.

Health Correlator

Ned Kock is a stats guy who examines correlations in health statistics and discusses what conclusions can be drawn from them. He never loses sight of the limitations of numbers even has he acknowledges their power, and Ned runs a real tight ship that doesn’t get nearly enough attention (although that’s changing, hopefully moreso after today). A couple weeks ago, Richard Nikoley tweeted that Ned was the most underrated blogger around, and I think I agree.

Matt Metzgar

Sort of the Jack Handy of paleo blogging (only not as funny), Matt gives short summaries of papers, two or three line posts on his difficulties reaching a full squat and possible solutions, a paragraph or two on running barefoot through his neighborhood and the looks he gets, a short but sweet series on prebiotics, pesticides, or fasted training… it never takes more than a minute to read Matt’s stuff, but I’m always interested to see what he’s got cooking.

That Paleo Guy

Jamie, formerly of “Primal Muse,” is a cycling coach/nutritional consultant (I think) in New Zealand. Besides trading witty tweets with Dr. Emily Deans, he also enjoys posting long (but never long-winded, a rare skill) posts on nutrition, training, and the confluence of the two, especially in regards to cycling. I come from the endurance world, and I appreciate his take on staying paleo in the cyclist’s world of sugar gels, pasta meals, and osteoporosis.

Evolutionary Psychiatry

Emily Deans, MD, is a superstar. She graciously wrote a guest post a couple weeks back, as you probably recall, in which I plugged her blog, but I thought it deserved another. Every time I read a blog by Emily (or any of the other MDs on board with this stuff), I get happy because I realize that the tide may be turning after all. What’s cool about her blog is that although she focuses on the essentiality of fixing your food, exercise, stress, and sleep to avoid or mitigate mental illness, she recognizes the place of medication in certain cases. That’s Primal in a nutshell, really: taking advantage of all the unique benefits of both modernity and tradition when they make sense.

The Daily Lipid

Chris Masterjohn may occasionally eat wheat, soak legumes, and question the universality of gluten intolerance, but man is it hard to argue with his dedication to sticking to what the evidence shows. Plus, he loves liver, egg yolk, and dates Melissa McEwen. Read this man.


Speaking of Melissa, she’s also got a good blog. She first appeared (to my knowledge) in that NY Times piece highlighting “cavemen in the city.” Read her, too.


From NY Times to Colbert to a Trappist monastery, John Durant takes paleo to new arenas. He’s working on a book, is big in the NY barefoot running community, and shows intense interest in what zoos feed their animals – a man of many interests.

Perfect Health Diet

Dynamic duo Shou-Ching and Paul Jaminet are scientists (he a former astrophysicist, she a molecular biologist) who healed their long-standing medical issues with a low-carb, paleo-esque diet. Their book and blog attempts to fashion a sustainable, healthy, longevity-promoting, science-based way of eating and supplementing. They use a little more rice, a little less protein than I might, but the Perfect Health Diet deserves a VP spot in the Primal/paleo tent.

Seth’s Blog

Seth Roberts is great. He only writes about nutrition every so often, but he’s a great believer in the power of self-experimentation (eating more animal fat improved his sleep and he has the stats to prove it, for example), especially if you figure out how to quantify and record the results. Having had dinner with him, I can say that he’s really engaging in person, too.


Witty, slightly sarcastic Andrew tackles evolutionary psychology more than biology, the latter of which he mostly leaves to others. He’s fond of saying “the rabbit hole goes much deeper than diet and exercise,” and I’d agree with that. Common topics include the intertwining of sexual attraction, relationships, business, and politics with evolution. If you’re fairly comfortable with what you’re putting in your mouth and how you’re stressing your physical capacity, you might find Evolvify’s examination of the other stuff interesting.

Eat Move Improve

Rarely updated, but when it is, it’s always worth reading. Steven Low and Chris Salvato are fitness professionals (either budding or established) with gymnastics and parkour backgrounds who provide excellent training progressions, intuitive ways to determine why your knee or your lower back hurt and what to do about it, and they are extremely thorough. My personal favorites include “Shoes, Sitting, and Lower Body Dysfunctions” and “So, You Hurt Your Lower Back.” That last one helped me figure out (and fix!) a tweaked SI joint once.

