10 New Primal Blueprint Books (Plus a Prize Package Giveaway)

Primal Blueprint Books

As I mentioned back in my New Year’s postPrimal Blueprint Publishing has launched, and my team and I are on a mission to change lives, one book at a time!

Last month, we released Mira and Jayson Calton’s Rich Food, Poor Food, and early reader feedback has been incredibly positive. With ten more books either nearing release or in development and with many of you emailing me asking for details, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you what I have in the pipeline. Whether you’re just starting or are a Primal veteran, I think there’s something here for everyone.

Prize Package Giveaway

I’d love to hear what you think. In the comment board below, let me know which of the ten books below you’re most excited about and why, and tell me your idea(s) for a book you think Primal Blueprint Publishing needs to publish. Do those two things and you’ll be entered to win all eight Primal Blueprint books pictured to the right. The lucky winner will be chosen at random. This contest ends at 11:59 pm, Thursday, Mar. 28. Many thanks to everyone that shares their thoughts and, in so doing, helps me make better books for you.

First up, a look at the books with 2013 release dates:

The Hidden Plague, by Tara Grant. This book is for sufferers of Hidradenitis supprativa, a painful skin condition that is poorly understood by the mainstream medical community and strongly associated with the Standard American Diet. Tara suffered for decades before taking matters into her own hands, modifying her diet, and curing herself. There are an estimated 12 million sufferers of this condition in the USA, with many of them unaware of their condition. Tara provides a field guide to managing and overcoming this disease using evolutionary health principles.

Primal Cravings, by Megan and Brandon Keatley. Well the title says it all here! Welcome back all the comfort foods that you’ve disciplined yourself to avoid in pursuit of Primal/paleo dietary principles. This creative, beautifully photographed book is the work of Brandon and Megan Keatley, Crossfit trainers in South Carolina who have dabbled and experimented and reclaimed some of the most indulgent foods you can imagine as Primal/paleo approved! See for yourself, starting with the delicious burger on the cover!

Paleo Primer. This book from the British couple Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore sets forth the Primal/paleo living principles in a fun, simple manner, making it a great book to introduce newcomers to the movement. It’s filled with creative and delicious recipes, and memorable, humorous cartoons that capture the essence of Primal/paleo living at a glance.

Upcoming Projects

Here’s a look at some exciting projects in development for 2014 release:

Death by Food Pyramid, by Denise Minger. Denise has done numerous guests posts on MDA (Will Eating Whole Grains Help You Live Longer?, Will Eating Red Meat Kill You?), and has her own avid following at her Raw Food SOS blog. Denise has been hard at work for a great many months now on an exquisitely researched expose on how “Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics, and Shady Special Interest Groups Have Conspired to Ruin the Health of America”,  and what you can do to avoid succumbing to such bad influences. She absolutely skewers the bestseller The China Study for their flawed data collection and distorted conclusions, and generally goes to great lengths to set the record straight about the flawed conventional wisdom we have been fed our entire lives.

The South Asian Solution, by Dr. Ronesh Sinha. Dr. Ron, an internal medicine specialist in Los Altos, CA, is doing some great stuff in the Bay Area, treating high risk South Asian patients and Silicon Valley employees with unique solutions that respect the evolutionary health model. South Asians, who are mostly Asian Indians, are one of the most insulin resistant ethnic groups on the planet, with rampant diabetes and early heart disease. His approach has successfully engaged and motivated South Asians to improve their health and reduce their risk while still respecting their cultural lifestyle preferences.

Primal Pregnancy, by Michele Blackwell, MD: This respected Ob/Gyn from Webster, Texas provides a detailed manual for a healthy and successfully pregnancy and childbirth, with a focus on integrating modern medical advice while still adhering to Primal living principles. Dr. Michele will cover a wide range of topics, including fertility, successful conception, all the trimesters, a healthy birth, nursing, and recovering your old self by the time the little one’s first steps are taken.

The Primal Prescription. In this hard-hitting expose on America’s dysfunctional health care system, Dr. Doug McGuff, fitness author and emergency physician from Seneca, South Carolina details how we came to spend over 7 trillion dollars per year on health care, yet rank 49th world wide for health outcomes and life expectancy. Dr. McGuff uses the concept of “signal disruption” to demonstrate how top-down controls have created an unholy alliance between the Government, Big Pharma, Big Agra, and Medical providers to create the ultimate “sick care system”. You will see how government intervention allows Big Agra to create the diseases that Big Pharma produces drugs for, so that doctors can “manage” your illness, so that you can stay just well enough to remain addicted to what made you sick in the first place. Having detailed the road to health care serfdom, Doug will show you the way out. By focusing on yourself and applying Primal lifestyle, dietary and exercise principles you will learn how to extract yourself from the belly of the beast, and enjoy the vibrant health that is your birthright.

Primal Woman, by Carrie Sisson. As I hinted at in a recent post, Carrie is shaping a story that touches on subjects of her particular interest and expertise: aging gracefully, dealing with empty nest syndrome, sorting through misinformation about menopause and hormones that women are subjected to, and fine-tuning the Primal living style from a female perspective. Carrie has a degree in Spiritual Psychology and injects a mystical, spiritual element to some of the everyday topics at hand. I can’t wait to read this! (Nope, I’m not even allowed a peek just yet…).

Perfect Balance, a Primal Approach to Overcoming Negativity with Food, Dieting, and Body Image, by Emily Deans, MD. Dr. Deans is a Massachusetts psychiatrist who explores the causes behind out modern obsession with and, for many, dysfunctional relationship with food. By hormonally, psychologically, and metabolically disengaging from processed food dependency, those who struggle with food issues have a better chance to heal from the psychological factors that contribute to their condition. Perfect Balance helps the reader eat and enjoy great, wholesome, natural foods without trending into a neurotic need to adhere to a Primal or paleo-style diet.

Primal Endurance, by Mark Sisson. Yep, I’m going back to my roots, this time to tell enthusiasts who insist on pursuing extreme endurance goals how to do it right! First and foremost is how to “go long” in training and racing without being a carb addict. Yep, it’s possible to be a high-functioning endurance machine when you become truly fat and keto-adapted. This refreshing concept is raising interest in the staid endurance community, as folks like Ben Greenfield, Dr.’s Phinney and Volek in The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, and even the world’s foremost endurance exercise physiologist, Dr. Timothy Noakes of South Africa, are out on the cutting edge spreading the word.

Primal Blueprint Publishing

Author Services

I’ve partnered with my old friend Matthew Bennett to provide support to both aspiring authors who want to bring their dream and their story to life, as well as authors who have their manuscript and want to market and sell it effectively. Matthew is a respected coach and lecturer for authors, and a master of creative marketing methods that identify niche volume buyers for your work. Matthew and I are in development with author support products right now, but we want to hear from you in order to present the services and materials that are of most interest. If you are an aspiring author, or have a manuscript that you wish to sell and promote, please take some time to complete the comment form at this Author Services link.


My team and I are always on the lookout for detailed book proposals or completed manuscripts that promote well being from an evolutionary health perspective. Visit this page for details on how to engage with us about your masterpiece.

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About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. I would love to read all of them but Primal Cravings sounds right up my alley. As for a book in the future, I would be interested in one that goes over different digestion ‘upsetters’ and way to determine which ones are the culprits in your own body’s digestion.

    1. I’m most excited for Primal Pregnancy, which is probably odd for a male to say. But as we embark on a journey to add to our clan I believe this could be enlightening.

      Ironically my wife has been very resistant to my Primal lifestyle for three years now. However as we have began trying to get pregnant she has learned much pertaining to issues with PCOS, high estrogen and low progesterone. This has led her to explore the role of diet pertaining to these problems. And wouldn’t you know it a Primal Life looks like a probable solution.

      Being the loving husband I am, I’ll refrain from the “I told you so’s”

      The work I would most like to see is a book on the role of spirituality in the primal life. It’s obvious that long before written history, man had a need for the spiritual and it has helped in the prosperity of man. I often felt it was the unwritten eleventh primal law

      1. I completely agree! I am most excited about the Primal Pregnancy book. I have received a lot of questions from friends trying to get pregnant and how to navigate it while being primal. Having something concrete will be invaluable (and a great gift for expecting and trying moms)!

        The work I would most like to see is a book written on herbal medicines role in the primal lifestyle. It would focus on herbs that help support the individual transition from a S.A.D. to primal diet effortlessly. When I transitioned from S.A.D. to primal living, herbal allies were of up most importance in my transition and I truly believe they made the transition easier. Supporting the body, spiritually, physically and emotionally with herbal medicine and primal living just makes sense! There is such a link between being primal, spirituality and herbs and it would be beautiful to have a book supporting that knowledge.

        Thank you Mark and team for all of your hard work and integrity! My life has completely shifted and I am living my most authentic life because of you! Thank you!

      2. All of the books are interesting, but Primal Prescription would be my first choice.

        1. I too am interested in Primal Prescription. We need all the exposes possible on our broken medical system and how what is considered ‘conventional wisdom’, for example, low calories and high carbohydrate diet, are not wise at all.

          It is so obvious to many of us who care and who read or educate ourselves on nutrition and other health issues that we are not getting healthier as a nation, and we really need to question this and get to the bottom of this collusion upholding the status quo and expose it so we can help the masses find their way back to good health.

        2. I would <3 to get my hands and eyes on a copy of Primal Rx. I'm tired of Big Pharm/Agra and govt trying to dictate what we should/ shouldn't put in our bodies. Is there a place for them at our Primal table? I'd also <3 to see a book with real evidence around vaccinations and flu shots. Does anybody really know what they are sticking us with? Is there anybody out there collecting data or are illness related reports poo pooed?

      3. I wish all the best to your wife. I too struggled with low progesterone, PCOS, and insulin resistance. After being told by my doctor that as I refused conventional medicine to suck it up and be happy I wasn’t 300 lbs. after getting rid of the doctor, I did some reading and thought I should change my diet. I tried vegan and vegetarian diets neither of which really worked. I then came across primal eating and orderd The Primal Blueprint. After following this lifestyle for about a year, I am happy to report a 10 lb weight loss, clear skin, and a completely clear ultrasound. The new doc couldnt believe my results. I am a true believer that standard diets do nothing but cause disease.

      4. I hope everything with your wife works out. I have, had, PCOS. So I know the concerns you both must be facing.

      5. I can tell you that I have PCOS and my periods were completely irregular. Now that I’m Primal, they’re pretty much coming every month. I don’t know if that means my fertility has increased, but I think it’s a good bet. 🙂

      6. I’m interested in the Primal Endurance book. The other titles are not all that novel. I’d like to see a book length work on bio-hacking, especially in relation to intermittent fasting. Dave Asprey’s work is useful here. The paleo/primal concept is thoroughly entrenched so it would be nice to focus more on N=1 experimentation and hacking to discover new ways to leverage paleo eating.

    2. An emphatic second for the Primal Craving book!

      I am four weeks into going “cold turkey” off a very grain-intense diet of convenience food, eating according to the recommendations in the Primal Blueprint and Mark’s simplified recipe book. On of my favourites in this is the primal pizza frittata… I almost don’t miss pizza at all!

      The new food is satisfying on the whole, at least after the first few days, but a nice recipe book allowing me to reproduce some of the carb-laden favourites in a solid primal way would be excellent. Also a useful weapon for steering the kids towards better food.

    3. Nothing like free stuff . . . have there ever been so many comments?

    4. I’d have to say that I’m torn between “Primal Cravings,” and “Primal Pregnancy.” I’m a mother of 3 kids- 3 and under. I’m new at all this, started only a month ago and have already lost 8 pounds! My baby is a little over 3 months, and I can’t wait to read both of these books. I’d also like something about thyroid issues and how to deal with them naturally. Thanks!

    5. I would have to go with Primal woman, there is so much to know and learn!
      primal cravings sounds good too.

      1. I am most interested in Primal Women. Another book idea would be how to eat at the edge of ketones to lose weight easily.

      2. I too would like to read this book as soon as possible,
        Tis topic needs more coverage beyond the Western medical arena!

    6. I am looking forward to reading primal woman, there is a dearth of well researched information for mature aged women, and my own experience tells me our bodies react differently after menopause.

      I would be interested in reading about the differences between health systems and health across different countries. Not all countries have health systems as dysfunctional as the USA, what information is available from other models?

    7. I would love to read all the books however if I have to chose one then Primal Cravings would be the one as I struggle with the oh so many temptations out there, it would be great to find Primal sustititues.

      As for a book I would like to see published that would be a Primal Kids Cookbook. Most kids love to cook and what better way to get them started down the right path to healthy eating and a healthy life than with a cookbook just for them.

      1. I second the Primal Kids Cookbook idea. Childhood obesity is a huge problem, and perhaps even more problematic is the universally accepted approach for combating the condition, i.e. caloric restriction, a solution that creates more problems than it solves by damaging children’s delicate metabolisms and starting them down a path of yo-yo dieting from which some never emerge.

