13 Healthy Ways to Begin the Day

SunriseIn the midst of topical wound ointment, baby wearing, and gynoid fat, sometimes it’s nice to just back up and focus on the basics. How much more fundamental does it get really than getting up in the morning? I think we can safely count it as square one. Whether you’re stopping by today as a Primal newbie or old timer, most of us need the reminder at some point. Ah, morning. It’s an alternately grim and comical scene in most American households. There’s the snooze parade, rumpled faces, chronic grouchiness, catatonic showers, coffee frenzy, mad dashes, and neon colored breakfast with cartoon characters (fun prize included!). We’re quite a species to behold at 6:30 a.m. What can we do to change this picture? Is there such a thing as a Primal morning short of rising from a sleeping bag in a remote corner of mountain wilderness? You decide. A more approachable goal this morning might be this: what can make the morning feel – and be – a little healthier and happier?

Drink Water

I don’t buy the eight glasses a day commandment. I think water is overrated in fact. Nature gave us a sensation called thirst for a reason, and for most of us it tends to work pretty well. That said, after eight hours of total abstinence, your body could use the liquid. I see people down two to three cups of coffee, when they were probably more thirsty than insufficiently caffeinated. Maybe a productive rule would be this: water first, then coffee or tea if you want it.

Wake Up to Natural Light

Once again, reduce your dependence on caffeine by stimulating yourself biochemically with plan old light. Sunlight is ideal, but turn on the all the lamps (full spectrum bulbs are best) if you’re up before the sun. Unlike caffeine, there’s no impending energy crash waiting for you in a couple hours. If you can, use natural light to wake yourself with open curtains (unless outside artificial light will disturb your sleep at night) or a progressive light “alarm.”

Spend Fifteen Minutes (or More) Outdoors

Even if it’s pitch black when you roll out of bed, try to get some time in before you leave for the day or get sucked into your at-home household/work routine. Enjoy your breakfast outside, shovel the walk now rather than later, throw the ball for your dog, water your garden in your bathrobe (the neighbors can deal with it), or take a walk.


For me, there’s just no substitute for a morning walk. It’s something I’ve come to appreciate over the years. Nothing wakes me up, relaxes me, and focuses my thinking in quite the same way. That said, any kind of movement can energize you naturally and boost your circulation. Who doesn’t want to begin the day with an endorphin rush? Getting your workout in first thing means you won’t be tempted to skip it later when a meeting runs late, you have an event to attend, or you just want to chill out at the end of the day. If you can’t bring yourself to workout or walk, do whatever you can: lunges while you brush your teeth, calf raises while you eat your breakfast, stretches while you wait for the shower to warm up. Anything will always be better than nothing.


For some, it’s cultivating quiet composure on a favorite pillow. For others, it’s an invigorating yoga routine. It can be working with affirmations, prayers, relaxation techniques, or mindfulness exercises. However it works for you, you’ll begin the day with a biochemical advantage that will hold stress at bay more effectively.


I know, I know. Morning minutes are precious. You don’t have time for fooling around. If you want to set a relaxed, creative path for the day, however, you’d do well to leave a little extra time for the wholly non-utilitarian. Rough house with the kids, play with your dog, do some doodling, or stop by the park on your morning run and hit the swings.

Enjoy a Good Primal Indulgence

Last week, so many of you weighed in on the need for non-destructive ways to “treat” ourselves in a healthy way. Everyone loves getting up in the morning when they know something good is waiting for them. We can use that pattern to our advantage. Do something that makes you feel good. Invest in a deluxe shower head or a luxurious robe. Put extra effort into making an amazing Primal breakfast. Get up early and take an honest-to-goodness bath once in a while.


Take the time to listen to yourself. There’s a reason productivity experts stress the importance of morning hours. We tend to have our best energy and clearest thinking during these hours. Do some writing therapy, and journal for ten minutes about a personal question or goal or taking inventory in a gratitude journal. An unencumbered mind might present unexpected insight.