Dr. Briffa

Dr. John Briffa is, as the name suggests, an MD. He’s always good for analyzing the latest study your skeptical friends gleefully shove your way.

Better Movement

Todd Hargrove brings a fascinating neuro-centric perspective on movement, pain, and exercise that makes a lot of sense (though perhaps not intuitively, initially). I was particularly fond of this post from a few months ago, in which Todd explains the distinction between the “mind body connection” and “mind over matter,” which are entirely different concepts. Very cool blog.

DIY Strength Training

PBF essential movements with bodyweight not quite enough for you? The local globo gym not supportive of your Vibram-and-grunting habits? Forget all that and make your own workout equipment to supplement your training. DIY Strength Training regularly updates with video tutorials explaining how to make your own strength training gear. Yeah, the resultant equipment isn’t shiny and pretty, and it’s actually quite grimy, but you don’t need all that to get strong.

Primal Toad

A young, tenacious dude excited about Primal living who’s really interested in spreading the word and helping others make the leap, too. I dig the guy, especially after meeting him in person at PrimalCon. Plus, he’s always got some deal or another cooking, so be sure to check out his blog and see what’s Toad’s up to.

The Healthy Skeptic

Chris Kresser is a practitioner out of the Bay Area who also happens to be a fantastic health blogger. Chris’ll usually pick a topic – like, maybe, hypothyroidism or diabesity – and run with a series of posts devoted to that topic. It’s a good way to really flesh out a subject. In particular, I liked his latest series on “9 Steps to Perfect Health.” Again, he’s not exactly underrated, what with his practice and his readers, but here he is all the same.


J. Stanton is a truly underrated paleo blogger, but that seems to be changing. I myself need to catch up on his work. If you do, too, check out the blog.

Diet Doctor (plus the Swedish version)

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt hails from Sweden, where he’s helped usher in the burgeoning low-carb, high-fat revolution. As the name of his blog implies, he’s a doctor of family medicine who’s seen – firsthand – what decades of low-fat dogma has wrought on the health of Swedes (and everyone else). He gave a great talk at the Ancestral Health Symposium, and he’s got a great blog.

The Internet is a massive place, so I know I’ve missed more than a few. Now it’s on you – what are your favorite blogs? Who have I missed? Who is everyone else missing? It can be a Primal blog, or it can be one having nothing at all to do with nutrition, fitness, or health. I just want to know what you guys are reading. Share your niche, underground and underrated blogs with the world in the comment section.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. I originally planned on publishing a follow-up post to yesterday’s aquaculture post today, but I’m still working on it. Check back next week!

    And please share your favorite blogs. As I said, they don’t have to have anything to do with nutrition and fitness. What do you read? Grok on!

    1. Being a big Rockies fan, purplerow.com is one of my favorite blogs to read.

    2. Thanks for this list! I already read several of those blogs, but am looking forward to checking them all out. As a shameless plug, my blog https://wellnessmama.com is a primal oriented blog geared especially to moms and families. Thought it might be helpful to some readers with kids…

        1. I’m female! Can’t say I blog about female-specific issues very often, but here ya go: paleoperiodical.com

        2. Done!

          Check out http://www.my-healthy-eating-secrets.com.

          This is my website. I am a former (longtime) vegan who shares a lot of great-tasting, super healthy and easy recipes. No refined sugar or dairy anywhere on my site.

          I’m just getting my toes wet with Mark’s Daily Apple, but boy is this place a breath of fresh air after the utter looniness that is the vegan community.

          I started eating meat again about 8 months ago and doing so has represented a wonderful improvement in my health. Glad to be participating here!

