100 Pounds Was My Initial Goal

A year ago, Wade realized he had a hundred pounds to lose. Today he shares his journey. Read on to find out if he pulls it off.

And if you have your own Primal Blueprint success story and you’d like to share it with me and the community please contact me here. Have a wonderful Friday, everyone, and thanks for reading!

Hi Mark,

After a life-long struggle with weight, I began my most recent weight-loss journey in January 2010. At 5’10”, I tipped the scales at a whopping 325, had a BMI of 47, was on three medications for asthma, had severe acid reflux medicated with expensive prescription acid reducers, and suffered from obstructive sleep apnea which necessitated the use of a CPAP machine to breathe when I slept.

With the help of a professional physical therapist trainer and nutritionist, in January 2010, I committed myself feverishly to those things which conventional wisdom dictates: daily torturous battles with my body at the gym, and a low-fat, high-fiber, high-carbohydrate diet.

After two months, I was seeing some modest results, but I could tell that my body needed something different. I had an instinct that I didn’t feel well eating all of these refined carbohydrates. I had a battle with my nutritionist/trainer who swore that my instincts were wrong and that I would be doomed to failure.

In March, I followed my gut and set out full-steam-ahead down my Primal path. I had had success with low-carb diets such as Atkins and South Beach before, but I was never able to maintain the short-term success they offered.

A friend recommended Primal Blueprint to me, and I immediately started changing my life to follow more Primal edicts.

Within a month of ceasing my refined flour and sugar consumption and adopting the Primal Blueprint, I began to see immediate and dramatic results. My lifelong symptoms of severe asthma immediately disappeared, my painful gastric reflux abated, I dropped 15 pounds that first month, and I was able to cease all prescription medication almost immediately.

I was able to reduce the intensity of my workouts and maintained 70 percent of my maximum heart rate comfortably. I follow a three-days-on, one-day off workout schedule. Each workout consists of 35-45 minutes of varied cardio at 70-percent heart rate, followed by varied weight-lifting regimen focusing on lower weights with higher reps. I will probably start “lifting heavy” toward the end of my journey to pack on a few pounds of muscle.

Now, 11 months after beginning my weight loss journey, and 8 months after going “Primal” I see dramatic results. My weight has dropped about 105 pounds to 220, with my average monthly weight loss being between 8 and 12 pounds consistently. My BMI is now teetering around 30, 17 points lower than a year ago. I haven’t taken a single prescription medication in over six months, I have no symptoms of asthma, no gastric reflux, no painful sleep-deprivation headaches, no weakness from chronic workouts, no lethargy from insulin crashes, and I no longer require my CPAP to sleep. And if that weren’t enough, my cholesterol is great at a mere 120.

My life has dramatically changed!  I have gone from a 50″ pair of jeans to 34″, a size 54 suit coat to size 44. I am almost NEVER hungry, have no cravings — even when I skip a meal, which I often do!

I probably have another 20 pounds to my ultimate goal, but 100 pounds was my initial goal, and I’m going to relax and enjoy my success!

Wade B. — Portland, Oregon

Update: 07/11/11

I wanted to shoot you a quick update to my progress since you featured me last December.

I have lost a total of 137 pounds following Primal Blueprint. I’m doing great, lifting heavy, working hard with a trainer. My success even convinced my trainer at 24-Hour Fitness to start Primal Blueprint diet himself, and he now recommends it to his clients!

Thanks for everything.

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    1. this is an(other) amazing story. way to go, wade!

      i’ve been reading this site voraciously and have been doing a (mostly) primal diet for about a week now (yes, i’m a total beginner), minimizing dairy is way hard. i’m fine without the grains and beans.

      i do have question with regard to the fitness side of the primal lifestyle. i’m having a hard time imagining giving up my cardio, by that i mean long runs (not that long just 4 miles) and 20-40 minute interval training (which i want to keep by calling it sprinting (?)). do i have to? is it really that bad?