        Feeding children in such a way that they can fully satisfy their appetite and escape the addiction to junk food to which so many of our young are falling prey can only be a good thing.

    8. Primal Cravings sounds interesting indeed. I still find I sometimes just crave some sweet stuff… thank fully no longer the sugar ladened nonsense, but fruits and dried fruits. Will this ever change? A book relating to our cravings and the origins of them would be most interesting.

    9. I would be very interested in the Death by Food Pyramid. Having been taught this way of eating at an early age, and having been overweight or obese for over half of my life, I know that there is something wrong with what we were taight. I would also be interested in the Primal pregnancy. We have a lot of problems conceiving our first child, and our second pregnancy ended in miscarriage, so it would be interesting to hear about fertility and those things from a Primal Perspective.

      For a new book? Something about Primal kids and babies would be great. At home, our son eats wheat/gluten and dairy free, but at daycare, he gets gluten, but no dairy. The dairy really messes with him. I am finding it hard to send all of the snacks and food for him that I would prefer him to eat. So some good “on the go” and daycare meals for toddlers would be AWESOME. We eat rice as a family, doesn’t cause any issues, my son eats a wide range of veggies, meat, fruit, and the occasional all-natural fruit snack…but I want to send him food to daycare, and am having a hard time doing it.

    10. Death by Food Pyramid and The Primal Prescription sound like fantastic books for people who, like me think “OMG! There are so many things wrong with this picture!” when taking stock of how a myriad of simple ailments are a huge mystery to the medical practitioners. Boggles my mind… Having said that, Paleo Primer sounds like it would be an essential piece to getting started and staying on track without having to think too hard. I think a lot at work and I’m pretty much done after that. For me, this is my third ‘kick at the can’,so to speak and I still struggle with why I do things “…ummm…not sure about that one….ask me again later” so right now, I saying I kinda need that book!
      Another book I’d like to see happen is one about gut health. We hear about leaky gut know that many people are unwittingly suffering form an array of passive-aggressive offenders….but who are they? I want a mug shot! Since I have progressively cleaned up my diet, it seems like I have a more sensitivity issues. I want to know about time lines as well. How long does it take for the intestinal linings to heal and what about that mucussy membrane. Well, I think you get the picture. Thanks!

  2. I am excited for “The Primal Prescription” – this topic will likely stir the pot, but frankly, the pot has been waiting to be stirred in this particular arena. I hope this message will be received by the masses.

    I think it could be fun to do some Primal Fiction of some sort. Maybe a kid’s picture book on the adventures of Grok and Co.?

    1. Absolutely true – We are one of the sickest cultures on the planet yet have access to some of the greatest resources. A HUGE disconnect. Can’t wait to read it.

  3. I’m very excited to hear about Death by Food Pyramid! It sounds like it will have a lot of good information that will be helpful when explaining why I decided to go Primal to others who just do not get it. It would also be interesting to see a book on Primal / Paleo children. Although I do not have children, I hear stories from my coworkers about what they are feeding their children and it is shocking! It seems it would be difficult to feed and keep a child on a Primal / Paleo diet, so it would be interesting to read ideas on how to accomplish that goal.

    Very exciting to hear about all the new books coming out!

  4. I just started eating primal, so I’d love to check out the 21 Day Total Body Transformation.

    I think there needs to be a book on how to feed our children a primal diet that they’ll love!

    1. YES! I’m with the two previous posters: There needs to be a book about feeding kids with a primal/paleo diet–especially very young kids. I have a 2 year old. She loves to eat salads and raw veggies with me, she’s okay with nuts and she LOVES meat, but I find myself giving her cheese and kid clif bars because they’re fast (and she has a love affair with grated parmesan). She also loves pasta or rice with butter. Since most kids I know also love this, I go with it. I’d love some alternative easy kid foods! The digestion book mentioned above also sounds like a great idea. As for the books already out or on their way, I’m most excited about Primal Pregnancy (for the information about eating primally during pregnancy) and Death By Food Pyramid (so that I can continue to educate myself and move closer to a primal way of eating).

    2. I too have just moved my family to a totally primal diet. the kids seem to struggle because they’re reasonably healthy (being young). It would be nice to explain this change to them (albeit more simply than PB does it).

  5. As someone with a history of disordered eating, I am very much looking forward to Perfect Balance. I have been “testing the primal waters” for about a month now, and I think that book could help me slog through some of the old thoughts and patterns that are coming up.

    I would love to see a Primal Kids book! I know there are a number of articles and blog posts about nutrition for the mini-Groks, but a comprehensive, researched guide to raising youngsters the primal way would be a fantastic addition.

    1. +1 for Perfect Balance, and also Mark’s book about being a primal endurance athlete! I’d love to see a book that focuses on cultivating a healthy, primal mind. Mark has a few posts about this here, and those are the ones that interest me the most.

  6. I think I’m most excited to read Primal Pregnancy when it becomes available because as a woman planning on starting my family within the next couple of years, it is extremely relevant to me. I’d love to see what tips and advice the author will offer on achieving a healthy, active primal pregnancy. I’d also love to see a book geared towards raising primal children and teens and solutions to the many little road bumps that I’m sure must inevitably pop up during these years.

  7. I’m most excited to get ahold of “Death by Food Pyramid” after scouring Denise’s site.

    For future projects, perhaps something about child raising, although I’m not sure I personally need it, it might be an under-examined niche and Mark’s answers to such questions before have been interesting.

  8. Of this year’s books I’d say I’m most excited about PRIMAL CRAVINGS. I think that will make a great addition to my book shelf and help people that are teetering on the edge of going/staying primal or not.

    Of next year’s books I’m looking forward to DEATH BY FOOD PYRAMID. I think the world really needs this book to be out there.

    What would I like to see in the future? A book about using the various organs, bones, etc that are available but seldom used by most people. More info, recipes about bone broths and soups. More recipes, info about the various organs that we can and should eat more of.

    I’d also love to see more baking books. I haven’t been very impressed with recipes for primal breads, cookies, pizza crusts, etc, and I just have to believe this area can be improved upon. Being Italian, it’s not easy to not eat breads, pizza, etc. I could use more help with substitutes in this area.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    1. +1 for a recipe book focused on utilizing organ meats, bones, etc. This has been the hardest part of my primal diet change. Great idea!

      1. Seek the books by Jennifer Mclagan. The titles are “Fat”, “Odd Bits”, and “Bones”. Are they 100% “primal”, no but they are fantastic resources.

  9. Hi,

    I would be most interested in the Death by Food Pyramid. I think that we have such a long way to go with this publicly that more information, accessible to all, is much needed. Too many people have been cultured into the SAD to the point that when they hear about a Primal or Paleo lifestyle they attack you as if you are doing some sort of great injustice to yourself and humanity by going against conventional wisdom.
    A book that I would like to see is a collection of essays from people working in the scientific and medical field. We need more than enthusiasts and journalists to make great change. We need the medical community to get involved and this sort of nudge could help. All too often studies that go against the grain are shelved or ignored. These viewpoints need to be heard. It is not until they have a voice that Joe public will actually start to reconsider the dietary teachings of the last 50 years.

  10. I can’t wait for the Primal Pregnancy book to come out. For once, my timing is good since we are nearing that time to start our cave family. I am trying to do as much research and preparation as I can and I think this book will be very helpful.

  11. I am most excited for the Primal Prescription. As a nurse planning to go on for my nurse practitioner, I see so many patients completely bewildered by the topic of nutrition. Unfortunately, much of this confusion has been brought on by health care personnel with little to no nutrition education who prescribe low fat high carb diets. I would like to read this book and see it shatter some of the incorrect nutritional principles that practitioners commonly use in their practice. I can see this book being a great resource for my own practice especially with diabetic clients as well as a book that will push Paleo nutrition to be more accepted in the mainstream and by health care providers.

  12. The Primal Prescription is going to be a great read. I work at a hospital, more and more i’m learning that lifestyle changes can be the key element in someone getting better or not, not medication. I’ll be reading this one!

    I’d like to read more about supplementation. Which ones out there are good/bad for you, which ones are a waste of your time and which ones can benefit you. I think people dive into GNC stores when they first start getting healthy and spend entire paychecks when you could just eat different foods instead.

    I like the above idea of the Primal Fiction for kids too, that’d be fun!

  13. I would be very interested in The Primal Prescription, it sounds like it’ll be an amazing read.

  14. I’m actually most excited to read the Primal Blueprint. I havn’t actuality read it yet, although I’ve been following your blog passively for about 6 months. I would love to see a book that is based on testimonials and lifestyle options for people living this lifestyle. I’ve always thought that these books that present a big lifestyle adjustment should be followed up with a “We did it and this is what it looked like” book that stirs creativity for others on a similar journey.

  15. Lots of great reads there. I was most excited to see Primal Endurance in there. As an aspiring endurance athlete, I want to be able to swim, bike, and run and not have to stuff my gob with goo to do it. Sometimes my performance isn’t what I think it should be and I wonder if I’ve burned through my carbs or depleted all my glycogen and I begin to doubt myself. I’m hoping Primal Endurance will give me the information I need to be confident that I am really on the right path and can focus on form instead of food.

    As for another book I’d like to see, I think it would be along the lines of: “Primal Post-Gastric Bypass”. Not the catchiest title, I know, but one that is close to me. My wife had roux-en-y gastric bypass about 10 years ago and struggles to lose weight. My guess is that she either can’t absorb minerals and nutrients effectively but I just don’t know. Even in ketosis, which she has been in since November of last year, she has only dropped 20 pounds. Ultimately it would be awesome to have some sort of special guidelines or information for those who aren’t OE, as it were. 🙂

    Thanks Mark!

  16. I’m most interested in Primal Pregnancy. I’d love to see a book on building community along Primal principles – how workplaces, communities, families, churches etc can apply Primal living to bring people together and lower stress for everyone.

    1. I second that!

      Primal Pregnancy looks super helpful. I’m dealing with fertility issues and PCOS right now and my little experiment of 1 is to try and sort out these issues via Primal living. I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon a Paleo/Primal community in my city, but more information and guidance on building a good primal support network would be awesome.

  17. I am most interested in Primal Cravings because I like the idea of primal alternatives to the foods we have eaten all our lives.

    Not to mimic others, but a book of advise on raising children in a primal manner would be helpful. Not just suggestions on what to feed them, but on how to teach them to make primal choices for themselves.

  18. I’d like to get my hands on the Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals – just because the title says exactly what I want to do in my kitchen. And although you cover exercise in your Primal Blueprint books, a book which outlines only the kinds of exercises that really improve muscle strength and endurance would be most welcome. I have the Primal Blueprint 21 Day Transformation – must go back and read it again. I have it on my kindle – I’d much rather have it in hardcover! I’m a librarian and although there is a place for e-books, there are some books that I just prefer to read in hardcover.

  19. I’d love to get ahold of Primal Woman. Sounds like it’s gonna be a great read!

    I’d like to see I guess, like a fusion of yoga and primal life in a book. That would be right up my alley.

    1. Mark me down as well for Primal Woman–3 copies, please! One for me, and one for each side of the family.

  20. Primal Endurance sounds great. I’m getting ready to do my first triathlon soon, and I have so many questions about the training and nutrition fitting in with a primal lifestyle.

    I also think Primal Pregnancy sounds great. I’m done having kids, but I so wish I would have been primal when I was pregnant!

    I would love to see a book focused on family or kids. Or even one written for older children.

  21. I am most interested in reading Primal Cravings and as others said, being a health care worker Primal Prescription would be interesting as well.

    As for what I would like to see… I have elderly parents both who are ailing in health, I would love to see something about managing after kidney issues/transplants, diets relating to memory, more on elder care.

    1. “Primal Aging: How to Make the Most of Your Later Years” — I’d read that!!

  22. I’m most excited to read Primal Woman (and Primal Pregnancy)! There are a lot of recommendations out there, that, after more digging, turn out to be more directed to men than women. It would be awesome to have a book that discusses primal ideas and concepts from/for women (sorry guys!), and also those wonderful things that only women deal with! All of these look like amazing reads, and I will probably read all of them eventually.
    I think a nutrition/exercise, or lifestyle book directed towards raising primal kids would be a great next step. Maybe a book for primal kids to read themselves!

  23. I’m excited to read about The Primal Prescription. Until going primal, I never questioned taking medicine, whether it be cold meds, pain killers for sore muscles after workouts, or the Pill for birth control. I’m in the process of weening out all drugs right now, which is tougher than I imagined, but hopefully well worth it.

  24. Primal Woman! I’m 46 and feeling my body changing again. While recently I’ve read a lot more information aimed at primal women of childbearing age, it’s still difficult to find well-researched information on what perimenopausal and menopausal women should be doing, primally speaking. Intermittent fasting or no intermittent fasting? What nutrients does a woman past childbearing age require? What about those stats that suggest slightly overweight women live longer than underweight women? Which should concern us more as we get older, developing osteoporosis or skin cancer? Do the primal bodyweight exercise goals change for older women (i.e., will I ever be free of struggling with those impossible pullups)? 🙂

    I’m looking forward to reading the book!