    3. Thanks for the link-love Mark! Very humbled to appear on your site and to be in such excellent company!

      1. I have just started reading and was interested to see “If it comes from animals foods, …… but also because animal fat contains micronutrients, and helps with the absorption of those micronutrients. Fats from oils, even the healthy ones like coconut oil, just do not have the latter properties to the same extent as unprocessed fats from animal foods.” Even though it is fairly obviously that unprocessed is better than processed, is it the case that really you’d be better off having steak and veggies and a slice of fresh coconut and not bothering too much with the oil? Off to read more, this is sooo interesting!

        1. Hi Tracy.

          In my opinion, fat from animal sources (in their original, natural package) is more satiating than the same fat in isolated form. The higher satiety level is probably enough to have an effect in the long run.

          The reason is that animal fat contains a number of micronutrients, particularly the all-important fat-soluble vitamins. Satiety of a food class is strongly correlated with how nutrient-dense a that food class is. This has to take into account both macro and micronutrient content.

          I suspect even that nutrient databases tend to underestimate the micronutrient content of animal fat, possibly because the isolation process destroys some of those nutrients.

          Ever wonder why fish oil softgels have quite a lot of soy oil added to them? It is because once the o-3 fats are isolated, they become highly unstable. Soy oil helps stabilize them; I don’t know how much. 38 g of sardines will give you more net o-3 than 2 fish oil softgels (see: bit.ly/gsaJI3).

    4. I’ve got a good goal for myself now, get my site on that list next year! Thanks for putting those sites together, always looking for a new resource to read up on in my free time!

    5. How about HeartScanBlog by William Davis MD I really like his stuff.
      I was reading NephroPal He quit blogging and has now returned on a more Evolution topic with occasional comments on eating Paleo.

    6. Nice list!

      I would encourage you to include gettingstronger.org in your daily reading.

      I especially like his posts on eyesight improvement, (glasses are like shoes, i.e. crutches or casts!) and Stoicism.

    7. Superb list Mark, thanks for sharing!

      Another exceptional blog that wasn’t listed, but is a very worthy read is Petro Dobromylskyj’s HYPERLIPID

      It’s a very well written/researched read if you’re a diabetic.

    8. Wow Mark! The first Blog alone was worth all of your effort!

      I now can blame you for all of my time in front of the computer today. 😉

      Thanks again.

    9. Self promotion time!
      I make Paleo and Lacto-Paleo meals on a budget for under £1 a portion. No, it isn’t the healthiest way to go Paleo, but if someone is on a student-type budget (like myself) my blog offers quick, cheap, filling, Paleo and Lacto-Paleo alternatives to the usual junk and fast-foods students eat! Far better for your health than SAD, let alone take-away life-styles.

      The blog has recipes, shopping advice and ramblings on food.

      I’ll also be making more packed lunches in 5-10 minutes, to give people ideas for school/uni/work lunches that don’t cost an arm and a leg (financially OR physically!), don’t take long to cook and won’t make you sluggish.

      /shameless plug.


  2. Excited to read more about aquaculture which is a topic close to my heart, but in the meantime it seems I have plenty of material to keep myself busy! Thanks Mark.

  3. A few of my favorites are on this list like Evolvify and Gnolls.org. I’m excited to discover others recommended by one of the best, Mark Sisson!

    One I didn’t see on this list which I have been watching in recent weeks is https://www.wildmovement.com/
    He’s got incredible energy and insight!

    1. Mark, please remove this link (wildmovement)as it is being re-directed to malware. Google Chrome browser detected this.

  4. Looks like I’m going to get absolutely nothing done at work today 🙂

    I read Primal Wisdom and Hunter Gatherer quite a bit, but I can’t believe I haven’t read much of the others.

    1. Getting nothing done at work – I echo that.

      Since I’m new to the primal lifestyle I can really use these recommendations to further educate myself. I can tell I’m already going to like Healthy Skeptic.

      One blog I really like is alineaathome.typepad.com. Not a primal blog, but a cooking blog, of a woman chronicling her task to cook through the Alinea cookbook, pulling off some really impressive feats. And it also deals somewhat with her struggles to eat gluten free.