Set the Inner Conversation

Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to journal, you can begin your day thinking on a positive and productive note. Skip the computer, TV, radio, and even the newspaper. Do you really need to start the day with news of 3,000 dead in an earthquake? There’s plenty of hours left to inform yourself. Instead of filling your head with the slew of random reports, feed yourself some good motivational nuggets. Whether it’s a daily quote, a brief chapter of your favorite health and wellness book, or some other encouraging source, take control of the thoughts that set the tone for your day.

Play Music

I’ve written about the power of music therapy. If it can get you through an operation with fewer pain meds, the right playlist just might help you get over the morning hump.


There. I said it.

Spend Meaningful Time with Loved Ones

Most people I know feel like they barely see their partners and families in the morning. It’s rushed, stressful, even agitated time. Don’t take the day – or them – for granted by accepting this as inevitable. You can all do better. Sit everyone down for a real breakfast or go for a morning walk together. Take time to cuddle and read with the kids before everyone gets dressed. If you live alone, meet a friend for coffee, or send a couple morning emails to your favorite people.

Follow a Simple Routine

This is really a “how” rather than a “what.” Do whatever you can the night before (make lunch, prepare breakfast ingredients, write the day’s agenda, choose clothes, unload the dishwasher, etc.) The more you do the night before, the more relaxing your morning can be – and the more time you’ll have for the stuff that really matters.

On that note, thanks for reading today, everybody! Share your own ideas for enjoying your morning and starting the day on a healthy note.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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    1. Reid, I think you must have missed the paragraph titled ‘move’?!

  1. Funny, I find that my mornings fly away, it is the afternoon and evenings that I have a problem with, from like 3 pm till 8 -9 pm when I go to bed. Tired, anxious, and not enough time to relax, and hungry, so hard to stop eating.

    I would love a post on how to make one’s evenings less stressful and the Sunday night blues syndrome…. I seem to have it every night.

    1. I think banning computers/ laptops & the tv after sunset would make a huge difference to so many people (myself included)

      1. For sure, and taking it 1 step further, try to only check your email 2x per day max. It’s like we’re email addicts, continuously checking to see who’s emailed us. Emails are a bit like playing roulette, you never know what’s coming up next!

        But much more relaxing to check 2x per day, action and move them out of inbox. sanebox.com is good service to try out for inbox management

  2. Great advice on drinking water. Of course we’re a little dehydrated first thing and coffee will only make it worse.

    2 cups (500ml) of water will give you the same wake-up as a coffee.

    With most North American glasses being well over 250ml, if not 500ml, it’s easy.

    Happy Morning, G

    1. Ummm, What?

      For one thing, the diuretic effects of caffeine have come into serious question based on recent studies and after decades of zero evidence based assumptions. It merely increases the urge to urinate.
      And unless it has been determined that chlorine and fluoride are neurostimulants, I highly doubt that tap water is as effective as coffee for “waking up”.

  3. Great post! I’m a big fan of lemon water in the mornings. Also, I can definitely say that having good food to look forward to makes getting up worthwhile!

    I also love going outside first thing in the morning. Ever since Mark’s post on grounding, I’ve really liked the idea of standing in the dirt or grass barefoot for just a couple minutes in the morning, even if it’s freezing cold or wet.

    1. In the summer I love going outside and walking barefoot in the wet grass and dirt. But since it’s winter I generally start the day with some yoga poses after rolling myself out on a foam roller.

  4. Great post. It’s all really simple stuff, but it seems that it’s the simplist things that we forget about. We all need reminders of this once and a while.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. It seems so easy to forget the basics. I have found that when the morning is managed in these simple, healthy ways, it helps me in almost every other area of my life.

  5. Some of my favorite mornings are when the alarm goes off, and my wife hits snooze and snuggles into the spooning position. What’s better than waking up to a long, loving, embrace?

    On the other hand, when we first went Primal we also had a new dog, and we made it a point to get up in the mornings and walk with her. It really is amazing what it can do for you.

    1. Morning snuggles are pretty awesome. My fiance and I set an alarm 30 minutes to an hour early sometimes, just to make sure we have plenty of snuggle time.