      1. If you enjoy running 4 miles then keep doing it! When people look to lose weight they think they have to run mile after mile or run hard on the treadmill for an hour and they simply stress themselves out because they don’t enjoy it. Go easy and enjoy your workout. If you go hard but LOVE it and FEEL AWSOME all the time then keep doing what you are doing!

        Listen to your body – it tells you a lot!

      2. I agree with Primal Toad. I used to LOVE to run also, and even started minimalist running with the 5 Fingers. A soccer knee injury however shut me down (still after 7 months). By completely changing my diet and FEELING better about myself (not so anxious about training and RUNNING) the “obsession” with needing to run has faded a bit. More time now for my family and just BEING. I really think there’s a connection with anxiety and the food we eat. The other thing is I eased off working out during the Holidays (1-2 a week push ups and pull ups). I didn’t fret, just enjoyed myself. Starting to ramp up again now. Happy New year!

        One last thing, as Mark says, “I just want to look good naked!” As vein as that sounds, if that’s taken care of (80%+ through what we eat), who gives a shit about the endless running and training! Priorities.

  1. Amazing story and results! Congratulations!

    Why more people don’t adopt this lifestyle and reap all the benefits is beyond me. I’ll keep telling anyone who’ll listen.

  2. Congrats on the success of your weight loss. Great job. As a person that also has sleep apnea, the people that say they no longer have it are a real worry to me. I’ve lost about 100lbs myself but am under no illusions that my sleep apnea is gone. The ONLY way to determine that is with another sleep study. If you have had another sleep study and they tell you it has gone then power to you. To decide on your own is to commit suicide on the time plan. OSA is nothing to fool around with, it is a killer. I know, it was a huge contributor to the death of my father who never weighed over 180 lbs his whole life. It is way more how your throat is built than your weight.

    1. Jeff: You’re absolutely right. I should have been clearer to indicate that I have had follow-up sleep studies (2 in fact).

      1. Losing the CPAP was part of my goal for starting the Primal Blueprint, and your story is great inspiration! Congrats! Did you have any difficulties to get your doctor to order the follow up sleep studies?

  3. Wow, I love Fridays when I get to sit with a cup of tea and read these stories.

    Great job, Wade, very inspiring. Your ‘after’ photo is awesome!

    1. Seriously, this is a pile of WOW. So inspirational, Wade, way to go!!!

  4. Wade got me to start going primal about two weeks ago and I am already amazed with how much more energy I have. You are my inspiration for being able to resist the urge for carbs while living in the beer and foodie mecha that Portland has become.

    1. Hi, Gillian,

      I’ve got another inspiring story coming next week. I’ll keep publishing them as long as they keep coming in.

  5. Wow, that photo on the right could be your dad. You look so much younger! I’m 58 yo, but even for someone my age you’re a hottie! Good job!

    1. I meant the photo on the left — let me get this right. Left, old. Right, young. You’re still a hottie.

  6. Congratulations Wade..! you are beyond inspirational
    ..And let’s all not forget Mark..
    Mr Sisson – please accept our gratitude, you are absolutely – Awesome..!!

  7. Thank you for sharing your story and your pictures. You look amazing, healthy, happy, strong–very attractive (If I were only 20 years younger!!!!!). Congratulations

  8. Great job Wade. Glad to hear how dramatically your health has improved, and I hope you don’t mind me saying – you’re a hottie now!

  9. Fantastic! My hope is that everyone makes their health a priority like Wade.

  10. You look like your own (much) younger brother, and the health is just radiating out of you. I love that I’ve finally found a way that brings both health *and* healthy weight loss or gain (whatever is needed).

  11. Congratulations Wade. Yours is a truly inspiring story and shows the success that a primal diet can have. Keep it up.

  12. Congrats Wade! Great success story, it makes me happy too that you are able to enjoy your newfound health and not focus too much on the “last few pounds.”
    What I really want to know is, Wade did you ever visit that trainer after your transformation and tell him/her how you did it??

  13. Jen, GREAT question. I actually did send a recent update about my success, detailing how things turned out, but have not received a reply! Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot about proper strength training techniques, just wasn’t able to put the entire puzzle together for what I needed.

