100 Pounds Was My Initial Goal

A year ago, Wade realized he had a hundred pounds to lose. Today he shares his journey. Read on to find out if he pulls it off.

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Hi Mark,

After a life-long struggle with weight, I began my most recent weight-loss journey in January 2010. At 5’10”, I tipped the scales at a whopping 325, had a BMI of 47, was on three medications for asthma, had severe acid reflux medicated with expensive prescription acid reducers, and suffered from obstructive sleep apnea which necessitated the use of a CPAP machine to breathe when I slept.

With the help of a professional physical therapist trainer and nutritionist, in January 2010, I committed myself feverishly to those things which conventional wisdom dictates: daily torturous battles with my body at the gym, and a low-fat, high-fiber, high-carbohydrate diet.

After two months, I was seeing some modest results, but I could tell that my body needed something different. I had an instinct that I didn’t feel well eating all of these refined carbohydrates. I had a battle with my nutritionist/trainer who swore that my instincts were wrong and that I would be doomed to failure.

In March, I followed my gut and set out full-steam-ahead down my Primal path. I had had success with low-carb diets such as Atkins and South Beach before, but I was never able to maintain the short-term success they offered.

A friend recommended Primal Blueprint to me, and I immediately started changing my life to follow more Primal edicts.

Within a month of ceasing my refined flour and sugar consumption and adopting the Primal Blueprint, I began to see immediate and dramatic results. My lifelong symptoms of severe asthma immediately disappeared, my painful gastric reflux abated, I dropped 15 pounds that first month, and I was able to cease all prescription medication almost immediately.

I was able to reduce the intensity of my workouts and maintained 70 percent of my maximum heart rate comfortably. I follow a three-days-on, one-day off workout schedule. Each workout consists of 35-45 minutes of varied cardio at 70-percent heart rate, followed by varied weight-lifting regimen focusing on lower weights with higher reps. I will probably start “lifting heavy” toward the end of my journey to pack on a few pounds of muscle.

Now, 11 months after beginning my weight loss journey, and 8 months after going “Primal” I see dramatic results. My weight has dropped about 105 pounds to 220, with my average monthly weight loss being between 8 and 12 pounds consistently. My BMI is now teetering around 30, 17 points lower than a year ago. I haven’t taken a single prescription medication in over six months, I have no symptoms of asthma, no gastric reflux, no painful sleep-deprivation headaches, no weakness from chronic workouts, no lethargy from insulin crashes, and I no longer require my CPAP to sleep. And if that weren’t enough, my cholesterol is great at a mere 120.

My life has dramatically changed!  I have gone from a 50″ pair of jeans to 34″, a size 54 suit coat to size 44. I am almost NEVER hungry, have no cravings — even when I skip a meal, which I often do!

I probably have another 20 pounds to my ultimate goal, but 100 pounds was my initial goal, and I’m going to relax and enjoy my success!

Wade B. — Portland, Oregon

Update: 07/11/11

I wanted to shoot you a quick update to my progress since you featured me last December.

I have lost a total of 137 pounds following Primal Blueprint. I’m doing great, lifting heavy, working hard with a trainer. My success even convinced my trainer at 24-Hour Fitness to start Primal Blueprint diet himself, and he now recommends it to his clients!

Thanks for everything.

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