  6. Thank you! You have no idea how much I need this advice right now! I’m going to try and incorporated some of these in my morning routines starting right now:)

  7. In fact I am making your paleo no oatmeal right now. My daughter loves it! We may even eat it out on the patio since the sun is out!

  8. My husband and I cook (primal) breakfast together and eat it at the table every morning – all my colleagues seem to think that they don’t have time to do this but it’s such a great way to stay connected.

    The evenings can be so unpredictable and I love our 30 mins of togetherness first thing.

  9. Love the water advice. Not enough people deviate from the “8 cups of water” idea.

    A nephrologist once told me, “your kidneys are smarter than you are and will tell you when you need more water.”

  10. I can tell you from personal experience that I was never more refreshed, woke up more “alive,” and made it through my day more energized than when I was going to sleep and waking up with the sun. It is astounding how something so simple can make you feel so amazing. Great advice. Oh, and +1 for morning sex!

  11. To quote a famous fire-survivor, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

    1. “Ain’t no sugar for me in my coffee!”
      Ain’t going overboard on the coffee anymore either.. feeling jittery, it’s time to cut yourself off, for the day or at least until most of the caffeine wears off.

  12. A cup of hot lemon water followed by some yoga, outside if possible, covers a few of the above. Even for my non-American crazy household!

  13. I just love (and need) 10 minutes deep breathing to feel my daily dose of gratitude for being healthy (after so many problems) before I touch the ground. That’s powerful.

  14. 5am BEEP BEEP… shoes on, meet up with the running club, put in 4-6 miles, go home drink water, make the coffee (decaf), feed the dog, fix the kids a primal lunch to take to school , cook some eggs and sausage for the whole family, jump in the shower, take the kids to school and arrive at work by 8:05 am – not relaxing but it works

    1. Thats sounds stressful along with possible cronic cardio. Hope you can relax more in the future.

      1. Seriously? You think running for an hour daily is “cronic [sic] cardio”? That’s ridiculous. Even Mark suggests 30 minutes to an hour of low to moderate level aerobic movement. For a seasoned runner, running a few miles at a comfortable pace is exactly that.

        I used to use the Stairmaster or exercise bike for HOURS a day. That’s what he advises against.

    2. I got stressed out just reading that. Don’t kids take the bus anymore?

      1. No they don’t. You should see the lines of cars at the public schools in the morning and the afternoon around here. Some do take the bus in my neighborhood, but the thing seems nearly empty.

        And yeah, that’s a lot to fit in the morning. I kept up that pace for a while, until I couldn’t. 🙁

        1. Whatever happened to having the kids walk to school? I walked in the inner city neighborhoods that most lock their car doors while drving through as young as 6 all by myself al the way through high school in the country. And that wasn’t that long ago!

  15. These tips and the ideas in the comments make me want it to be tomorrow morning already!

  16. Wow, I’ve got at least half this list down already.

    -Wake up to a “sunrise” alarm clock
    -Open the windows to let in some nature / light
    -Drink a glass of water while making breakfast
    -Indulge in said tasty primal breakfast (best meal of the day, really)
    -Journal briefly
    -Listen to music while getting ready
    -Walk to work as often as weather permits

    Grok on!

  17. I read all these as sex.

    Set the Inner Conversation
    Follow a Simple Routine

  18. That was a really good article about a really good morning.
    Love it.

  19. I always take a shower first thing in the mornings, it’s so refreshing.

  20. A morning garden tour is a habit I learned from my mother. Step outside, smell the fresh air, and walk from flower bed to vegetable garden, all around the house. That way I see what’s coming up, identify where I might need to work on weeding later in the day, and give the dogs a chance to stretch their legs.

    1. I love doing this too, the dogs roar around like loons, and while observing the garden, I organise the day in my head, shoo the crow away from the chook shed and collect the eggs. Doesn’t always work that way, lately the tour was actually watering to keep the garden alive during our withering hot antipodean January, but Feb has cooled down and this is a great way to start the day. One other thing folks, the list was a suggestion, everyone has limiting factors, try for one or two of them most days. My
      Personal favorite is sex 😉

    2. Walking the yard/garden is my daily morning and evening routine. It’s peaceful and exhilarating at the same time.

      I can’t wait to plant the summer garden and watch the plants develop and produce.