    2. I hear you. These all look like blogs I need to check out. (Well, I already read a few of them.)

  5. What a great list of blogs! I follow some of them but thankfully to have more great blogs to follow.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks for listing the blogs of my many friends. Seth Roberts is a personal friend and research collaborator (pigeon research, not self-experimentation), and his self experimentation in the effect of omega 3 FAs on brain function, along with his interview of Gary Taubes that encouraged me to then read the book GCBC are what drew me into this whole shin-dig in the first place! That was back in 2007. What a long, strange trip it’s been since then; what with a new symposium and a new society both on Ancestral Health, a new journal (stay tuned), and a new line of rat research in collaboration with some intense individuals (stay tuned)!

  7. danielvitalis.com
    Not quite part of this community, but actually very primal indeed.
    Should expand most peoples idea of what it means to be primal, and where the primal movement can expand to.

  8. I read all of these except for two. Soon to check them out. Great recommendations. This collection of bloggers is smart and generates an enormous amount of useful and entertaining info.

  9. Thanks for the link love! Quite an honor to be mentioned on one of my favorite blogs (along with all the rest of my favorite blogs.) Your blog and the rest got me started and keep me going on some major positive lifestyle changes. Thanks again!

  10. Great list! Thank you for doing the research and bringing these to my attention. My internet is so slow here in GTMO that it could take all day for me to browse the net like I used to do in the states. This is a huge help!! Your blog is pretty awesome.

  11. I have two favorite BLOGs that I enjoy reading …
    I just got Sara’s new book in the mail as of earlier this week – Love all her recipes –

    Sean Croxton ROCKS – If you are interested in getting real with health and nutrition, check out his radio show – He has interviewed Robb Wolf as well as Mark Sisson and many more great people –

    1. Love that one! Mark, I found you through this guy: http://www.mercola.com. Really knows his stuff, and constantly searching/researching for the best, latest, greatest – whether it’s health news, supplements, excersize, whatever.

  12. Ok that article you linked from Healthy Skeptic about toxins is amazing! Should be required reading for all people. Really opened my eyes about the dissonance between what we are told about nutrition and what is true.

  13. I second that on everydaypaleo.com! I love the recipes and fitness section of her book!

    Thanks for the great post. Always looking for more good primal/paleo reads.

    1. Second both of those!! I haven’t made a bad recipe yet from either of you … and I often pass them on to my friends trying to figure out what to cook & eat as they make the transition. Your kitchen basics posts are Awesome!

    2. Lol, I was just coming to make sure you were on the list! <3 Your blog AND your Roller Derby book!!

    3. Ooh I also recommend your blog, Mel! I love your posts! It’s so nice to have a good Paleo food blog with fun, smart writing 🙂

  14. this is off-topic, so i apologize up front…. however, i just finished the leftovers of a great osso bucco i ordered last night — and good thing i took home the doggie bag! i could never have gotten out all the lovely marrow with the tools at hand in the restaurant. if you don’t own a marrow spoon, you might want to consider getting one, and taking it along when you might be ordering a meal like this!

  15. My web site/ blog will go live this month (www.nutrisclerosis.com), right now I have a facebook page http://www.facebook.com/nutrisclerosis It’s about using the autoimmune protocol of paleo to cure/ reverse autoimmune issues. I reversed my MS using the advice from everyone I can find who has advice and I am taking all that information and putting it in one place. I like success stories, there will be a lot of those on there, a knowledge center with book reviews and suggestions, web site and blog reviews and a recipes section. Everything is free, I’m not selling anything. I am so excited about curing myself, I just want to get the information out there to the sufferers of any autoimmune disease, especially MS. I give mad props to Wolf, Sisson, Kresser, Lalonde, Harris, Price, DeVany all the people whose information I have used to cure myself. I am also a somewhat talented writer who works in the chemistry field, so the blog posts will be good. Thank you to Mark Sisson for all the information you have provided to me thus far and the new cookbook is AWESOME. I’m making buffalo patties tonight, and the kids are devouring turnip hash browns lately.