    1. Totally relate to the pull-up comment! Thank goodness for the modification recommendations.

  25. I am so looking forward to Primal Woman! I would like to see more information about becoming primal later in life…for instance elderly who have so many issues.

  26. Primal Balance looks excellent. Balance is so important in life and this could be a fantastic book for me.

    I’d love to see cuisine-specific primal cookbooks (Primal Indian Cuisine or Primal Italian Cuisine, for example).

  27. The Primal Prescription because it is important to realize that medicine is not the be all cure all for everything,focus on your diet and you can cure what ails you in most cases. What I would like to see is a book with focus on primal recipes using organs, bone broth etc.

  28. Most looking forward to reading: Primal Endurance

    Book that needs publishing: raising a primal child

    1. Ditto and ditto.

      If I’m going to read a non-fiction book, it should be relevant to me, like a book about endurance training, and actionable. Blog posts are better for theoretical discourses for me, the non-researcher.

      But, yes, I’ve read with interest the posts about endurance athletes who try to do it Primal. And I’ve struggled to attach microwaved sweet potatoes to my body in an optimal way.

      I don’t have any more pregnancies on the horizon, but I’ve still got a boat load of child-rearing. So, a book about that would be great. There’s Paleo mom, growing up Paleo, this and that. But, outside of food and maybe cosleeping, I’m finding the field a bit thin. I turn over my children to these institutions for ten hours a day, and I need to make their time at home as humanizing as possible.

  29. I’m most excited about Primal Woman by Carrie Sisson! I’ve been waiting for years to hear Carrie’s thoughts on this primal thing 🙂 I know she had a post once, but I’ve always wanted to hear more of her thoughts. Yay!

    1. I got so excited about Primal Woman, that I forgot to respond about which books I’d like to see in the future. I’d love to see a book that is directed at teenagers. My daughter sort of gets the whole primal thing, but won’t read any of the books that are out there now because they are written toward someone who is an adult. She needs examples of how to deal with eating in the cafeteria or at parties. Also examples of where to start with workouts when you are younger. A book that has a section on body image and why primal is important to your overall health and not just some diet to fit into skinny jeans. And how to deal with eating differently then most of the other kids. That’s my suggestion 🙂

      1. I love your suggestion! We need to begin discussing the importance of health so much earlier; instead, our teens are bombarded with size 0 models and these photo shopped images of beauty. I remember at an early age (probably as early as 10 or 11) I began to equate skinny with beauty, and not being a skinny girl myself I had a terrible body image and low self esteem when it came to my looks. If someone had explained to me at that age that health is the ultimate goal, and it starts with the food that we eat, I think I could have had a very different childhood. Anyway, love your suggestion!

        1. I saw a news report on a new teenage fixation, “thigh gap”. As a product of the 90s I feel I was robbed. During that era the majority of the girls around me were grunge. There is nothing sexy about flannel shirts…

      2. I think that’s a great suggestion! I know this information would have been very beneficial to me when I was a teenager!

      3. Love this idea too… My 15 year-old niece wants to follow the primal lifestyle on one level, but struggles a lot with it. We started primal living about 18 months ago but she still finds it very difficult to ‘take with her’.

  30. I cannot WAIT to read Death by Food Pyramid! I have so much respect for Denise and her approach to food and science, so I’d probably love anything she writes. But I love learning about food policy and politics, so I’m especially excited that she chose this topic to write on!

    I would love a really in-depth book on the gut microbiome, although I’m not sure that would appeal to as wide an audience as some of these other topics (:

    1. I am looking forward to reading The Primal Prescription. By the time I was in my late 60’s I was on 7 prescribed medications. After committing to Paleo at age 70 I have been able to drop all but my thyroid medication.

    2. Gut microbiome… now that would be an interesting book. I think it is an area for future research and greater understanding…. That would be a book I would buy!

      1. I am interested in Primal Prescription, and hope it gets mainstream attention. We are squandering our nation’s health and resources. We need to wake up. Thanks to all the authors for doing the hard work.

        I would like a movement to improve the meals being served in retirement homes and independent-living facilities.

        1. The Hidden Plague gets my vote. My 21 year old granddaughter has been “plagued” with these awful skin eruptions since she was 15 or 16. The medical doctors she has seen know nothing about it. Our own research has led us to a few things that help tremendously, such as turmeric and avoiding nightshade vegetables, but I would love to see if anything can eliminate them.

      2. I am looking forward to the “Primal Prescription.” The “Primal Blueprint” has worked wonders for me. I was overweight with life threatening High Blood Pressure. Your program and philosophy has helped me get both of these under control.
        I also have been diagnosed with PTSD, and was prescribed a smorgasbord of medications to find relief. Unfortunately, relief was short-lived, and my Doctors failed to inform me about how addictive these were. Now I have the problem of addiction to deal with. The Doctors recommend increasing dosages–I am not interested in becoming more dependent on drugs. Having experienced the benefits of the Primal Philosophy with weight and blood pressure, I am optimistic about learning how to apply the Primal Program to addiction.
        I no that there are many other people that are suffering from similar problems, much do to the failure of mainstream Medicine, as it is practiced in this country. I am confident that the more known the “Primal Way of Life” becomes, that much more will quality of life improve.

    3. A book which addresses the human microbiome subject, knowledge of which is fundamental to achieving optimal health, is “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. Her focus has been the treatment of autistic children including her own son but the subject has universal application.
      If it could be achieved, publishing collaboration with Mark would only be beneficial to all parties.

  31. I’m very new to the PB I am currently reading the Primal Blueprint. I think the book I am most excited about is the Primal Cravings, I live in the “deep south” and it is hard to give up what I have always turned to as comfort food.

    I would love to see a more kid centric book, not just recipes but how to be a primal family. We all tend to run in so many different directions, working multiple jobs sometimes.

    1. There is a book called “paleo comfort foods”. Learn food substitutions and you’ll be making paleo friendly fried chicken in no time! Not to mention pork!

    2. primal Woman is the one I am looking forward to reading and as for a future book, I second the previous comment of a family oriented primal approach. It is hard to be the only one being primal in the house. Despite my distrust of today’s recommendations for feeding children I find it hard to make such a leap without at least having read about it from a trusted source.

  32. They all sound interesting to me, but the one I’m the most interested in is Primal Cravings.
    Along with a lot of the others, I would love a book about raising primal kids. Especially with emphasis on kids on the Autism Spectrum.

  33. I don’t want to jinx it, but I am thinking about doing an additional “Whole 30” in April. I think Primal Blueprint should publish a book on the importance of HIIT incorporated with your primal lifestyle.

    1. The Primal Cravings looks like the one I would want after the Whole 30, is what I meant to add, too! 🙂

  34. The Primal Prescription intrigues me the most. I’m appalled by all the commercials for drugs these days that go on and on about how potential side effects include death. WTH?! I’m on hbp medication, and working my damnest to get off of them, if possible, and have flat out refused statins. too.much.drugs. with questionable efficacy.

    I’d love a book about how a shift to a primal lifestyle can lead us to an overall more simplistic, ‘zen’ life…less clutter, more going back to the basics. De-stressing, de-cluttering, etc.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    1. I too Gwen am disgusted with all the drugs. I love reading all these comments because in the information age a revolution is fought with good ideas. Sadly the pharmaceutical government bond is a strong and well funded bond. Live well!

  35. I am most excited to read the primal pregnancy book because I’m pregnant right now! I’d also like to see a book with “kid-friendly” primal recipes, or fun ways to make primal meals appealing to children.

  36. I am most excited for Primal Cravings! I recently went primal and have to say I truly relish creating and serving succulent meals CW told me were “bad.” I am also really excited about Primal Woman! Cannot wait to hear more from Carrie about what it’s like going primal as a woman. I would love to see a book on primal entertaining and hosting primal dinner parties! Since going primal I regularly have friends over for dinner and most of the time they don’t realize their meal was grain free until I’ve casually mentioned it afterwards!

    1. It’s interesting the way perspectives are shifting regarding what constitutes healthy food and what food is bad for us. In a way this is good news, but all of the conflicting messages are causing many to throw up their hands in horror and give up. I suppose Rich Food, Poor Food addresses this market, but, even so, clear, accurate information is very much at a premium, nowadays.

  37. I am 3 weeks into the Primal BluePrint lifestyle and am most excited about the Primal BluePrint Cookbook. I am still figuring out how to cook for one without alot of food waste. It is a challenge. So, I think a book idea would be Primal BluePrint cookbook and meal planning for one. Thank you!

  38. The more information that is available the better. Amazing how we have created a shelf for our “Paleo/Primal” books in the space that use to house our microwave! Be sure to let us know when each new book is available. Will be particularly interested in Primal Woman!

  39. Can’t wait for death by food pyramid! I’m a huge Denise fan and would love to see more writing from her. Also, she’s cute! I would love to see a book on primal living with crohns or ulcerative colitis.

    1. I can’t wait for Denise’s book–Death By Food Pyramid, either. I’ve read about 10 pages and am convinced it will be a best seller! There is so much wonderful information and it is written in Denise’s entertaining and fun style!!

  40. Death by Food Pyramid & The Primal Prescription both sound fantastic as both aspects of CW/Big Brother are scary.

    As for a suggestion, previous suggestions for something geared toward Primal Kids (and the parents that have to feed them) sounds fantastic and, I’m sure, would be a welcome addition.

  41. I can’t wait for Primal Endurance! I actually enjoy doing high intensity exercise like BeachBody’s Insanity every so often (as long as I don’t crash from it) and it’d give me great insight on how to do it Primal-style. I’d be especially interested to hear about what you think the effects of recovery drinks (chocolate skim milk) are in terms of the lifestyle – because it seems to aid recovery by actually spiking insulin!

  42. Primal Endurance. As a long time endurance athlete, I both love endurance sports and experienced its major drawbacks. I want to know all of the details on this one.

    I think it would great to see a book on Primal Travel- how to do it, practically and philosophically.

  43. I am most excited about Primal Connection. It’s great to have all the resources regarding diet and fitness– this book takes the Primal philosophy into the rest of one’s life.

  44. I can’t wait to read The Primal Connection and Perfect Balance. It would be really great to see a book on seasonal primal cooking.

  45. I’m very excited to see Primal Prescription. Our family has been on a path to wellness outside of mainstream medical care. I would love to see more books addressing modern chronic illnesses such as leaky gut, asthma, and food allergies.

  46. My girlfriend has to eat completely gluten free, doctors orders, and I’ve had a hard time making the transition with her. These books would really help me find the foods that I need to be eating and that we can enjoy together. Would really help change our lives. Literally.

  47. I’d really love to see more about vegetarian/primal books. I need all the help I can get!

  48. Being in the medical field and sick and tired of seeing the poly-pharmacy that occurs with adults, especially the elderly, I am excited to read “The Primal Prescription”.

  49. I think I am most looking forward to “Death By Food Pyramid”. I LOVE her site and how she broke down the China Study.

    I would like to see more books about how to deal with mood disorders through a healthy diet, when just eating right is not enough.

  50. I would love to read Primal blueprint “quick and easy meals”. This would be great for my very active family of five. I think a kids cookbook or a kids lunch ideas book would be great as well, as a parent I want to pack my kids a great lunch but struggle with being creative enough to put together combinations that they will consistently eat.

  51. I would LOVE to get the Paleo Primer because I am so new to eating Paleo.

    I would love to see a book about how to eat for lifting and exercise!

  52. I am most excited about the book “Death By Food Pyramid”. I am a college student at the University of Illinois and from my health conversations with friends and colleagues I have gathered that many people still believe the Food Pyramid to be the Gospel in terms of health/diet. I believe my friends and colleagues can really benefit from learning the truth about the Food Pyramid as long as it is written super objectively.

  53. I am excited to read “Primal Endurance” the most. The reason being because my whole life I have wanted to achieve a strong level of endurance but keep falling off the wagon due to the constant bombardment of new ideas and techniques to get you there. “Primal Endurance” I’m sure is going to be right to the point no nonsense BS! As far as the future is concerned I think Primal Publishing should release a book on homeopathic treatments of illness and injury for those who don’t want to use modern medicine to heal. I’m training to be an EMT and would love to hear different techniques outside of medicine to aid in the healing process.

  54. Looking forward to Primal Cravings! Can’t wait for some new quick and easy recipes.

  55. I’m really excited to read Dr. Dean’s book – I feel that this is an area where Paleo eating and lifestyle have been able to really enrich and improve my life – changing the way that I think and feel about food and self-image – I’m really interested to study this area more and help to progress my own journey in this area.