      We will have chickens soon; they are another adventure. I love looking in on them a few times per day and checking for eggs.

  21. We love our sunrise-style alarm clock. It’s even set up to play bird chirps and morning noises while it goes off. Most mornings (especially during the darker winter months) this makes a great difference to the start of the morning–much better than the screech of an alarm.

    1. I love mine too! Even though I live in the suburbs there is too much light (from streetlights, neighbor’s porch lights, etc) to have a really dark bedroom. So I installed blackout shades and a light alarm clock was the only sensible way to mimick the rising sun…especially during winter when I’m waking up 2 hours before the sun rises.

  22. Those of us who are not fortunate to have the luxury of waking up to sunlight, or live in very gray, rainy areas (ie Pacific NW) can try “wake-up lights.”
    After going Primal in 2011 I purchased the Philips Wake-up Light from Amazon. A small investment but SO WORTH it! The light bulb gradually gets brighter, as if mimicking a the rising sun. And you can customize sounds to accompany the gradual light (beeps, radio, music, or birds chirping).

  23. I often write (whatever is in my head) in the mornings. It stills amazes me that I’m anxious or worried about stuff and don’t even realize it until I start writing. The cool thing is, I usually can come up with a solution to whatever’s bugging me, which I can’t seem to do in my head.

    My other favorite is to read (which is a weekend thing). I get up before the kids do and cozy up with a book and cup of coffee and enjoy the silence.

  24. I think you should drink water (16 oz?) before you sleep. You can’t act on your thirst when in dreamland. I used to wake up dehydrated and constipated later.

    1. I think that it depends on the person. 16 oz of water right before I sleep almost guarantees I’m running to the bathroom. 🙂

    2. I keep a bottle of water by the bed, as I wake up at regular intervals through the night thirsty. Especially if I have been naughty and had a take-away curry or Chinese.

  25. As a cheap (and brighter?) alternative to a wake-up lamp or sunrise alarm clock you can get a cheap plug-socket timer. Plug it into a bright lamp of your choice. It’s great to have that come on 5 minutes before the alarm sounds – I usually wake up with the lights now.

  26. Some may agree with me that coffee in the morning is more about calming ritual than simply caffiene.

    Especially in those months where the sun comes up early enough to enjoy coffee with before 7:30am to leave for work.

    1. Agreed. I don’t care if it has caffeine or not (although it’s hard to find good Sumatra without caffeine), I just like coffee in the morning.

  27. I’ve been on a news black-out now for coupla month’s! LOVE IT! If something big happens, I will see it on FB. The news is truly ridiculous most of the time and rarely action-able. If it doesn’t matter, then I do not care about it!

    1. Have you ever really paid attention to how much of the reporting is actually speculation? The few facts from the story can be given in 30 seconds. Sports stories are the worst. “What is your goal for the big game tonight?” “Well, I thought I’d tell my team to go out and play to lose tonight!” What a bunch of moronic questions!

  28. Well, this is one aspect of primal life that I definitely can say I am doing alright in! I have always been a morning person – I love being awake before everyone else, when the world is still quiet. The day seems so full of possibilities.
    The first thing I do when I wake up is open my blackout curtains. Lately I wake up at 6:30 every day (before my alarm clock, and 3 hours before I have to leave for work). The eastern sky is just beginning to brighten.
    I have water (with my supplements), then coffee. Always fresh ground, with some cinnamon sprinkled on top of the grounds before brewing. My morning cup of coffee is one of my favorite rituals.
    Then journaling while sitting outside w/my feet in the grass.
    In addition to regular journaling, I also keep a gratitude journal. Thinking about what you were grateful for the day before is a good way to ensure that you are present and able to find gratitude in the day ahead.
    Then 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation.
    On the weekends, I’ll sit outside with my coffee and read something enjoyable for awhile. I have been news-free for years now.
    I don’t always wake up in a good mood, but following these morning rituals almost always ensures that I’m feeling pretty good by the time I leave the house.