  16. Great list! If you want to add a couple more female bloggers, the venerable https://www.stumptuous.com is always a GREAT read – Krista Scott-Dixon is awesome.

    Katy Bowman is also a great source of info – not strictly paleo, but very much into natural body movement, re-establishing good body alignment and a huge, huge fan of the proper squat. (https://www.katysays.com)

    And I also like Primitive Stimulus. Not written by a woman, but good nevertheless 🙂 https://primitivestimulus.com/

  17. I want to recommend https://www.leangains.com a.k.a Lean Gains. A greath blog about Intermittent Fasting.

    I recently picked up IF and combine it with the Primal Blueprint way of life. Feel like a champ. The food I eat, and some of the exercises are from MDA, but the way I’m eating the food is from this place.

  18. Great. Now I’m waaaay behind on my Google Reader. Haha, Thanks, Mark!

  19. Thanks for posting. I agree with Allison , only one female on the list. It would be cool to see more. @primal K ,checked out your blog and like it. everyone, keep up the nice work!

  20. One of my favorite bloggers is AndreAnna at http://www.lifeasaplate.com (I think you’ve linked to her recipes before). Fantastic primal fare, meets vulnerable, hilarious writing. Love her!

    And the peeps at Health-bent.com have some great recipes, too.

    1. Hey man, I’m glad to see Mark acknowledge you and hard woring blog, especially after reading some irrational criticism of you in yesterday’s comments.

    2. Ignore the haters, Toad. After they mature past their middle school inaddequacies, they’ll learn that their flaming is grating to the rest of us here at MDA. Hopefully one day they’ll learn how to play well with others. Either that or they’ll go crap somewhere else.

      Keep up the good work on your blog.

      1. Thank you for the kind words Wyatt and Fritzy!

        A year ago they would be pissing me off. I now know better today and actually gain benefits from there nonsense. My traffic always increases from MDA when they make there comments that I am sure no one appreciates. This allows more people to be inspire even that much more. So, in the end, it balances itself out.

        The losers are the trolls themselves. Everyone else wins.

  21. Too much stuff to read now! I’m always so behind on my Google Reader 🙁

    I’m a big fan of food blogs (obviously, since I run one!). So I love https://www.thefoodee.com/blog/ since it brings so many great ones together.

    My blog is crankingkitchen.wordpress.com if you want to check it out!

  22. Thanks for this list Mark, love finding new reads!
    Thought I’d share some of my favorites after MDA:
    https://www.thegreatfitnessexperiment.com – for the laugh out loud humor
    https://www.cheeseslave.com – for great traditional food recipes
    https://nourishedkitchen.com – for info on nutrient-dense foods
    https://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog – for motivation to do incredible things
    and a shameless plug (hope you don’t mind) for my own https://www.fithugger.com – for my mostly primal adventures
    and all but one are chicks! 😉

  23. I love these lists! I have found many good sites through Jimmy Moore’s excellent website livinlavidalowcarb.com. When does he find the time? I also second the website nomnompaleo as a GREAT place to find recipes and drool over food pix. She’s funny as hell AND she uses Penzey’s spices! I would love her just for that!

  24. Perfect Health Diet, Gnolls, and Matt Metzgar top the list as far as underrated blogs go, IMHO. All the blogs you list are great but I would consider those to be the most interesting in terms of content vs popularity.

    Tim from Soil to Sustenance https://soiltosustenance.wordpress.com/ is also a great up-and-coming blogger and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was included in next year’s list.

  25. A Swedish MD blogging on health issues. Check it out if you are interested in a scandinavian view on paelo issues. It’s in english and Swedish.
    One of the most popular blogs in Sweden.

  26. Awesome blog Mark, it is always nice to see you giving love to the little guys. I just found Chris Masterjohn’s blog yesterday after hearing so much about him from so many different locations. He has got a lot going for him, I’d say he will be a future leader of this movement.

    And Chris Kessler has been one of my favorites for a while now, and think he does a great job bring all the information together and presenting it. Matt Lalonde needs to get a blog up, he seems to have enough knowledge and enthusiasm to run one.