    1. It’s not surprising that a trainer wouldn’t be ‘hip’ to the primal lifestyle, after all they learned the nutrition piece from someone so it’s just a result of his/her training. So I’m glad you sent an update, let’s hope the delay in a response is due to the nutritional re-education s/he’s currently undergoing! 😉

  14. I bought the Primal Blueprint for a friend that recently had to begin using a CPAP machine. His story is very simular to Wades. I myself have lost 50 lbs this year following the Primal Blueprint and feel fantastic. Thank you Wade for sharing your story. It is one that I know is true and sustainable.

    1. Yes! Lost an entire person and became a “Hollywood-gorgeous” person!

  15. The Biggest Loser tv show should break groups up into various protocols including the Primal Blueprint group and see who loses the most FAT not just weight. I’m confident that Mark would kill the current trainers’ numbers.

    1. Bill, AWESOME idea! I used to watch BL religiously…but always had a problem with the contestants fainting, getting hurt, barfing during the workouts. It’s your body getting rid of the toxins?? Try eating a healthy ‘primal’ diet instead of those dorky energy bars and oatmeal, work out minimally, and see how much you faint, get hurt and barf…DUH!!

      By the way, Wade…You look sensational! Great job!!

  16. Great job, Wade! You look great and I’m sure you feel sooo much better. I love how people just find something that works, and stick with it. I’m working on that myself. R.L.

  17. Congratulations, Wade! Thanks for sharing your story with us. It’s SO IMPORTANT for us to feel confirmation of what we’re doing. You look pretty hot in your After pic, I must say…

  18. Awesome Wade–this brought tears to my eyes. I know what its like to be overweight and feel awful and try and try and try to get healthier using methods that just don’t work for you, and then to find primal and just soar.

    I LOVE these success stories. 🙂

  19. I’m sitting here eating a bowl of Transylvania Stockpot while I read this. Great job Wade!

  20. Congratulations, Wade! You give me inspiration, as I’m in a similar situation. I just found this site after a similar experience with bad advice that I inutitively knew didn’t work for me.

    You look fabulous!!

  21. I bet you get lots of puzzled looks from people who haven’t seen you for awhile, thinking “Hmm, that dude looks familiar, but I can’t quite figure out who it is.”

    Great story!

  22. Fantastic Wade, what you have accomplished is amazing and of course, life-changing. I wish you all the best!

  23. congrats Wade !!! awesome job man !!! I just recently surpassed the 100 lb mark myself , it’s is an awesome feeling . I know you are proud , and should be !! thanks for sharing your story

  24. Be very careful with the “relaxing” Wade.
    I dropped 60-70 pounds in 2009 (on a shake diet) and put most of it back on in 2010.
    I’m torn at the moment between using what I know to do it again (and more) and then going primal, or starting primal. I know I will be the only one in my house doing if it I go primal which I find is the hardest thing.

    Anyway congratulations and good luck.

    1. That’s because shake diets have to end, you can’t live on shakes forever (and who the hell would want to?). You CAN live on primal foods easily and happily for life!

    2. Listen to Ricki! Relaxing on PB isn’t the same as relaxing with a grain/sugar and shake diet. You can do it and we are help to help and cheer!!

  25. Thanks for sharing your story, it’s very inspiring. And I have to say, yeah you are looking good! You have such a glow of health about you in your “after” pic.

    I have over 100lbs to lose after doubling my body weight over 4 years whilst ill with food intolerances. I’m already grain free but am planning to take out the rest (dairy etc) in January, who knows maybe I can post my own success story at the end of 2011.

  26. One of the things I’ve really noticed since going primal is a significant healthy change in my skin tone.

    Thanks for all the awesome comments, for the first time in my adult life, I actually feel good about how I look, and it’s great to take it in.

    I refer everyone who asks about my noticeable success to MDA and Primal Blueprint!

  27. Awesomenes!!!! Way to stick with it! Love my primality! It has changed my life for the better….I am so lucky to have a sister and brother inlaw that own a crossfit gym.

