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Thanks to MizFit from MizFitOnline for the interview! If you haven’t checked out her blog do so immediately. She is at the hub of a wonderful community of people and offers great advice on everything from nutrition to weight training to workout gear. Thanks, MizFit!

Everyone has a personal health story. What is yours?

Mine is so boring and a fact for which Im really thankful. Growing up I was Suzy Average but definitely Ursula Uncoordinated. I wasnt the last picked in gym class only by virtue of the fact I had a few friends willing to sacrifice winning for camaraderie.

I did, however, have more than my fair share of humiliation at the hands of bitter gym teachers. (What’s the deal with that? And what is gym class like now I wonder? I think it’s better and you can claim noncompetitive endeavors such as yoga or martial arts for your requirement–but I digress) There was one incident where I literally spent the entire class period trying to serve a volleyball over the net (never happened) which completely cemented my dislike for competitive athletics.

I wasnt all that active until college when I realized that not only did I look unhealthy with the addition of the freshman MANY but I felt unhealthy as well.

I discovered weight training and havent looked back.

What made you decide to start a blog about health and fitness?

I found that I was helping so many people achieve their fitness goals (friends. strangers in the grocery store who’d grab me to ‘just ask one question’ and end up pressing their cell phone number in my palm and make me promise to call so we could continue our conversation) that not only was I working out less I was working less as well. I spent a lot of time writing exercise programs & giving advice and finally realized that I could simply BLOG all this and have one place to direct everyone.

What are your short and long term health goals?

Should I be embarrassed that I have nary a short term goal? I guess if forced to state one Id pick sticking with working out.

Id like to cross train more. Id like to, perhaps, run a marathon or compete in a (natural) bodybuilding show, but right now that’s not a priority. Im far more focused on my family (oh, and work. if my editor is reading this it is ALL about the day job).

Longterm? Quite frankly this one is all about sticking around. Im 39 and I have a 2 year old. My long term goal is to NOT be the old mom (on the inside. where it counts) when she graduates from high school. from college. when she gets married. It’s about longevity.

How do you plan on achieving these goals? (Diet and exercise routine specifics?)

Uh oh. Here’s where I regret not reading ahead…

Actually for me it is one hundred percent about consistency.

I dont work out a lot by many people’s standards. I only do thirty minutes of cardio, but I do it seven days a week and have for about fifteen years. The same goes for weight training. I lift often (typically five days a week) but BRIEFLY ( 15 minutes? Maybe twenty on leg day.) because I both focus and have broken the body down into bite-sized chunks.

I train chest, back, biceps, triceps/shoulders, and legs each on their own day.

Im also *painfully* aware that I could put on more muscle if I expanded what I did (tried Crossfit (that’s a shout out to you, Mark). Did more yoga. Took a Pilates class etc) but right now that wouldnt be realistic.
Im all about setting myself up for success in goal achievement.

What is your favorite blog post you have written and why?

*ponders for a while*

Can I say a genre? I really love Viewer Mail Wednesdays. When I started MizFit my plan was that someday the entire thing would not even need me!

I hoped that a community would form and, eventually, become its own entity.

I love Wednesdays because I always learn more in the comment section than, at least in my opinion, I give in the post.

I select emails which I think the greatest number of people can benefit from when answered, respond to the best of MY ability, and toss it back to the Bumbling Band in the comments.

I adore how my readers support and encourage each other. I also admire how they’re not afraid to ‘call’ someone on his or her bullsh** in a loving manner AND give suggestions/options at the same time.

We have something we call “Sensible Vices” (Round 1, 2) at Mark’s Daily Apple. What is your personal Sensible Vice?

I have no fear of the fat. Sure, I do try and avoid saturated when I can, but I love a good petite fillet every now and then! I also eat good fats FREELY.

I have a treat meal every week. For me Ive found that having some junk in my food plan actually HELPS my metabolism. It may be utterly in my head, but shaking things up a bit works better for me (energywise. aesthetics-wise) than eating clean all the time.

You’ve worked with clients at your own personal training studio. Are there common problems you see from one client to the next, and, if so, how have you helped them through it?

I think the most common problem I encountered was people growing resentful that they’d train at the studio and see no results. Clients who would come in three times a week for months and not lose a pound. I had a client train with me for two sessions (one a week for two weeks) and phone me lamenting the fact she’d not lost any weight.

“Have you done the exercises we planned?” I asked her.

“Hows your diet? Have you been sticking to the plan you made?”

I think that people are surprised at how much of fitness is really created in the time NOT spent working out. My clients were consistently amazed at how easily they could undo all their efforts in the studio the moment they entered the room in their house known as the kitchen.

I learned the hard way that, from the beginning, I needed to emphasize that what we did together was important—-but what they did when we were apart (from sticking to their workout routine to eating in the manner they’d planned when with me) was as important if not more.

(insert disclaimer here that I didnt work with any special populations. These were all people for whom the main goal was weight loss simply for fitness/aesthetics.)

Best health tip for our readers?

Again, consistency.

I have an upcoming Monday Facetime video on this as well as I believe is the KEY to fitness & health.

Start and dont stop. That doesnt mean dont take a day off, but dont take a month off from doing any sort of movement/eating any kind of good clean healthy food.

It’s not about spending hours in the gym or eating ‘perfectly’ (whatever that would be) forever—it’s about doing something EVERY DAY to keep moving yourself forward on the path to health, balance and longevity.

What do you do when you aren’t blogging?

Live. Blogging is actually a tinytiny part of what makes me who I am.

Im an avid reader, movie watcher, clarinet player, finger painter, sushi eater, TV watcher (yeah. I said it), sisterwifedaughterfriend and swinger (the playground kind, People).

and last but not least…

MDA readers are genuine foodies so we have to ask… What is your favorite meal/dish/food?

Sadly Im the wrong person to whom to pose this question to (hence the reason I always have guest chefs).

My favorite meal? Sashimi and sake. Steak, steamed broccoli, baked potato & chocolate mousse.

Im a plain person. If I could eat steel cut oats with chocolate protein powder stirred in for every single meal Id be a happy MizFit.

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