    1. Happy Paleo Girl,

      You made me happy just reading of your ritual 🙂

  29. To be clear, how many Natural Lights can I have in the morning before the boss notices? 😉

    1. Have them before your interview, then first day of work, and so on, and it won’t raise too many eyebrows.

  30. 1) I love the idea of waking up gently. In reality it’s usually get dragged out of bed by small people bored of us struggling to wake up. We’re off on a veeeeery long road trip soon & I’m really hoping it will help us get into a healthier sleep/wake routine.

    2) I bet ‘it’ was the most-clicked on link in that post….

    3) For those with smartphones, I highly recommend a ‘peace alarm’ style app. A gentle gong sound, increasing in frequency for 15 minutes. Makes you feel like you have woken up naturally, but more definite wake up for those who tend to sleep through a sunrise alarm.

  31. Thanks Mark– a personal note that is!

    On the latest article– I get up before my wife so sex is out of the question but I do spend time with the dog outside getting some fresh air– and I know what some are thinking– STOP IT!

    I also like to stretch, drink water, one cup of coffee and then pray. I’ll work on the other suggestions!


  32. My morning ritual includes a pass of foam roller (*). Highly recommended (**)

    (*) Rumble-Roller: buy this in amazon, the big one blue, don’t do as I did, bought several cheapo ones.
    (**) Don’t work for them, but if the Rumble Roller people read this, please send me a spare one 🙂

  33. I wake up without alarm around dawn, get up open the curtains, open the bedroom door so the cat can come in. Get back in bed, cuddle with the cat while sun rises. Sometime later, have a glass of warm lemon water with olive oil (gets the digestive system working) and when the weather is not really bad (live in the northern midwest) will go for a walk. After that, it’s time to let the ferrets out for some play time – they are incredibly joyful first thing in the morning.

  34. A bracing early morning ride on my motorcycle is a good way to get outside, I guess. I ride in whatever the (Southern California) weather offers. An easy bicycle commute is also nice, but so hard to do when it’s pitch black in the morning.

  35. I forwarded this to my husband today and this is what he wrote back:
    “I know there is limited time in the morning but to be truly primal we need to adopt this routine. We have about 8 minutes to make it happen.
    Alarm goes off 4:45 am. Lay with eyes closed for 30 seconds meditating. Turn on all lights and have sex for 1 minute. Drink a glass of water while we walk from the upper deck to the lower deck and in to the kitchen. Turn on some music and do calf raises while making coffee. We can try to add more once we have mastered this.”

    I love you,

    1. I notice that “Getting dressed” never made that list. 😀 I hope you have understanding neighbors while you walk outside.

      1. hmmm… lucky neighbours, maybe it’ll convert a few more to the primal lifestyle when the results of a healthy living are made plain to see 🙂

    2. Cool – some of those timings are probably more manageable than others!!!

  36. Yep, I do better if I exercise before I ever get out of bed. Some stretches, some isometrics, some breathing exercises…a great start to my day. I journal everyday too…and have for 30 years or so (and written a lot about it, in magazines and books!) LOVE it when I can take time to be outdoors first thing…of course, being self employed makes all this a lot easier. No long commute!

  37. A cup of coffee while spending my first 30 minutes reading the news. Then an hour of yoga and a breakfast of a two-egg omelet. I actually look forward to waking up in the morning.

  38. I love mornings – exercising, eating a hearty breakfast, taking a shower, and even accomplishing a thing or two before work if I can. My wife, however, does not like mornings (outside of using them for sleeping in). Thanks for the great list of ideas!

  39. Some of these are great and easily implemented ideas. I have been getting up at 5:45am for the last three weeks for a course, having little time other than to dress and leave, but I wanted to try and continue this early wake-up time even when I return to a more civil start.