    All these great minds picking up this topic and running with it is really exciting. Maybe we stand a chance against the pharmaceutical super powers…maybe.

  27. I have most of these already on my blog list on my own blog. By the way, to jumpstart my way back into better primal eating, I have been featuring reviews of recipes from the new Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals cookbook and Sarah Fragoso’s Everyday Paleo cookbook. So far, not one dud! It’s going to be quite a month of wonderful eating.

  28. Thank you, Mark!

    I’m proud to be associated with the other sites you’ve mentioned, many of which I read regularly and recommend.


    (My apologies if this is a double post: my first hasn’t shown up yet.)

  29. Where are the women, Mark? Where are the women. We’re half the population and yet there are only 3 women on a list of 18. We do exist in cyberspace and we do eat paleo. Would you please be more mindful of gender balance?

    1. Doh! And I was just reading her very thorough analysis of The China Study.

  30. Thanks for the reference Mark.

    Going to be coming out with a knee article soon among others.

    Pretty inactive over the year since I’ve been writing a bunch for the bodyweight strength book, but now that the rough draft is completed and going into editting mode we should get more content out soon!

  31. Aaaaaaah so many hypothyroid articles on Healthy Skeptic!!! Im salivating! Diet advice for Hashimotos sufferers that DOESN’T centre around high carb, high grain, low-fat diets?? Im right on it!

    Mark, you’re a lifesaver. Probably literally for a lot of readers.

  32. Thanks so much for the plug! Marks Daily Apple and The Primal Blueprint are such terrific resources – they are always on the essentials I recommend to people who are interested.

  33. Mark,

    Thanks for being such a unifying force in the Paleo/Primal movement. I’m honored to be included in this list and grateful for everything you do for this growing community.

    Another female blogger to check out if you don’t know about her already is Diane Sanfilippo at Balanced Bites.


  34. Mark,

    You forgot Free The Animal (freetheanimal.com). Richard Nikoley is brash, hilarious and informative. LOVE this guy…

  35. I feel like I’m on new blog overload! I have so many tabs open on my computer right now it’s ridiculous. Some of these I had already found via random clicking on the sidebar blog-lists on different blogs, but this gives me a better idea of what I’m going to find once I click. So much good information out there…

  36. Mark, Your blog is a major success, taking massive hits each day. I really do enjoy and benefit from it. Congrats to you for using the forum you’ve created to plug others!

  37. I’ve been reading some of those blogs you mentioned for a long time, and I’d definitely recommend Primal Wisdom.

    Then of course, my favourite blog of all is my own:

    https://www.kriskris.com – Kris Health Blog 🙂

  38. Another great one Dr. Michael Eadeshttps://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/

  39. DIY Strength Gear – great site Rob! Even if I wasn’t your Brother-in-law and you didn’t post any of my “makes”; I’d still visit…

    Congrats on making it onto the Apple list.


  40. I’d highly recommend Balanced Bites (www.balancedbites.com) by my girl Diane as well as Sarah Fragoso’s Everyday Paleo (www.everydaypaleo.com). Chock full of great recipes and insight. It doesn’t hurt that they’re both stunning young ladies either. 🙂

  41. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I went through every website. What I can’t get over is how few of these bloggers are on Twitter. Social media is not going away, Guys. Get it on! 🙂

  42. Woo Hoo what a Great Reference, good one to pass along to the clients. Thanks for all you send our way and for keeping the community an inclusive one 🙂

  43. For tasty LC desserts + pretty photography (not necessarily paleo since many recipes use dairy) –


    I am biased of course, but it’s great to have these tasty low carb dessert recipes with as few nonprimal ingredients as possible to fall back on. Erythritol and stevia will never be paleo, but I can’t do “natural” sugars like honey in large amounts.

    Great post, Mark! Always looking for new primal/LC blogs to check out.