    I would really love to read a book that discusses career and educational choices as a part of lifestyle adaptation – I have been able to modify some of the things that I do at the office to live in a better way (standing up and taking walks at lunch, for example), but I feel that the whole educational experience (college, the way we learn and the way we share information) and the way that we structure our careers and work schedules can use some real examination from a paleo/optimal life perspective.

  56. Primal Cravings is the one I most look forward to seeing.

    I think a book I would enjoy that many others would enjoy as well are the tricks our brain plays on us; the motivations we need; and how to “hack our brains” so that we can overcome those desires we allowed ourselves to indulge in before going Primal/Paleo. The science of your past books has been great, but we are all living day to day in some of our “triggers” so the more strategies we can use to combat those issues the better.

  57. I am definitely looking forward to The Primal Prescription. As a chiropractor, I am constantly at odds with the American health care system that is not only failing my profession, but fails at many other levels.

    I would like to see a book directed at health professionals and dietitians about how to inspire people to follow a primal lifestyle. Unfortunately being a living example isn’t enough for most people.

  58. I am really looking forward to reading both Primal Pregnancy and Primal Woman. I’ve loved the occasional articles on the site about the primal lifestyle from a female perspective and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it in book form!

    I would also like to see a book on primal parenting, with advice on how to get kids to embrace the primal lifestyle from the start. Thanks!

  59. I think I’m most looking forward to the Primal Prescription in it’s take on our modern healthcare system. We all are fairly aware of how backwards it is but it will be great to have a book that focuses on that, hopefully in easy enough terms to understand if you don’t have a medical or pharmaceutical degree!

    I think that YOU need to publish a primal slow cooker book. There are a few recipes here and there and the book that claims to be Paleo online in fact isn’t and contains a multitude of ingredients that doesn’t align with our goals. I would trust a book from you to have things spelled out with options and alternatives:)

  60. I am excited for the south Asian solution. I work with a high Indian population and finding good nutritional habits that can also coincide with the strong flavor preference is always a challenge.

    I’m most intereste in a future book that deals specifically with how paleo/primal habits can effect individuals with diabetes, namely type II.

    1. The south Asian diet is among the healthiest and most diverse in the world. Their store-bought produce often contains no additives and is completely organic. However, I notice that, when it comes to desserts, south Asian meals are often made with a large amount of sugar. I have no idea, but could this be the reason for such a prevalence of insulin resistance and diabetes among south Asian communities?

  61. Hi, I am most interested in the Primal Quick and Easy Meals. After a long day at work, I need to recharge and rescue myself from slow death by couch! This time of day has been my downfall for ages, and the Primal lifestyle calls to me like no other. I am a newbie, but wild vistas beckon, and I am looking to LIVE before I die!

    PS- Tom Cooper’s idea of Primal children’s fiction is great, but how about a children’s picture book to educate kids on the PB lifestyle? Save the next generations and reverse society’s decline by going back to basics!

  62. I have read much about paleo and have yet to make the full lifestyle change. I currently am working on no sugar and gluten free. (One step at a time!) I know all the packaged foods are so not good for you; but unfortunately are very convenient. Therefore, I would really be interested in the books Perfect Balance and Primal Cravings. I have dieted my whole life and seems as if when I have to say “no” to something it makes me WANT that thing even though I may not have eaten it in a month.

    I am very glad you are doing your own publishing. It gives us so many more information to be able to get our hands on instead of waiting for a main stream publisher to pick it up. Congrats!

  63. Perfect balance for sure! I think many people start taking this so seriously and are being so extreme that I consider the stress is causing more harm than benefits, health-wise but also socially.

  64. Looks like an exciting bunch of books! I am most interested in Primal Cravings and Primal Woman. I love the idea of new recipes and also of addressing concerns that are specific to women.

  65. I think all those title sound spectacular, but i am truly excited to read Death by food pyramid! The cookbooks would also be highly helpful & inspiring. 🙂

  66. I was going to suggest a primal book geared towards maturing women, but then I scrolled down and see you’re already on it. Super excited for Primal Woman to come out, because I am a 51-year old woman just entering menopause. Also, I’m a spiratual person and the fact that your author comes from a spiritual place makes me want to read it even more. Can’t wait till 2014!!!

  67. I think I would really love them all, too hard to decide. I know I would use the cookbooks every day. I’m also a 57 year old woman, so….Primal Woman would be fantastic. Shoot, send them all. I need all of them.

  68. I most want to read Paleo Primer! I am very new to this and have just started looking into it and that would be a huge help! Plus it might help me get my roommate on board! Having food in the house I don’t want to be tempted by will be hard without a little assistance!

  69. Primal Prescription sounds most interesting to me. Both of my parents struggle with prescription med issues/addictions, and I have always felt like their doctors are just trying to force feed them sub-par solutions to health problems with little pills.

  70. I’m excited for all of them, but Primal Woman most of all! I’d love to see a book about staying primal while eating out!

  71. I’m brand new to the Primal/Paleo world. I’m actually just trying to figure it out and get organized to start making changes. Paleo Primer sounds like just the book for me! 🙂 But every single last one of those books gets me excited to make this change!

    As for a book to publish, I think I’m a little too n00bish to say anything. I like the idea someone above had about raising a primal child. My kids are on a low protein vegan diet due to a metabolic disorder, but if that wasn’t the case, I would want them to be on this diet too.

  72. I am most excited about Primal Cravings! I am always looking for new exciting recipes to use. For future books, I would love to know more about the history of nutrition and how to explain to my other “non-paleo” friends why returning to our paleolithic nutrition is best. An in depth history lesson would be great! The process of digestion is also of interest to me. Thanks for spreading the knowledge!

  73. I am looking forward to Paleo Primer. I have recently started on the Paleo/Primal lifestyle change. I try to get all the information that I can. I look forward to the recipes. I am always looking for a variety.

    I would love a book that links Crossfit and Paleo together. I always see that many those two go together. I am not a big Crossfit fan. I would love to see why Crossfit is so big with the Paleo/Primal community.

  74. I am most excited for Primal Cravings… those two words, coupled with “beautifully photographed book”, makes me MOST excited for this one!! I myself do have a hard time with cravings, and I look forward to new recipes to conquer those cravings!

    I would love a book on going primal with children. Obviously, starting a child out from birth on a primal diet would be not too difficult, but changing a child’s complete diet and cravings that are already established will be much harder. Tips, tricks, sample recipes… I would love it all!


    1. Totally agree with looking for a book to introduce teenagers and young adults with this way of eating and cooking!

      My son is off to uni soon and is wanting to learn how to make quick and easy meals which do not cost the earth but keep him healthy.

      Primal Woman is the book I can’t wait to read!!!

  75. I would love to read primal cravings, but I would also love to get the primal primer for my mother, she bought primal blueprint but hasn’t finished it. I would love to get her to do this with me so she can get at least her diabetes under control. I would also love to see something for children to help get them to understand why the food pyramid is so wrong and to help them think for themselves about food and nutrition with guidance from their parents of course.

  76. I’m interested in Primal Endurance. As a long distance runner, being “told” to stop running so much is hard to hear. Would like to see a Primal Snacks book, with quick, minimal ingredient recipes.

  77. I can’t wait for the Quick and Easy Meals book. I have limited time to cook, so I normally end up with egg scrambles. I’d love to get some new ideas. Echoing what was said above, I would love some cuisine-specific cookbooks, too!

  78. I can’t wait to read Primal Woman. There are so many issues specific to woman as it relates to their bodies and the different ways our body works.

    I would love to see a workbook similar to the one you already released but maybe with more step-by-step directions. I know that sounds silly because yours is very direct, also because everyone has their own path. But, I would like to have something that kind of guides me through particular foods, exercises etc day by day. Maybe each day could include a recipe or a list of possible exercises. Just a thought.

  79. Because I have to make a choice, I would really like to read Death by Food Pyramid! Have discussed this a lot lately. I know I would read them all and gather much need information and have a great resource. For a future book, something directed to children and teens needs would be a welcomed topic and a great book to share. Thanks!

  80. I literally just started training for a race again last weekend, and was looking at various Paleo-techniques to fuel and train myself for it – “Primal Endurance” sounds like a great fit to help out.

    I’d like to read about eating paleo and being primal in the out and about “real world”. Eating paleo and being primal at home is satisfying and easy to manage, where I can shop, cook and consume whatever I want. But outside, at work, in the malls and downtown, or travelling abroad, things get harder. What should I look for/avoid? How can I set myself up for success? What’s a good checklist when I pack for a flight or roadtrip? What should I order in the work cafeteria (fyi: a taco salad without the shell, beans or rice works well for me).

    Love this site!

  81. I’m most excited about the Cravings book because I’ve been Primal for a year but still have nagging cravings that are hindering me from losing weight. I would like to see a book about finding a good balance between this diet and how much and what type of exercise to do. Tx and hope I win them all!!

  82. I think the “Primal Pregnancy” would be perfect for me, honestly can’t wait to know more about this book, as I am planning getting pregnant in 2 years or so, I Believe this book would help me with the pregnancy as I am a primal woman and can’t see myself eating the conventional diet.

    I would love to see a book that talks more specific about the 80/20 rule and a book for children and how the primal life can affect them in the future.

  83. Hi – most looking forward to reading…Primal Connection as this is the latest work and will build on ideas from previous books

    Book that needs publishing…A primal ‘eating out guide’ – including restaurants/take away charts for dishes most/least primal. We all do sometimes and would be good to have a reference as to what works

    Thanks Mark!

  84. The Primal Blueprint because its the daddy of all other books. The applications, the tactics of all other books comes from the core principles of PB.

    I want to see a new book combining seasonal food, primal around the world and primal home remedies.

  85. I can’t wait to get my hand on the Primal Pregnancy book, my husband and I are hoping to start a family very soon and I’ve been primal for 8 months. My motivation to get healthy was so that I could be a healthy mother, I’ve lost 20% of my bodyweight in 8 months and feel fantastic!

    I’d love to see a book of Primal success stories, ideally with professional ‘after’ photos and a more in-depth look at the way my fellow Grok and Grokettes are really living in the modern world – what is a week in their life like? Have they changed their work, their family, their whole lives? What do they eat? How do they play? What are the benefits of the lifestyle? What health problems has it solved?

    I reckon I could convert a few more round here if I could pass this sort of book round.

    Cheers Mark!

  86. I’m excited for Perfect Balance because I’m going into a profession centered around nutrition and I think it’s important to emphasize to clients that a healthy relationship with food and you body is possible, but it doesn’t involve constant dieting. I can’t wait to read it! I’d also be very interested in seeing a book about a vegetarian primal diet. I know you don’t think it’s optimal, but there are some of us who have been vegetarian for 15+ years and aren’t willing/ready to consume meat again. Thanks!

  87. I’m most excited about Primal Woman – I went through some interesting hormone shifts when I started Paleo, so I would love to know more about what my body is going through now and will be in the future!

    Primal Blueprint Publishing should publish a book focused just on digestive or autoimmune diseases. There’s so much nuance there and it would help to have a manual just for my condition!

    1. HS is an autoimmune condition caused primarily by leaky gut, so The Hidden Plague might work for you!

  88. Most excited about Primal Endurance because I have always loved distance running and biking.
    My idea for a book would be a book about ordinary people who have incorporated Primal Living into their daily lives and how they overcame the many little difficulties that are barriers to Living Primally.

  89. Definitely mostly excited about Paleo Primer – I still have friends and family whom I want to understand why I eat the way I eat, more importantly because they are who need it the most.

    And one question – when will the books begin to be available in other languages? I want to give one to my mom, but alas, she only speaks Spanish

  90. Each of these books sounds amazing in their own right, and as a newbie to Primal eating, I would love to have them all! I grew up on a farm in Nebraska, eating fresh, straight out of the garden, veggies and fruits, as well as having our own chickens, eggs and beef. As I look at the people around me and the food choices available today, we all need to go back to, “the way it was”. Thanks for doing what you are doing!

  91. Primal Cravings sounds great! Then again they all do. I would like to write a book about Growing Up Primal/Raising Paleo Kids. I think that combating the McD’s, PB&J and pop tart advertising is the biggest up hill battle our future generations face.

  92. Death by Food Pyramid looks intriguing to better substantiate my choices that avoid the SAD to family and friends who are “eat all that are are just fine.”

    I like to see that primal pregnancy is covered, but would definitely like to see more literature available on how to eat primally while breast feeding, and starting young children on solid food in this same manner.

  93. Most looking forward to “Death by Food Pyramid” — Denise is a fantastic writer and hopefully can really point to where/how we got off track. As a former journalist, it’s the most intriguing to me.

    As far as another book to publish next? I’d love to see something on getting rid of toxic things — the products we put on our faces, the clothes we wear, water filters, cooking pans, etc., what are the most important things to change and what shouldn’t we worry about?

  94. Very interesting collection of books. I would first read death by food pyramid and primal prescription, followed by several of the others. good work here, all around.

  95. I’d like to be able to share Primal Woman with my mom.

    As far as future books: something focused on the elderly would be nice.