    The ones I’m looking forward to adding to my routine: getting outside, moving (gently, as I think full on exercise is still a bit beyond me as a nightowl type), and journalling – I sometimes do run out of time in the evenings to write, so mornings are an ideal solution.
    Music is always a given in the morning, as is a glass of water with my vitamins 🙂 play usually involves patting my kittens, which is always relaxing. If only my dear partner and I left at a similar time, but sadly sex is not on the cards except on weekends. Better than never though!!

  40. I leave for work between 5-6 a.m. but I make my mornings manageable by preparing all my food and laying out my clothes the night before. I wake up before my alarm most days, full of energy, ideas and goals. I tend to be a little too “get up and go” and I’ve lately taken to sitting down in a cozy spot to really savor a cup of tea and drag a string around for my cat. This calms and centers me at a “cost” of about 10 minutes. I get up just as early most weekends but savor not having to plan out all my food and being able to start my day however I please. I don’t like to eat at all in the morning, other than heavy cream, and as much as I love to exercise and be outdoors, morning is my huddle and hunker inside time. I like the peaceful reflective time to myself when no one else is up. (Other than the cats.)

    1. unfortunately I’m up at 4am and at work at by 4.15, not much time to do anything but get dressed and be on my way.

  41. still lost 10kg in the 3 months I have been primal eating so can’t be too bad

  42. Not too bad?! 10kg in 3 months is amazing – well done! Are you doing lots of exercise in the evenings instead, or do you have an active job?

  43. What time do you go to work? I would have to get up in the middle of the night to get all of this done.

  44. I have an 18-month old alarm clock 🙂 Never, and I mean never, needs batteries!

  45. My T’ai Chi routine takes about five minutes and really gets your energy in the right place for the rest of the day.

  46. I do most of the items mentioned because I live on a farm. 🙂 I wake up without an alarm and before getting out of bed, put myself in a positive state of mind. I drink our naturally carbonated water before coffee. My morning farm/feeding/haying chores do not take long and, thankfully, we don’t have a dairy (just one Jersey we milk and share with the calf).
    I am going to unplug a couple days each week as well; the computer can be sneaky about taking up a lot of time! I want to get in more walking and spinning (wool, not tires) time.

    1. Apparently carbonation assists the caffeine kick.
      Then apparently both promote bone loss.

  47. I have recently become aware of how often the kids see me on the computer. It increased dramatically a few months ago because I started my Masters program, but like so many others, I was on it plenty before that. So my January 1st resolution was that the computer (and any screens) didn’t go on until after hubby and the kids left in the morning. It’s just and hour and a half, so no real inconvenience to my schoolwork, but I’m not signing forms as they walk out the door anymore!

  48. Cold shower! My near-daily morning ritual for the last three years.

    Couple of deep breaths. Then the decisive act of turning on the faucet. Couple of hectic moments, followed by whole-body frisson. Step out and you’re the human torch, a beacon of warmth in a cold world.

    Highly recommended!

    1. I’ve done a few morning cold plunges in our pool in the spring but I couldn’t imagine taking a cold shower. The thought simply chills my bones and makes me shiver.

      1. Pre-primal I was aware some cold exposure was good but could only bring myself to stand under quick bursts of cold water, then one warm night in the summer after having a substantial amount of alcohol I went for my first full cold shower, and afterwards used the same cheat for cold water plunges and more showers, and quickly got used to it.
        I can imagine some shaking their heads in disapproval.

  49. I start my day off every morning with a 30-45 walk with the dogs. Most mornings I beat the alarm clock but as a fail safe I wake up to classical music. Unfortunately I get up too early to wake up to natural light.

  50. You nailed this one on the head. My best mornings are when I can incorporate as many as possible.

    I am also fan of the foam roller to my back right after rolling out of bedt.

  51. at Grokesque, I finish work at 2 in the arvo come straight home and do an hour of exercise be it walking or some lifting then pick up the kids from school, look after them, feed them and get them to bed then get to spend an hour with my wife when she comes home from our shop then bed then do it all again the next day. I only have 1 day off a week and thats spent doing stuff around the house going fishing or family time. So much easier doing all this on a primal diet for sure

  52. Can anyone recommend a good sunrise clock? One that doesn’t have a bright LED display of the time lighting up the room during the night? One that doesn’t have a continual electronic hum to disturb my sleep? One that can take a nice low-energy LED bulb? One that doesn’t trip my fusebox (yes that happened)? One that doesn’t cost too much?