  28. Wow..Wade..you look amazing! Huge congrats on your incredible transformation!

  29. Everything I was thinking has already been said, except that I think Mark’s next contest prize should be a date with Wade.

  30. From one guy to another…you are ONE good lookin’ dude! Awesome! The years you have added to your life will be spent enjoying your health and wellness!

  31. Congratulations on your primal transformation! You look absolutely terrific!

  32. Good Job Wade! I am glad your pain and meds are gone. Your primalization efforts have really paid off.

  33. Wade, fantastic! Way to stick with it and listen to YOU. Usually those who follow their gut, heart, soul, are usually the most successful. Thank you, Mark, for sharing all these beautiful stories. All of the stories share the stories of beautiful people BEFORE and AFTER but I love how healthy and strong they are in the AFTER story and photos. Also, thank you, Mark for Primal BluePrint. I will be forever grateful!

  34. Hey Wade…



    really good job. I’m sure that you know that, but I really want you to know that you’re a very good example for all of us. Thank you.

  35. Wade,

    I would have to say that your transformation is the most dramatic change I’ve seen yet.

    I have to second the comments listed earlier in the comments section: “holy crap”, and “you lost a whole person!” Man, you have done so well for yourself. And what an exciting place for you to be! Your whole life must be radically different now that you’ve done so much work to improve your health and fitness.

    Wow, man! Congratulations! And so much for that grain-brain trainer who misinformed you. Bet you he’s wondering what you did now. You should tell him. You know, just to give him better information.

    Cheers, man! You’ve done awesome!

  36. Wade to go! Your success is awesome and inspiring. So wonderful to hear about your health victories. Best wishes to you.

  37. This is the one I needed to read most of all. I have recently fallen off the wagon (for various reasons) and while I have been able to resist adding damage for the past 8+ months, I also have shown no progress. I just graduated with my Masters a week ago and starting a new phase of my life. It’s time for a serious change.

    I say this is the one I needed to read because while I’m 280Lbs right now and have been for 8+ months, I started my journey at 325Lbs 2 or 3 years ago. That’s one hell of a plateau I’ve been sitting on.

    I needed this story and this motivation. My New Years resolution for 2011 is to continue the success I started in December 2010. In other words, I intend to start NOW and not wait for the New Years. Enough of these shenanigans.

  38. The biggest problem in the “After” picture that I can see is the shoes! Good job, Wade!

  39. I LOVE it! I have forwarded this to one of the members of our CrossFit gym. She is 308 and in her early 30’s. She has been right into the workouts and is doing great, but is hesitant and reluctant to give up grains.

    Before starting with CrossFit we had her get a Dr’s approval for a fitness program but her doc told her that a primal diet sounded ‘fad-ish and unsustainable’ and that he wanted her to continue to eat all 4 food groups, but restrict her calories to around 1200 cals/day. We at the gym just shook our heads but agreed to get started with her. I can see her starting to come around since her husband (been primal for 2 months and has been doing crossFit for 3x/week and lost 40 lbs) is having such success.

    I love to read stories like this and I love forwarding them to her. Some people need subtle nudging but when they see success like this one, it is hard to ignore.

    Congrats you handsome devil!

  40. Congratulations, Wade! Thank you for letting Mark share your story. Very inspirational.

    I agree with what you said about not getting hungry or cravings. I tell this to people and they just don’t believe it. It makes me sad to see them suffer with their CW diet struggles. It is so unnecessary!

    Wade, Awesome!

  41. My husband and I both went Primal in early June 2010. My starting weight was 197lbs, size 16/18 and I am 5’7″, My husband’s starting weight was 286lbs, size 46 waist, and he’s 6’2″. Today (only 6 months later)we have lost a combined 109lbs!!! My current weight is 148lbs, size 8/10 and my husband is now 226 and a 36 waist! We feel AMAZING!! We love Primal foods and the Primal lifestyle and what it’s done for our health, looks, and longevity! I look better now (after having had 4 babies) than I ever have! We are committed to this for life because it works, and we love it!