  96. I am interested in reading “The Primal Prescription,” which sounds like a great way to link the problems between problems that are both nutritional and environmental (big ag, monoculture, etc.) and pharmaceutical dependence with an emphasis on “management” rather than prevention and lifestyle improvements. Sounds like it will be pretty controversial, I am excited to see how it’s received.

    I would love to see a book on mental health from a primal/paleo perspective. There seems to be more and more information out there on specific protocols to follow for various medical conditions (e.g. anti-inflammatory diet), but I would love something that links more specifically to mental health conditions. I know the GAPS diet book begins to approach what I’m looking for, but I feel like there is much more to explore in this realm! There are so many people in my life who would benefit on addressing depression (or other mental health conditions) through diet, as the usual “eat carbs because carbs help to create serotonin” is just horrible, unsustainable advice.

  97. I’m excited about all these books, but the one I’d grab first would be “Death by Food Pyramid.” I’m interested in the politics of the food industry (and sadly, it IS an industry now). The way food is grown, subsidized, distributed, and poisoned is a great worry to me.

    Idea for a book: Maybe something on primal traveling, or on primal foods from around the world.

  98. I am most looking foward to reading Pimal Woman being that it applies to me the most. Also look foward to reading Primal Endurance.

  99. Primal cravings looks awesome! I would like to see more of the same stuff from Primal Connection. There’s so much on food already.

  100. As far as the new books are concerned, I’m most interested in Death By Food Pyramid. This seems like the kind of book you can hand one of the many brainwashed people you encounter in your day-to-day life, say “read this,” and they’ll return to you a completely different person.

    The book I wish for would be a Young adult’s approach to Primal. Someone who may be working or going to school full time (or a combination of the two) with very limited time and money. YES, it is important to make time for health and make it a financial priority but trust me: As a 22 year old Paleo Punk (my words) I have mastered the art of living well when all you have is 40$ for groceries and a Planet Fitness down the street. I think it’s time for the Primal Blueprint to engage my generation, and not my Mom’s.

  101. I am excited about rich food poor food it will help even nonpaleo people. I would love to see more on helping children eating away from the house ie. school friends house ——

  102. I am most looking forward to the Primal Woman book.
    I am a woman in my mid forties who has been eating primal for the past few months. I feel great! But I am interested in weight loss, menopause, all that stuff. Can’t wait for the book!

  103. I’m most excited about Primal Endurance. There are a million primal/paleo cookbooks, and even more “intro to primal” type books out there already. I don’t need another recipe for primal pizza.

    As far as suggestions, how about a book for people already “primal”? I’m already eating primal, exercising, etc. But there are day to day questions that come up, and there doesn’t seem to be a book for these questions like:
    1. Which supplements are compatible, which to stay away from? How to tell the difference?
    2. How much cardio is too much? If i run 4 miles a day at a relatively easy pace (7mi/hr), what should my macros look like?
    3. etc

    Most primal practitioners i know get “the basics”, but there are blank stares around the room when stuff comes up like Whey or Casein? Most of the answers on the web are broscience like “i heard whey is fast absorbing so you want that after your workout”.

    Sort of a Primal 300-level course, instead of a 101 or a cookbook.

  104. Waiting anxiously for “Primal Endurance,” as I’m a failed Ironman (16 miles short, felled by cramps). Please push that to the top of your list. Also…need more primal snacks. Seriously. I’m a nibbler when I write, and I’d love a book of snacks, along the lines of your (much used) Quick and Easy Primal Recipes. (love the sesame tamari chicken strips!)


  105. Can’t wait for Primal Woman!!! Sounds perfect for me. I’m a big believer in that a spiritual transformation, many times, needs to come before a physical transformation. I’m so happy she is writing this book….please give her a big “thank you”:-)

  106. Death bu Food Pyramid looks amazing and I love hearing about why some aspects of CW is incorrect! Food policy is extremely important as well.
    As for a future book: maybe a short book on the necessary connection between humans and nature
    or something pertaining to nose-to-tail cooking applied to everything in life to show ways to reduce food waste and raise what is perceived as “edible yields” on crops and animals

  107. I am very much interested in reading “The Primal Prescription”. I view this as a huge problem for health as well as economics and increasing awareness of the issue is vital. The book I’d most like to see is one addressing a primal approach to mental optimization. I think there would be a lot of overlap with the approach to physical optimization, but I’d like the specifics laid out of how a primal approach would allow us to get the most out of our highly evolved brains.

  108. Primal Cravings looks like the #1 book for me. Like you said, the title says it all. And I second the suggestion of having a book focused on the primal/paleo way to eat for kids (with recipes of course). I have a 3 year old granddaughter and we’ve done pretty good by her so far in healthy eating habits, but having a focused tool as guidance with new ideas would be extremely helpful since it’s even harder for kids to eat healthy now days — we need to give them all the help we can to fight against an environment that literally throws processed foods and sugar at them from all angles.

  109. im dying to read any and all .. the few books i do have ive shared with many others and changed lives! i started a local group here and we are now about 100 strong! more information = more power!

    thank you for the opportunity!

  110. I started eating paleo when I was diagnosed with celiac and multiple, severe food allergies. I cannot pinpoint which book I am most excited about because each book brings its own unique twist on the paleo lifestyle. I really felt like I was understood and at home when reading the Paleo Blueprint. I am excited to be part of the community and receive newsletters.

  111. I would love to read your Primal Transformation and the upcoming Primal Women. I need a kick in the butt, and a kick start, and think Primal Transformation would get me going, And I just had a hysterectomy so I’m sure I’ll need help with good information on menopause and hormones. And the spiritual aspect sounds wonderful.

    I think a good book about primal living coinciding with living a minimalist life style would be great. I’m trying to decrease my clutter and to me the two lifestyles just go together.

  112. I am most interested in Primal Cravings to find out more effective ways to have my wife and family “buy in” to primal eating.

    For future topics, I would most like to see a holistic approach to managing ADHD in children using primal principles.

  113. I am looking forward to reading Primal Woman. At 50, I am extremely overweight and it is starting to get in my way of doing what I want once my kids are grown. So, I am interested in aging gracefully and being healthy and active for the second half of my life. I am also interested in “Primal living” from a woman’s perspective, without looking like I live like a primitive cave dweller.
    I would love to see cookbooks that use real, readily available everywhere ingredients or ingredients you can grow yourself. Or maybe a book about primal living on a farm… 😉 since I live on one..

  114. The book I am most excited about is Primal Primer – Im still fairly new to the official Primal way but I feel so great & love sharing why, and particularly with family who i know could benefit from this lifestyle change I could gift this book to them to get them started in an easy no overwhelming way.

    There are 2 I would like to see published in the furutre –

    Primal Eating for Kids – Making it fun & Easy
    Primal Eating for the active lifestyle.

  115. Wow. This a tough one to pick. Being a fitness junkie, I would love to get into Primal Endurance. I am sure Mark has loaded it with great tips. After carefull consideration, and sorry Mark, I am going to have to go with Primal Cravings. Before going Primal, I had, and still posess, and huge sweet tooth. I am always looking for primal versions of my favourite treats! Again, sorry Mark. LOL.

    As for what I would like to see in the future. I would love to hear Mark’s ideas of Crossfit, or how Crossfit and Primal living, if so, can work together.

  116. I would love to see a book on the “Primal Mind.” The transition has been difficult for me until I retrained my brain to look at something and distinguish it as “food” or “not food” much as Grok would have done. If it is “not food” as in processed, sweet, gmo, etc., it doesn’t go into my mouth. I am working on retraining the brain for exercise and time management as well. This makes it so much easier to stick to my plan!

  117. I’m looking forward to Primal Balance, because despite eating primally for several months, I still have a dysfunctional relationship with food and my body image.

    I second what others have said about a book for primal/Paleo kids! Not just for when I have kids in the future, but sometimes I just need something easy and kid-approved to eat for myself!

  118. What an AWESOME giveway!! I would LOVE to get these books and read them all individually…so then I can say I have some research behind me…and get a lot if my unhealthy family members involved! I know my husband, brother and brother-in-law would highly benefit!!!

  119. I am really excited about “The Primal Pregnancy”! I have two children already and our family went primal after both were born so I’ve never experienced pregnancy with our reformed lifestyle and nutrition. I would love to see something that is geared toward families raising primal children also. The recipes and ideas about getting them to eat have come with practice but tried and true tips/techniques along with being the parents of “those” kids that don’t eat blah blah. Something about the experience of being the so-called black sheep may be uplifting also.

  120. The Primal Prescription excites me most. All three of us are former 21 Convention speakers and I have rarely seen such a big common denominator on two different topics / speakers as I saw with Mark & Doug. That’s why this “topic merger” gets me very excited, two great minds tackle one issue with different lever (food & exercise), GREAT!

  121. As a RN I am most interested in reading the Prinal Prescription. I encounter so many situations when a holistic method is necessary for a patient’s healing. This, unfortunately is ignored and we treat with medication and nothing more. Perhaps a book focusing on incorporating a primal diet, lifestyle and it’s positive outcomes (actual examples) and the resulting freedom from medication would be beneficial. We’ve all heard of diabetics changing their diet and no longer needing medication-why not Primal changes and positive outcomes?

  122. I’m most excited about the Cravings book. I am a primal eater for almost a year but still have nagging cravings that hinder my weightloss. I would like to see a book on how to balance exercise and this diet. Tx so much.

  123. Primal Solutions – most definitely! A way to get closer to comfort food especailly for the long, dark, cold winter!

    I would be intereted in a book for converting not so much the little ones, but the older kids who are already set in their diet ways.. As you know older kids can be very picky. Mine will eat meat, but no veggies, and barely any fruit. Maybe tips and tricks to get more veggies in their diet or ways (with pictures – maybe?) to explain to kids why it’s important to eat healthy. I always find it hard to explain it in ways he would understand besides the – “because it’s good for you.”

  124. I would like to see a book on perhaps “good enough” primal food choices for those of us below the poverty line who are struggling to afford even cafo meats, as grass fed, “Whole Foods” shopping is way out of our means. Primal is so important to long term health and I feel it is even more so for we who are on health care subsidies. At the same time, I feel this large population is being priced out of the movement. In other words, are beans, ‘maters and ‘taters *really* slow poison?

    1. I feel your pain with respect to the high cost of organic meats. Some feel that lectins in beans make them unsafe to consume. But couldn’t you make a similar case for quinoa?

      I didn’t get the memo on tomatoes. They’re an important source of lycopene – preserves the elasticity of blood vessels. I eat them.

  125. I am anxiously awaiting Primal Pregnancy! As a newlywed and beginning Primal eater, my husband and I hope to successfully convert and continue to a fully Primal diet/ lifestyle. Also we plan to start our family in the near future and I’d love all the helpful information I can get! Also, I’d love to give Primal Woman to my mother who is currently undergoing ” The change” and is in desperate need if dime relief!
    As far as ideas, a book on raising Primal kids would be great, starting at infancy and beyond. Or perhaps a book on nothing but Primal snacks!! That has been the hardest part of going Primal, figuring out a variety of quick and easy snacks on the go. Having nuts and jerky every day tends to get old after a while.

  126. I’m most excited about Primal Endurance. Currently I’m embarking on a quest to find the perfect balance between distance running and interval training. (This is so important to me that I’m actually quitting my cushy office-dweller career to invest more time in reading, writing, and fitness experimentation.) I keep hearing that I really need to pick one or the other, but I think it’s possible to love running and do it a lot while still getting stronger. I think Primal Endurance can help me with that.

    Any other resources that could also contribute to such a quest would be ideal, as well. There’s simply not enough resources out there that seek a balance between strength and endurance. Maybe something like, “Strong and Primal Marathon?”

  127. I’d love to read Primal Woman and also Primal Pregnancy, though that might come out after I’m done being pregnant :p. I’d love a book focused on getting better sleep, with emphasis on new parents. Lack of quality sleep is my main challenge and it feels out of my control at this point.

  128. They all sound VERY interesting to me. Just purchased and read in one sitting – Rich Food Poor Food!

    Along with eacg of the others, I would love a book about raising primal kids.

    Thank you for sharing this incredible much needed info.

  129. I am most excited about Death by Food Pyramid. I have such a hard time convincing people that eating per the Food Pyramid is killing them, yet they think they need to eat all that “wheat” bread to get the Fiber they need! I am looking forward to learning more so that I can talk intelligently and become a primal evangelist!

    A project I would like to see is a book full of real life results to motivate people to go primal. I think it would be a great read to see “real people” and see what motivated them to go primal and what results they have seen and how they are maintaining. I need all the motivation I can get!