  44. Thanks! I like 180degreehealth alot even though I think you’ve had your own problems with Matt. Lol, t’s a great blog too

  45. I read several of the above and appreciate the links to others. Lately, I’ve been liking Diane Sanfilippo’s https://balancedbites.com blog a lot.

    From her About page:

    Diane Sanfilippo
    BS, Certified Nutrition Educator, C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach
    Member: Nutrition & Metabolism Society
    Holistic Nutritionist specializing in Paleo nutrition, blood sugar regulation, food allergies/intolerances and digestive health

    She’s definitely worth a read.

    1. Of course, I only read the first page of comments before replying. Thanks, all!

  46. My favorites are: Sarah Fragosos http://www.everydaypaleo.com and The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate: https://www.primal-palate.com/ I love, their site! They have some awesome recipes and the pictures are beautiful!
    And of course my own blog I share with another woman, I’m a mom of 7 children, a CrossFit Trainer and have taken both Rob Wolf’s Paleo Solutions seminar and the Whole 9 nutrition seminar.
    Can’t wait to check out all the suggested blogs on here! May not make it through them all, but I’m going to give it my best shot! Thank you for the suggestions!

  47. Mark…

    Thanks for the life change you kicked into overdrive 4 months ago, and thanks too for the links to more interesting and informative blogs…

    of course now my browser hates me… four “homepages” wut huh?


  48. I like barbellsandbacon.com. Jon is a coach at the Crossfit gym I go to (Potomac Crossfit).

  49. I stumbled on Mark Sisson’s blog 18 months ago and decided to buy his book. Best decision ever for me who has insulin resistance.
    But I can hardly keep up with Mark’s blog let alone the myriad of blogs around.
    Where do people find the time?
    The list seems great though, will have to find out more about some of the blogs..

  50. I’d like to give a round of applause to RAWFOODSOS.COM. Denise Minger, the owner of the site, busts caps in the ass of pseudo-nutritional wisdom on the daily, which can be witnessed when strolling through the 3800 block of the Cacao & West Kale St. community. Homegirl keeps it real.

    Also, I like reading theonion.com.

  51. I ran across a “Mommy humor blog” called ridinthemommygoround and the woman has the PBF books in her Amazon ads and mentions Primal in her “about” section. She’s funny and warm, I like her.

  52. Sorry, just caught my mistake…the blog I mentioned should read:

  53. Thanks for this list, Mark. I’ll be adding several of these to my Google Reader.

    Because you asked, https://winterbluescoach.com

    I advocate realigning your body clock with your natural rhythm with light therapy if you don’t or can’t’ get enough naturally.

    Thanks for all the great resources you continually share.

  54. Nourishedkitchen.com
    Lovely posts of homemade foods following WAP but totally in support of low/no grains.

  55. Another cheer for The Food Lovers Primal Palate: https://www.primal-palate.com/ Seriously, if you are having a bad day, just scroll through the photos or watch one of the mesmerizing videos. Instant Primal pick-me-up! So glad they will be contributors to the new Paleo Magazine!

  56. Hello Mark!
    Thank you for all the wonderful insight!

    Quick question on your thoughts about Dr. Jeffery Life’s new book, “The Life Plan?”


  57. Thanks to the guys who shouted-out to me on this post already. If anyone is interested, I blog about paleo-oriented nutrition based in science, common sense & thinking as well as in helping to re-train people to THINK and not just follow conventional wisdom without questioning it. I post lots of recipes, some rants and also many handy tools and PDF downloadable resources like one on fats & oils as well as sweeteners. I work with clients 1:1 and also teach paleo nutrition classes nationwide at CrossFit gyms – so if anyone needs extra help or wants to come to a class with like-minded people who spend their Saturdays geeking out on grain-free nutrition topics, come join us!

    Peace & bacon.

    PS: The “bacon is rad. gluten is bad.” Ts are my brain-child! Enjoy! https://balancedbites.com/bacon-is-rad-ts

  58. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but there ate two other good ones that I enjoy. Hopefully you will too.
    This one covers just about everything from kids to exercise even to life

    This next one covers the mind, body & spirit

    Another one where I get some good reading from is on Facebook it a page called kettlebellrob. Lots of good info & training as well.
    Hope you enjoy!