  42. He’s “gone from a 50? pair of jeans to” completely HOT!!! Great job — so inspiring 🙂

  43. Congratulations Wade, you have done amazing! May your success in muscle gain and fat loss continue. Now is where the fun of sculpting comes in ;0)… Thanks for sharing your story and keep us updated.

  44. Awesome success Wade! Thanks for sharing. It’s great to be able to read these stories and see the tangible benefits people experience by going Primal.

  45. Great job Wade! I live in Portland too and I would love to get a Primal group going. Anybody in the area interested in getting together for support, primal exercise and foraging for a primal meal?

  46. Now that’s the kind of story I need. I don’t have 100 lbs., but I do have 60 that I need to lose. It’s good to see that it can be done in months rather than years.

    Thanks, Wade, for the inspiration and congratulations!

  47. Good job Wade. I managed to lose 8 pounds in two months but I was going quiet often to the gym to have a swimm.

  48. Wade,
    Awesome job and well done listening to the voice inside your head, NOT your trainers advice. PLEASE, share you story in detail with your trainer to help educate them. It’s sad they are in the position to help many people but don’t have the tools necesary to be successful.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  49. Wade, ditto to all of the praise above- awesome job. Mark, thanks for putting this up. Continues to inspire, and reinvigorates my enthusiasm to stay on the primal wagon in the new year.

  50. Wow, great story! Thanks for sharing it! I’m so motivated by all of the great success stories on here, sure I want to look good, but most importantly I just want to feel better. 🙂

    PS: can’t wait to see the next round of ‘post lifting heavy weight pics’ hehe 😉

  51. I hate CW. It just does NOT work. You look a-mazing Wade. So glad you decided to buck the system. Great story – Thanks for the inspiration to stay the course.

  52. Unpasturised dairy is Primal and very healthy. Just look at the Masai tribe in Kenya whose stable diet is milk and blood. Fantastic human specimens. Just avoid the pasturised crap which has lost most of its vitamins. Free range of course.

  53. WOW! Regarding your 2 side-by-side pictures above – your now picture looks like you are the son of the big guy on the left!!! CONGRATULATIONS! You are soooooo inspiring – thank you for sharing.

  54. UPDATE: 2/18, down 118 pounds! Starting to “lift heavy” with a great trainer, carbs at 100g/day now.

  55. Wow, I am impressed. Your really a keen guy and you have inspired me, to grow and build. I will finaly do something for me! Thanks bub!!

  56. Thank you for the motivation – today is my first day towards my own 100 pound success story.

  57. Mark: Newest update 7/6/2011. Been working with a trainer who believes in the primal lifestyle.

    I’m proud to report that I have now lost a WHOPPING 135 pounds and am weighing in at around 190!!!

    I’m nearing the end of this journey, I can follow up with new pics when I’m done!


  58. Wade, Trina Madsen here from high school. All I can say is “wow”! What an inspiration you are to so many. I have been a fitness and nutrition nut for years and we started following a Primal/Paleo diet about two years ago and have never looked back. It is the most amazing thing you can do for your body and for your life. You will forever be an inspiration to me! Much luck and continued success!

  59. Congratulations, Wade! You’ve done an amazing job! Keep it up and enjoy this great lifestyle. (side note: you may want to check with your doc about the cholesterol of 120. That sounds very low. I’ve read below 140 you’re at risk for hemorrhagic strokes and other serious health issues.)

  60. I love reading these stories. It makes me feel so proud and elated for these people and more fired up to continue my own journey. Congrats!!

  61. That’s crazy! You look like a whole new person. I can relate to your 4 miles because I recently just started to walk 3-5 miles a day and it feels great and I never regret it. You’ve lost 134lbs and so far I’ve lost 53lbs. You’re an inspiration! and we are also both the same height. Being heavy at 5’10” was probably the worst feeling of my entire life so I know how you feel!

    15lbs the first month that’s crazy impressive that just shows you diet plays a massive part.

    And you did mostly cardio and kept track of your heart rate to make sure everything was ok! Better safe than sorry.