    (not that this website doesn’t motivate me to some degree :-))

  130. “Perfect Balance” really hit a nerve. My journey with weight loss has had ups and downs throughout my 35 years of existence on this planet and it is mainly because of a negative relationship I have with food and my body. Yesterday 03/26 was my 35th birthday and I was reflecting on this. In 2011 I managed to lose 60 lbs (from 218 to 157, now I have stalled around 170, I am 5’8″) and pretty much battled my way through maintenance via overeating and deprivation. I became paleo last year but I can’t seem to get rid of the last few lbs to reach what I consider my ideal weight of 150 and 18% BF (as of January I was 30%). I also became a triathlete last April so “Primal Endurance” would be very useful for me because I am confused about nutrition for training and races and I don’t want to keep using exercise as an excuse to consume more food.

    I believe these books could potentially help me make peace with my body, stop stressing so much about food, macros, calories, etc., and help me reach my goals which I think are not too crazy. I don’t want to look like a supermodel, but I do want my body to be toned and tight instead of jiggly and plump. I am an endurance athlete, I have played sports all my life, I lift weights and I want to look the part!

    Most importantly I want to get rid of the negative self conversation I keep having in my head…

    1. Just fyi: I think if I saw you, I would know you were healthy and I would be able to tell you were a dedicated exerciser/healthy eater 🙂

      The majorities point of view of what a healthy body looks like is really skewed. You are an athlete who eats healthy. How can your body NOT be what a healthy body looks like? You know? You ARE healthy and healthy = healthy.

      I’ve seen gym trainers who look “ripped” and think wow they are in great shape. Only to later see them outside smoking a cigarette. Obviously their body is not as healthy as I first thought. Societies vision of what a REAL healthy body looks like is so wrong right now due to media and the images they choose to use to portray health. They should be showing us people like you.

      I bet you lift heavier and have more endurance than most people at your gym.

  131. I am really anticipating the release of Primal Pregnancy. My husband and I have been planning to try for a little one soon. As a follow up, I would enjoy a Primal Kids book. However, I would LOVE to see a book dedicated to Primal Mental Health in addition to the physical side of things.

  132. Death by Food Pyramid is the title that grabbed my attention the most.

    Is there a simple illustrated guide to primal? that might be a good start for folks.

  133. I am nmost interested to read Primal Cravings. These cravings always sabotage me when I am doing good primally, so it would be nice to learn the why of these cravings and how to deal with them. As for a book I would like to see, how about something that deals with how to live a primal lifestyle in a Korg world. It might have things like how to eat out primally, fast food that isn’t really that bad, and other things that would help us stay on the Grok path in a Korg world…

  134. I am pumped for Death By Food Pyramid AND Primal Woman. I love both Denise and Carrie’s writing. It’s refreshing to read about food science and primal living from 2 intelligent women. Awesome!

    I would love to see a book tailored towards primal/paleo living for female athletes with evidence from actual scientific studies (a pipe dream, I know…).

  135. I’d vote for Primal Cravings…I am doing well in the main eating dept Priaml wise, but I miss the sweets from time to time. Dark chocolate and macadamia nuts are nice, but what about ice cream??
    Thanks – loving the life – Cavemen Rock !

  136. I am a nurse just starting to learn about Paleo. I can’t wait to read The Primal Prescription. We are so conditioned to expect a pill for everything–but are not taught that your health is in your own hands for lifestyle changes. Thank you so very much for sharing this information. Actually, I’m excited to read all the books!!

  137. As a Primal/Paleo newcomer, I am so excited for Paleo Primer. I can’t get enough information, so Mark’s Daily Apple is my new addiction!

    Perfect Balance is also going to be a great one for me. Being over weight most of my life (until I recently lost 40lbs), food addiction and self image is a constant struggle for me.

    Thank you for providing so many great resources. I feel inpowered by this new wealth of knowledge!

  138. Death by Food Pyramid looks interesting. It will be nice to see how we were taught all the wrong things about food as we grew up.

  139. I wish Primal Pregnancy had come out about a year ago as I’m nearing the end of my second (and likely final) pregnancy. However, I suspect that Primal Woman will also be very relevant for me in the near future and I will likely still read both.

    What else do I want to read? I will start by saying that I’m only a year into this journey and I haven’t read nearly what is available to read about the subject – I could be asking for something that has already been done. Having said that, I’m still having trouble getting my husband fully on board with Primal/paleo living. I would love a quick reference guide that would give me responses to the most common misconceptions, questions or concerns that people bring up when this lifestyle is mentioned.

    I also echo the request for a “growing up primal” book that highlights the benefits of primal diets as well as some of the other topics that I’ve seen recently brought together in one place – baby wearing, baby-led weaning, etc. Perspectives from mama’s who are working out of the home and balancing that with life in general in addition to taking on the task of making sure whole foods are a priority for the entire family would be appreciated, but I often struggle with keeping up with everything despite my best intentions.

  140. I think “Perfect Balance” will be a very great publication and read for me! I used to struggle with body image issues as well as constantly trying to find the “right diet”. While I guess it was positive since it lead me to the primal lifestyle there are so many false diets about there that really have a NEGATIVE impact on your health.
    I also think Primal Publishing could and should publish a book specifically for athletes and people who enjoy muscle building. That would be very helpful. Great giveaway, many thanks!

  141. I would love to read ‘Perfect Balance’. Sounds like a fascinating read explaining the importance of balance in everything.

    I would like to see a book on digestive health, particularly ‘digestive inhibitors’ and their effect on the gut.

  142. I am most excited for Primal Prescription because we live in a world where we are told to pop a pill for just about anything, instead of really trying to get to the root of the problem (which diet plays a huge role!). I also think that as natural remedies become more popular and people realize how much of their health they can control through proper diet and exercise, people will not run to the pharmacy as soon as they have a stomach ache; instead, they will (hopefully) take steps to naturally heal themselves.

    I would love a book about being primal on a budget. I am a college student, so living a primal lifestyle on such a low budget is not always easy.

  143. I am excited for Primal Woman. So many of the experts and researchers in the paleo and primal field are males (no offense, Mark – I love you guys!) and so much of the peer-reviewed research done has been solely on male populations. While the information and advice is great and can be adhered to by many women, men and women do respond differently to nutrition (women have higher body fat percentages and therefore lower metabolic rates at a given weight than men, different hormonal make up from men and within their own lifetime from puberty onset through menopause, different stressors and responsibilties, etc). Some of the common problems a lot of women face when going paleo or primal aren’t always addressed, particularly for female athletes. When I first went paleo I was a total convert and got super lean, which I thought was a good thing (who doesn’t want to be thin and lean?). But my body fat got down to under 10%, even though I was eating A LOT, and it was crucial for my health to adjust my nutrition, adding in more fruits, tubers, winter squashes, and raw and fermented dairy. And intermittant fasting may work for some women but from my (purely anectdotal) interactions with women that have tried it they have had negative hormonal responses to it.

    Like I said, I’m stoked for Carrie’s book. And hope more comes out talking about strategies, ranging the spectrum from the hard charger athlete to the walkers and yogis among us as well as across the age spectrum as hormones shift and requirements may differ.

    Thank you for all that you do! I have been following you for years and you have guided my own research and education in this area, providing me jumping off points to explore further and baselines to start tweaking my own nutrition, sleep, stress management, and movement strategies from.

  144. Looking forward to the Primal Endurance book! I am doing my first Olympic distance triathlon in September as a bucket list item, to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and because going primal has given me new levels of health and wellness where I now feel like I can tackle just about anything. But I want to stay primal and not lose too much mass while training. Can’t wait for the book.

    As for other publishing ideas, why not a book that is centered around primal success stories? Each week I am inspired by a different primal-enabled transformation on this blog. The book though wouldn’t just be an anthology of success stories. Rather, you could add observations and expertise after each story so that readers can take action and create their own success stories. Your blueprint books give people the foundation they need to go primal, but a book like this may be the resource that some people need to STAY primal. Thanks!

  145. As a newly-menopausal woman, age 50, I’m most looking forward to Primal Woman! I truly believe that paleo/primal is the way to live for me, but my (failed) attempts at mastering this lifestyle have left me older-looking and fatter than ever. I need to get this right!!

    I would love to see a book dedicated to weight-release the primal way. Most books and websites seem to suggest that if we eat primal and listen to our bodies, the weight will correct itself and stabilize. However, for those of us with a history of dieting and obesity, this isn’t often the case.

  146. This new lineup if books is exciting! I am also involved in agriculture, & have carefully watched the goverment “legislate” the elimination of the small producer/”family farm “…scary, even more scarier, is the level of acceptance of the general public to the “necessaty” of “going global”& the invasion if foreign ownership of natural resources. I think these new publications will help to “rnlighten

  147. Primal Cravings is the one I’m most excited about. I’ve made some recipes from Health-Bent and they always turn out great.

    I think a book geared more towards strength athletes would be pretty great as well. But I might be biased on that front.

  148. I thought almost everyone would write: Death by Food Pyramid. It will certainly be the book that is most fun to read. It would be nice if there would also be a chapter on why processed foods are bad, even if they are not in the Pyramid. You hear a lot about grains and refined oils, but not so much on processed foods in the paleo community.

    A book on asthma would probably interest a lot of people. A post on asthma is one of the most read on my blog. And that is likely not because that post is so great, but because there is almost no information available on asthma, while at least on Paleo Hacks many people report they have seen huge improvements with their asthma on a paleo diet and lifestyle (walking more, no mattress)

  149. There are several I’d be interested in… the Primal Woman, Primal Cravings, Primal Primer to give to my sisters and most definitely the Primal Prescriptions!

  150. I think Primal Pregnancy sounds great, as my husband and I are planning to add a new addition soon.

    For a new book, I would agree with some other posters that a book on family and Paleo eating for children is a great idea. 🙂

  151. I’m most looking forward to The Hidden Plague. I’ve struggle with Hidradenitis suppurativa since puberty and am looking for answers.

    My book idea is for a cookbook for kids.

  152. I am really interested in the “Death by Food Pyramid” book as I think it would be a great resource for waking people up to the realities of nutrition. Most people are indoctrinated from a young age to take the food groups in the food pyramid as gospel, myself included. I also am curious about what exactly is debunked in the China Study.

    I would love to see a book or books focusing on pH and alkaline vs acidic foods. Also, possibly a book regarding various detox solutions for ailments like dental and skeletal fluorosis, radiation poisoning, IBS, etc.

  153. Death by Food Pyramid is top on my list.

    I’m waiting for the day when all the BS about stuffing yourself with whole grains is going to go the way of the dinosaur.

    Probably not in my lifetime because there are too many hands in the pot promoting it….dare to dream!

  154. I think I have to add another vote for Primal Cravings. I am now entering my fourth year of primal eating and find that I have overcome all of my SAD cravings but occasionally would like a return to some of the foods I enjoyed in my youth. Nostalgia must be hitting me. Honestly all the books seriously interest me and I will either buy them for myself or my spouse.

  155. I’m definitely interested in both Primal Woman — because I am a woman, and I’m also starting to approach the menopause hurdle, and I have to admit that is something I’m worried about — and Perfect Balance, because I have huge (and heartbreaking) issues with negativity around food and body issues.

    My suggestion for a book is something I’m sure would not be a best seller, sorry! But I’d love to see a cookbook/lifestyle book about “Paleo for One.” Most of the books out these days is geared towards families, and that’s great, raising kids healthfully is important! But…er, not really my problem. I’m a single woman who works too much trying to make ends meet, and I live in a small apartment and can’t afford a gym membership. So, my problems are not other people’s problems, if you know what I mean. While I don’t have kids begging me to buy junk food, I also don’t have a built-in support network at home (other than my cat, who is always willing to snuggle); I have no motivation to cook large meals, even if I can break them down into leftovers, because it’s not like I have to get everything on the table by 6pm. Well, you get the idea! Something to consider, I hope!

  156. A book that would be great could be called “Grandma’s Garden” and explain how to do proper small-medium scale vegetable gardening, how to keep and slaughter chickens, how to buy bigger pieces of cow directly and take them apart….back to food basics! My grandma still had a veggie garden in Germany and I grew up on her vegetables, up all the way to 6 ‘ 6!

  157. Primal woman would be awesome. I’d love a book on feeding a primal family that includes meals/snacks for little ones.

  158. Most definitely “Primal Cravings”. I would like to think that I have a lot of sel control, but I can only turn down a slice of cake or a hearty portion of lasagna for only so long.

  159. I would definitely be interested in the books Primal Cravings and Death by Food Pyramid 🙂 I love the research that goes into these books.

  160. I’m VERY excited about Death by Food Pyramid since it essentially strikes down and rebuilds the ancient and out of date perceptions of dieting and allows individuals to gain insight into good eating and healthy living.

    I would love to see a book that appeals to the primal enthusiast in his late teens early twenties. As a college student, it has been difficult balancing an often expensive healthy diet with the obvious temptations and less-than-stellar lifestyle of college game-days.

  161. I am most interested in Primal Cravings Cookbook because I ahve found that having certain ‘treat recipes’ in my repertoire have made it EASY for my husband and I to stick to this lifestyle. I have NO desire to go back to sugar and flour/grain products.
    I have to say that Primal Woman is a CLOSE second!!
    For future projects I would love to see more on exercise…physical fitness aspect of the Paleo Lifestyle.