  59. Here is another shameless plug. I started my site May 1 2011. http://www.paleodietnews.com
    While I feature news about the paleo world, I also like to include some of the stuff going on with the food industry, like factory farms, GMOs, anything that impacts our choices when trying to find safe paleo food to eat. Naturally I emphasize looking for pastured/grass fed products since that eliminates many problems from the start. I hope that my site will become a favorite, like Marks’Daily Apple.

  60. I started the paleo lifestyle in august and I have had amazing results. I started my own blog to chronicle my journey and to give encouragement to others but I am always looking for other paleo blogs to increase my knowledge base. Thanks for the list.

  61. Here are three to add to an excellent list: Kurt Harris, MD at archevore.com provides high integrity, stylish, erudite commentary; William Davis, MD has a tight focus on wheat avoidance at wheatbellyblog.com Excellent stuff. And the Must See is Terry Wahls MD and her 18 min presentation to TED (Google her)Hint: she cured her own MS with Paleo+. Off/chart important.

  62. I have to plug my own blog!


    I’m a paleo guy, but love fermented dairy, and particularly ground my diet in my own “paleo smoothie”. Made in a Vitamix high- speed blender, this is an ideal way to incorporate a Paleo/Primal diet in a nearly effortless manner.

  63. Awesome list! Thanks for putting this together. I’m always on the lookout for Paleo blogs to read, particularly keeping an eye out for differing viewpoints and how the theory of Paleo translates into bloggers’ daily lives. Cheers!

  64. Didn’t read all the comments so apologies for posting re Primal Wisdom.

  65. Just started reading your stuff last week. Wanted to recommend an excellent website written by Peter Attia, MD.

  66. Ha, can I be cheeky and drop a link to our new UK focussed Paleo site? A friend and I are blogging on this site with our thoughts on food, health (wife has MS tackled by paleo) and exercise.

    We are not going the heavy science route and would more likely refer to this site, Robb Wolf or one of the other top boys and are more a guide to help people adopt the paleo lifestyle and to get the message out in the UK a bit more where we are seemingly a little behind.

    Anyhow, swing by, it is far from perfect yet but we would love to get your feedback on our first few posts

    https://www.PriMod.co.uk – PriMod meaning PRImal Living in the MODern World.

    Thanks all and hope this was not too cheeky!

  67. Oy vey—Don from Primal Wisdom has really gone off the deep end. Anyone who equates animal life with human life is not someone I can take seriously.

  68. I am creating a Facebook network for Primal bloggers! I want to help others find your amazing primal resources so please feel free to join the network Primal/Paleo Bloggers Network on Facebook!

  69. Thanks for a great list of paleo blogs.

  70. It is goo d to see so many blogs listed. I am going to have a busy time catching up with them all. Thanks for this valuable information

  71. I really like cracked.com .
    Mark`s linked to it before. There are countless humorous and informative lists of stuff, such as “The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs“, “6 Things You Won`t Believe are More Legal than Marijuana“, 20 horrifying things the food industry doesn`t want you to know (or something like that)

    1. I just found oddee.com the other day and it’s also got plenty of interesting lists. It’s like Cracked but without their humorous writing style. It’s keeping me occupied.

  72. I look at all these blogs and they’re great! I also just started my own yesterday. Hopefully it does good! I’d be amazed if it turns out even half as great as any of these other ones.

  73. These are all great! Thanks for sharing.

    Shameless plug for my blog! I’d love to get feedback and hopefully inspire new followers.


    It’s a blog for runners who are looking for real food options to fuel their running, fitness and overall health.

  74. Superb! I must say, you are an inspiration to all who are looking or thinking to adopt primal lifestyle. Keep the good work ON.

  75. In this modern context when the fast paced lifestyle is making people think of a healthier alternative, a steady trickle of people that too of all ages is happening at most gyms. And doubling to this need of exercising is the availability of various nutritional supplements