    1. I have a soleil sun alarm and you can turn the digital display light off, which I have to do when I use it. I don’t remember how much it costs but I doubt it’s too pricey. I’m a very light sleeper and I never notice any sound/hum coming from it. I got it through groupon but you can probably find it through amazon.

  53. What a great list and you have encouraged me to go on a walk a few mornings or more a week. Hubby and I do P90X after work, but a morning walk after hubby leaves for work would be great!

  54. I like to start my day off outside in the grass reading for about 30 minutes or so while the dogs run around. I’ll try to have as much bare skin on the ground. It’s remarkable how great this starts your day!

  55. I love waking up when the sun rises… And I love when something else rises in the morning! LOL! Phenomenal ways to start the day!

  56. I find it very hard to wake up and get out of bed straight away in the mornings..my brain n body is in a coma… my bodily temperature is very low..i feel very cold…n sleepy for about half an hour…n then im fine!?
    and believe me it doesnt matter if i go to bed early and avoid using technology.read/play relaxe tc…same thing happens in the morning..i wish i cd jsut wakr up and get up! any advice? 🙂

  57. I like to drink a cup of beef bone broth with a pinch of sea salt first thing in the morning. Wakes me up and gives me the energy I need for my morning workout.

  58. The one that really hit home are the music and the sex those can definitely get the body going especially at the same time lol.

  59. For the past few months or so I’ve had trouble with being hungry in the morning. After never being able to fast without low activity, I was IFing in the morning. I started it because most mornings I would eat and walk to the bus and then my stomach would feel sick and my energy off all day. So I just stopped eating it. Then I was eating really late for a while. Now I think I’m cycling back to not eating a few hours before bed and eating some breakfast.

    And breakfast seems to make me hungry! Anybody felt that? Maybe it’s that breakfast is a gathered or leftover hunted morsel that humans would pop before going out for the first hunt of the day. Breakfast has been weird for me half the time I’ve been primal.

  60. anyone have the link to that video of a morning workout that lubricates your joints and limbs?

  61. Hi Mark,
    Great list. You know what’s funny? Most of us instinctually know that these are things that we need to do; we just like to go on with our lives not paying attention to what our bodies are wanting. I have to add this: have a daily yoga routine. It’ll help clear your mind, get rid of back pain and help you sleep better.

  62. Love your posts, of course for those of us working night shifts for many years, much of what you say is impossible.

    And NOBODY who has NOT worked nights for years has anything to say about it. You do not and will not understand!

    Life isn’t simply reversed, it is completely FUBAR!

  63. I’ve started using warm water in place of one of my cups of wake up coffee. It works and I save money on coffee too. My problem is that I’m a night person. I go to bed around 2am and get up about 10am. The sun has been up for hours when I get up. I’ve tried getting up at sunrise but that just doesn’t work for this elderly retired person!

  64. When I’m stressed out I find it really hard to keep my place clean. A month ago I cleaned everything spotless and decided I was going to be one of those people who makes their bed every morning…lol.

    I’ve read that accomplishing something that simple early in the morning can set the tone for your day. So tomorrow will be 4 weeks I have made my bed every single morning and what’s crazy is my bedroom and master bath have also remained spotless for 4 straight weeks. Quite an accomplishment for me lol. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but coming home to a clean place has lowered my stress levels considerably. It all starts with the bed! Lol

    I also implemented a morning meditation which I’ve been doing diligently for 3 weeks now (30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening) and this too will be something I continue as part of my morning routine.

    I’m not much of a morning person but these two things seem to help a little. I also wake up to music (sonos), which automatically shuts off when I need to be out the door, and a gentle sounding alarm. I have a sunrise alarm too but it usually wakes me up the second it lights up, even on the dimmest setting so I don’t use it much anymore.

    If only I could convince myself to crawl out of bed earlier I could implement some of the other suggestions.