  162. I am interested in reading The Primal Prescription. Our dependence upon pharmaceuticals is out of control and is bankrupting our country. Perhaps if more people become educated about healthy alternatives, we can trim the voracious appetite of Big Pharma. As they say, “Knowledge is power.” Isn’t it time that we gain control over our own health?

  163. The Primal Cravings and Paleo Primer books sound fantastic and I can’t wait to check them out.
    I’ve always loved the idea of transforming non-paleo foods into paleo approved food and I’d like to see what these authors have accomplished.
    The Paleo Primer book would be nice, just as it’s mentioned, to help welcome new people into the world of Paleo/Primal living.

    In the future I would love to see a Paleo/Primal publication that was geared towards introducing physicians to the lifestyle, something that patients can give their physicians to detail and explain what they are doing, how they are changing their diets, etc..
    Rather than ask my physician to “look into Paleo/Primal on the web” it would be beneficial to hand them a book or something that lays it all out.

  164. The Primal Prescription and Primal Woman both sound awesome! As an aging woman who works in a hospital, both will be relevant 🙂

    I would love to see an update on the new findings coming out of genomic studies that provide insight/support for the primal concepts. Epigenetics studies had just gotten underway when Mark wrote his first book, and it would be a great addition to the body of work. Heck, if I had the time, I’d write it 🙂

  165. Im most excited to read Death by Food Pyramid!! I think a book dedicated to nutrition for autoimmunity would be a great read.

  166. I am most excited about The Primal Prescription. As someone with a biochem/chem engineering background now in law school I would LOVE to read about the intersection of nutrition, science, and politics!!

    I would love to see a book published focusing on how to achieve a primal lifestyle while working/being in school for 10+ hours. Quick meals/workouts and how to build in playtime, etc.

  167. Finally! I’m so excited Denise Minger’s book is really happening! Death by Food Pyramid sounds like exactly the book I’ve been hoping for. As girlie as it sounds, I’d love to see a book on primal body care. Sorting through natural recipes and expensive natural alternatives takes forever.

  168. I think the book “Death by Food Pyramid” looks very interesting….

    A book I would like to see written would be one that helps people with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) help their condition by using the dietry principles of Primal/Paleo eating.

    I have this problem and was recommended the Stone-Age Diet by Dr Myhill. I have found the information on Primal and Paleo eating to be incredibly useful in helping (and motivating) me to stick with this approach.

    The book could perhaps outline a programme of gradual change from the Western Diet to Paleo type eating. I know I started by cutting out wheat. Then after a couple of weeks adjustment I cut out other grains, and after a couple more months I cut out dairy. Luckily I already did most of my own cooking so didn’t also need to work on cutting out additives from pre-prepared foods… others may need a period to adjust to this first too….

    Just a thought…..

  169. I am most excited for The Primal Prescription.

    Learning where and why S.A.D. along with our cocktail of drugs came about enrages me. I would love to learn more!

  170. I’m most interested in “Primal Endurance” and I’d also like to see a book for power and hybrid athletes. Athletics teaches the value of overcoming adversity. Athletics and the primal tribe culture adds success to healthy lifestyle equation, which means added quality of life in all avenues. This could be the new leadership model.

  171. I am most interested in Primal Endurance, at age 64 I’ve done my share of chronic cardio but since adopting a Paleo eating style, I am still experimenting with how to best train and fuel for distance running.

    I would like to see a book that merges minimalist training approaches for endurance with Paleo diet, perhaps Primal Endurance is already planned to meet that wish?

  172. I think the Primal Prescription sounds most interesting. I think the role our government plays in our food sources AND our health care system, and the vicious cycle so many people have fallen into, deserves further exposure.

    I agree with several other commenters about a book for children to encourage more primal dishes. However, yesterday I noticed my 12 yr old nephews complexion and I know his diet is horrible. Perhaps a book geared toward the adolescent, who is old enough to read the book on his/her own, and to learn to start making better choices about the food/fuel they put into their bodies. It could persuade with rewarding results like clear skin, healthy weight, impressive athletic performance. All things important to teenagers.

  173. Add me to the list of those looking forward to reading Death by Food Pyramid. I would also love to see more on raising primal children, especially as it relates to all the health issues that children seem to be having more of today, like obesity, ADHD, etc.

  174. I could get excited about every one of those books, but ‘Rich Food, Poor Food’ caught my eye the first time it was mentioned! I’d love to see a book focusing on Primal/Paleo living and women’s health!

  175. Very much looking forward to Primal Cravings – love any new recipe ideas! And Primal Primar… simple is great!

    Would really like for you to consider doing a book on, basically, eating out. When you are traveling, on vacation, just running late from work, getting together with friends… all of these mean eating out in some fashion… how can we stick to a primal diet and still enjoy restaurant dining occassionally? I know, steak and salad, but even steak and salad gets tiresome after a while… Thoughts?

  176. They all look good, but since I have to pick one Primal Woman seems to be right up my alley.

    Would love to see a book about Primal Kids. Particular how primal can help with over-diagnosed things like ADHD, and addresses how do help your kid be proud and primal at school/playdates etc. when they are surrounded by gluten and sugar-laden “treats”.

  177. I am most excited about Primal Woman, especially getting Carrie’s insights on aging gracefully and sorting through misinformation about menopause and hormones.

    I would love more guidance on primal workouts. This is perhaps the most difficult part of staying on track for me. Endurance training is no problem, but weight training advice would be great. I do appreciate the WOW information on line, but would like a book with a collection of primal workout at various different levels. My problem is I tend to do the same PEM exercises and get bored.

  178. Congratulations on such an incredible achievement! The books sound amazing, and I’m sure I’ll learn much from ALL of them. I would love a primal book directed at TYPE 1 / juvenile diabetes. It is a different condition than T2, as the body has suffered a devastating response to an autoimmune disease that can’t be reversed by diet. My son’s pancreas can not “heal,” though I am sure he could reduce his insulin usage with the right diet. Thanks, Mark.

  179. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for an awesome site. It’s great to see so many inspirational posts that I imagine help a lot of us with our paleo commitment.

    As an avid ski mountaineer and distance cyclist, I’m really excited about about Primal Endurance… especially taking into account your life story with endurance sport. In past seasons maltodextrin and HFCS have played a bit part in my adventures. This winter, my first paleo season, I’m feeling stronger and lighter than ever and look forward to learning how to tap even more primal energy.

    I’d like to see a cause and effect book. I’m very strict about the 80/20 rule and agree that a lot of the time, the stress we might have to endure to attain dietary perfection can cause more harm than good. So it would be great to know what consequences we might expect for specific indulgences.

    All the best,


  180. Actually I can’t pick–I have read 1/2 of them and the other 1/2 is now on my list-but if I had to pick I would say Rich Food Poor Food–I like the way it is in line with Primal/Paleo but steps away from those terms–I hope it will appeal to people who find those identities intimidating or offensive(for some odd reason : ) ) Grok on!!

  181. I think Primal Endurance and Death by Food Pyramid both look interesting (well, they all look interesting, but those two stand out to me), but I’m super-happy that Dr. Emily Deans has joined you for a book! Can’t wait to read that one!

  182. I’m really looking forward to Death by Food Pyramid. I enjoy the depth of Denise’s posts and the extra mile she goes to explain the methods used in various studies.

    I second the idea on a gut microbiome. Another decent idea would be a book of transformations with insights provided by the journey of the transformed.

  183. This is just such a cool venture you have taken on!

    I am VERY excited for Primal Women. I think that has been needed for a long time now. Being a woman it is hard to see all the research that is always done on men and not knowing how it may affect you personally. IF’ing is a great example!

    I would also like to see more information on kids, not toddlers but maybe more 12-17 years old. How to teach kids about the importance of their health and how to tailor a primal lifestyle to early morning rehearsals and late night football practices. This is an area that I hope to work in one day ( I am currently back in school to become an RD and winning all those books sure would help me on my path of spreading the Primal word to health care professionals and the public alike 🙂 )

  184. Most of the topics sound pretty good.

    I’m most interested in “Primal Endurance,” as I train for ironman triathlons using a crossfit endurance program that’s more painful and abusive on the body than Mark’s protocol.


  185. I’m most excited to read The South Asian Solution because as far as I know it’s the first book that’s targeted to a specific ethnic/cultural group. As a person of Japanese descent, I know how hard it can be to go paleo without seeming to reject your whole cultural identity. (When the word for rice means both the cooked grain AND a meal, it’s pretty clear that the grain is uber important to the culture) So, I am interested in seeing if there are any tips in the book that can help me smooth out some cultural hiccups that I am having.
    I am interested in seeing a cookbook that has a focus on recipes for autoimmune protocols. (I have a couple of autoimmune illnesses, one of them is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis…. eliminating all the trigger foods PLUS avoiding excessive Goitrogens {cruceferous veg} really limits me in a very frustrating way)

  186. Super excited about the Cravings and Prescription books! Both things I struggle with. Would love to win them all!

  187. I am most looking forward to the primal pregnancy. Though I do not have kids right now I know that when I do it will be a big struggle to trust what I know about nutrition in face of the advice I will be getting from my peers and pediatricians. I would like to see a book geared towards those who are past the pregnancy phase and are raising children. I am also really excited for Denise’s book and the information on menopause form Carrie’s book,

  188. I’m most interested in Primal Cravings and Perfect Balance – but all the books sound interesting!

    I would love to see a book about going Primal on a Budget. I struggle sometimes because the better quality food is always more expensive. I’d like to see/read stories of real life budgets and meal plans that focus on the highest quality of food you can get within a certain budget.

  189. I’m looking forward to Paleo Primer because even tho I’ve read a lot online about Paleo I have yet to fully adopt it. I think a book geared toward 20-30 something women trying to get them away from all cardio and all carbs would be excellent… maybe a week-by-week approach to changing their lives. 🙂

  190. Primal Cravings sounds fabulous!

    So, if I had my dream book it would be Primal Blueprint To Go Meals and Snacks.

    An entire book full of mix and match choices of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts. All with carb counts so that I could just hit the list, say – hey, that sounds great and it fits into my breakfast carb budget – boom – I’m done.

  191. So excited to see the Primal Woman coming as well as the Perfect Balance with regard to compulsive eating addictions, etc. These are needed as the next steps when trying act and live from a primal view but caught up in both physiological and emotional and even social aspects of our bodies and lives.

    I think we need a Primal Science book, one that goes deeply into what Functional Diagnostic Nutrition teaches. We are running out of teachers and coaches that can lead the way to individuals taking their deep healing into their own hands. For instance, every friend I have is in Stage 2 or 3 Adrenal Fatigue so far as I can tell, but they can’t get help through their doctors, and I can’t help them all. . . but I’m trying. 🙂

    Also, we need a sustainability book on where to start. I took a course in this here in Cali for Vets so if you want ideas, talk with me. I’d love to.


  192. I want primal cravings! Since going primal that’s been my hoby trying to recreate pure versions of the food I’ve loved. While fun, I’d love some shortcuts

  193. I would be most interested in Primal Cravings – followed by Paleo Primer. I would LOVE – LOVE to see a Primal book for the Menopausal woman or women over 40 – not 50 as is the norm.

  194. I would like to read Rich Food Poor Food!

    And Primal Pregnancy can’t come fast enough!

    I would love to have some children’s books (all the way from board books through easy reading books) about primal eating!

  195. Primal Pregnancy, by Michele Blackwell, MD
    My husband and I are in the very beginnings of thinking about a family, and I am actively making a list of books I plan on buying once we hit a more serious stage. Talk about planning to plan! This book just hit the top of my list and I am VERY excited about its publishing!

    Another book that should be published is one for parents dealing with trying to raise HEALTHY (primal/paleo) children in a world where the government (through schools), society, and even family, promote intensely unhealthy and downright dangerous methods of eating and living. There is a lot of information out there about transitioning kids to eating healthy, but what about those who will be primal right from gestation? Maybe a Parents’ Primal Blueprint. Or, a Primal Kids Book, so parents have another tool to help their kids help themselves.


  196. Awesome 🙂 I’m most pumped for Primal Endurance. One of the things I’m excited to bring back into my fitness routine is a little bit of endurance training and long-distance running, but I’m not sure how to go about preparing for it. I feel and look great but wonder how many carbs I need to add to my diet to do longer workouts.

  197. Primal Cravings sounds like it will help be bridge the gap between my primal diet and my husbands not-so-primal diet so I’m looking forward to that. I can’t wait for Death By Food Pyramid! Getting the message out there is so deperately needed!

  198. primal woman! i love a drilled down perspective and love being offered a chance to read through a different lens. as for what you should publish next……i’m a fan of surprises, but i’ve always admired that you’ve delved into primal as a state of being, of connecting with the earth, as well as others. that has a very holistic feel and resonates with me. cheers!

  199. I want that bottom book, about the transformation. I’ve got the eating down, but I can’t seem to figure out what to do about fitness. I run, but I want to build muscles and feel better. There’s so much advice out there, and I’m not sure where to start. I’m also excited about the Women’s Primal book!

    I suggest doing a book for those over 40 who are just now starting to get healthy for the first time in their lives. I think it’s a much more difficult process and I sometimes feel like it’s too much work when I’ve already done so much damage to my body. Is it worth it to start so late in life? Everyone who seems to be into fitness at my age have been into fitness for a long time. Is there hope for an old dog to learn new tricks?

  200. I’m most excited about the quick and easy meals since we’re new to the primal lifestyle and I’m the primary culinary expert in our household. I would love to read a book about the FDA in general and why they are not protecting us more from all of these harmful foods. I heard from someone who was at a food convention recently that a large food manufacturer recently gave a speech saying that we needed to get rid of organic, natural, grass fed food and create more processed food with longer shelf life because of the population explosion all over the world. How do we stop this? What are people doing to fight this? This is what I would like to read more about…

  201. I am interested in “Primal Prescription”. It’s time to expose the truth.

    For a future book, I would like to see a book that tackles the genetic benefits and expressions of primal eating, primal exercising, and primal thinking.

  202. I am excited about two of them. The first “Primal Endurance” as I’m a soon-to-be ultra-marathoner and I have been experiencing bonking in my long runs without the use of some grains (I’ve been using rice.) I read Loren Cordain’s book but did not find it too applicable. Secondly, “The Hidden Plague” as we believe my husband suffers from this condition. For the future I would like to see Primal Blueprint address overcoming sugar addiction. I feel like it is my last real vice and could use some help dealing with it.

  203. I’m not familiar with Denise Minger…going to go check her out now…but I will be reading Death by Food Pyramid the second it is available.

    I would love to see a book geared towards teens and how we as parents can undo the SAD habits that we instilled in them before we knew any better. :-/

  204. Primal Balance and Primal Endurance both stand out to me as must reads. In fact I think they go hand in hand, because I personally entered the world of endurance sports (marathons, triathlons, ironman) as a way to deal with my mental and emotional desires to look and be a certain way.

    Book Ideas: being paleo/primal on the road/as a road warrior

  205. I think Perfect Balance sounds fascinating because of the mental health component (I am a psychologist myself). As far as ideas for future projects – Primal Family ideas? Ideas for kids and teens….

  206. Primal Cravings looks like it would be a great for this kid with bad relapse habits

  207. Primal Endurance is totally up my alley. One thing I initially struggled with when going Primal was how to get through long runs and workouts. I’m like a sponge when it comes to information about how to successfully train for and participate in endurance events while being Primal. Great stuff!

  208. I am fired up about the Primal Connection!! The Primal Blueprint changed my life, so I can’t wait to see what the Primal Connection has in store for me.

    In the 4 years since I went Primal, I have had 3 family members who were diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Their life challenge has become managing blood sugars. That’s essentially what I’m doing (for different reasons) through my Primal/Paleo lifestyle. I convinced all 3 (after consultation with their doctors) to go Primal/Paleo, and all 3 have had positive life changing experiences as a result. We need a book on Primal/Paleo for Diabetics. Almost all of the literature is targeted at the folks (like me) who want to prevent negative health and maximize positive health, but a huge swath of America has already gone over the cliff, and needs specialized literature for how to apply Primal/Paleo to their situation. Maybe it’s about managing your blood sugars, and building a sustainable lifestyle more than being a Firebreathing CrossFit guy who is recovered from Chronic Cardio. Make sense?

  209. Paleo Primer. I would love to explain to my husband what all this is about, but he is not into it. This book might would help him understand.

  210. I’d like to read them all but The Primal Prescription is the one I’m most interested in. Somehow we as a country need to solve the health care crisis we now are facing. The other books seem to be something individuals can use to help themselves. A disfunctional medical system is something we all need to understand and force to change. Perhaps other books that are system focused vice individually focused would help the entire country, not just one individual’s choices to be more healthy. Don’t get me wrong, individuals need to take charge of what they have control over to be more healthy. But there are systemic issues in the health care system that transcend simply helping individuals live a healthier life. I think what you have done in the Primal Blueprint effort is great and I know it works. I admire your initiative to “buck the system” and its conventional wisdom and really dig down into the health studies to understand what’s what. So now maybe you could consider increased emphasis to expose and fix the US healthcare system. Thanks Mark.

  211. I’m looking forward to Primal Cravings. Primal and comfort food together? As Homer Simpson would say (while drooling), “Primal comfort food…mmmmmmm.”

    I’d like to see book on Primal physical fitness. Mark, I know you have the weekly workouts, but I would like to see an actual, real book.

  212. I would love to see a Primal Kids book too. I have 3 small kids and have had a hard to transitioning them to the Primal lifestyle. I would like to read Primal Cravings and The Paleo Primer. Always looking for quick and easy meal plans and ideas.

  213. It’s practically a tie between Primal Woman and Primal Endurance but my top vote is for Primal Woman. There’s not much out there devoted to women’s issues, particularly those of aging women. Carrie is aging well and I am excited to see what she has to say.

    A book devoted to issues involving aging in general would be appreciated. I love reading the success stories but so many are focused on people in their 20s and 30s. Those of us over 50 (or 60+) face different situations.

  214. I am excited about Primal Endurance. As a 22 year old lifelong athlete I was drinking the “carb-koolade” for far too long. I spent 12 years playing ice hockey, the day before a big game we would all gather at an italian food restaurant for pasta dinners…..wish I would have found this site sooner!

    I’m excited to see how I can continue to be competitive through proper nutrition now that I am done with college.

  215. Reviews

    Rich Food Poor Food sounds like it covers all the basics of how to choose the best food for you & your family for great health. I am a health coach and feel like this would help me help my clients
    As far as next years great reads I think you offer so much already and cover all areas so I don’t have an idea to add!


  216. I’m most excited about Primal Cravings, it sounds like a great book!

    As for upcoming primal books, I’d love to see a book focused somewhat on primal in the outdoors; food solutions for hikers and outdoorspeople, and so on.

  217. I think Denises “Death by food pyramid” might be an exciting read as I both like her style and am looking forward to her debunking many propagandesque claims that have spread worldwide amongst people. I hope the book will also look at people from the evolutionary angle, since I believe that that’s precisely the part many people, especially those inclined to be vegetarians and vegans miss painfully, and then they get to such ridiculousness as comparing humans to gorillas, among other things. Knowing from Mingers posts on her blog, she takes the issue on quite well and is rather scrupulous with reviewing research papers, which is a good thing for anyone that advocates any type of advice for optimal health, to be backed up by the science behind it.

    As for something I’m particularily interested in, is how eating and nutrition ties up with mental disorders, and how they could be remedied. I’ve encountered both anecdotal evidence and theories as to how carbohydrates may play a role in depression and bipolar disorder and I can’t help but wonder if there’s anything more profoundly impacted by the modern diet that is essentially screwing both our productivity and well being from the mental health angle (which is inexorably tied to physical health, may be considered a subset, even).

    1. I understand what you are saying about vegetarianism. But it is very difficult to disabuse someone of a world-view that they have become emotionally identified with. It is possible, but it usually requires a massive jolt, often in the form of serious illness, as Lierre Keith’s remarkable story so powerfully illustrates.

  218. How can I possibly pick just one of these books? 😀

    Honestly though, as my enthusiasm grew from one description to the next, it really settled on “The Primal Prescription”. I’ve suspected for YEARS that something was up between agra/pharma/the government and that book sounds like it lays it all in the open.

    I would be thrilled to learn the truth behind the suspicion so I could spread the word!

    As far as what I’d like to see published? A book on primal pet care, would be awesome! Going back to the roots of the cat, dog, horse, bird, fish, whatever you keep as a furry friend and the best way to care/feed/exercise them according to their genetic roots. 🙂

  219. Primal prescription.

    I’d love to see a book detailing the history and evolution of the human diet from various locations across the globe.

  220. I’ve reached the point that I’m sticking to good healthy eating habits. So I’m ready to reward myself with ‘Primal Cravings’!

    Also, I would like to see a book addressing bone broth. I’m certain I can tweak what I do now and that there is so much I don’t know yet.

  221. I have to pick one? That’s just not fair. I will compromise and pick two. I’m more looking forward to the Primal Woman and Primal Endurance. As a female long distance triathlete these are right up my alley!
    I also agree with the previous poster, Alyssa. I’d love to see a book on gut microbiome! Guess there are more of us than she thought.

  222. Primal Endurance sounds like it is right book for endurance activities. Hopefully a few ideas about timing of when to eat.

  223. Primal endurance is what I’m interested in. Now Primal performance for those of us over 65+. we’re getting stronger and interested in pushing harder, but now and injury puts us out longer, so a safe and effective affective plan is needed. Thanks for my new lease on life!

  224. Carrie! Thank you thank you thank you for getting into the arena with the highly marketable menopausal menagerie of misinformation! Since there is nearly nothing available which isn’t in the pocket of some larger (funding?) group, Primal Woman is the one I want to read first. (And then I’ll tick all the others off my list, one at a time, starting with Primal Prescription)

    Cookbooks are next, and I’m always on the lookout for real food cooked in real ways and not as substitutes for other things. The new gluten-free craze is making me crazy — if bread don’t suit ya, don’ eat the stuff!

    A book I’d like to see is one that can explain how the cultures of the “Blue Zones” often do consume breads, grains, legumes, etc., and yet are still some of the healthiest on the planet. I suspect that the American version of these things has gradually become nearly unrelated to the old world version, and I want to know how to eat the old world way and fit that into a primal framework.

  225. The book I am most excited about is:
    Primal Pregnancy. Eventhough I am a guy, my wife and I are trying to get pregnant and have been unsuccessful in the time we have been trying. I would love to hear primal tips and advice the author may offer on first, getting pregnant and second, having a healthy primal pregnancy.

    An idea for a book would be a book on travel or vacation spots that cater to the primal community for those of us that may not be able to attend primal/paleo conferences.

  226. “Paleo Primer” sounds like a real winner to me. You’d be amazed at how much whining I hear about how “These books you gave us are too long to read – too many words. Don’t you have an illistrated summary? I’m just looking for a quick read, not a scientific disseration.” irritating to say the least… So I rate if you throw in some cartoons and make it more “casual reading” than “self help”, we could show the light to a few more lost souls.

    As for the suggestions – maybe look into Paleo solutions for good work/life balance – specifically for the 2 extemes: sitting all day or always running around on your feet…

  227. I’d love to read all of them, but would most love to own Primal Woman. This sounds like the perfect description of the time in my life that I am currently facing, and the information that is out there is both confusing and contradictory.

  228. I’m most looking forward to Perfect Balance & Primal Endurance because they both hit close to my own situation. As far as a book I would like to see published, I have several friends that are sugar dependent and also have arthritis. One friend is a 20 something. I’d like a book that links the paleo diet to anti-imflammation or at the least helps the symptoms of arthritis. I don’t think a general paleo primer book would be enough to convince them that their SAD diet is the source of their pain.

  229. I would love to read Primal Women, I am just starting menopause and my hormones are going crazy.
    I would love to see a book a book about Primal and seniors nutrition.

  230. Wow… I would LOVE to win the books! LOL!

    Most excited about Primal Blueprint Cookbook… Because while I am amazing at conventional Italian cooking, I am not so great at primal cooking! Give me tomatoes, basil, cream, butter and wheat and I can work wonders…. 😛

    I’d love a book on paleo kids, or even pets! I already feed raw but plenty don’t.

  231. I am looking forward to the Perfect Balance. I have made several attempts to go Primal but ended always back to “normal”. I am also confused by the suggestions of the traditional Chinese medicine, because theire recommendations for my health contradict the Primal Blueprint suggestions. So this might be an interesting topic to read about.

  232. I am excited about ‘Perfect Balance’ because I hope the ancestral health movement is going to have a huge impact on mental health treatment. Also ‘Death by Food Pyramid’ because I’m always looking for another way to get the message through to my family that conventional diet wisdom is NOT based on sound science. In this regard I would love it if you could PLEASE make a simple documentary about ‘The Primal Blueprint’ with lots of success stories and a good skewering of conventional wisdom. It is sometimes easier to persuade some people to watch something than to get them to read a book (or even a website)!

  233. I am really looking forward to
    1. Death by Pyramid, as I have always insisted that our North American pyramid is … full of crap.
    2. Primal Pregnancy, as DH and I are thinking of starting a family and my sister in law is expecting, again.
    3. Primal Woman, so I can share it with my mom and girlfriends.

    I think a book on raising a primal family (children) would be a great addition to the line-up. Sure its easy to come up with play ideas, but how do you get a child to WANT to eat primally when their friends and playmates are eating bologna sandwiches, chips and cake infront of them.

  234. Death by food pyramid looks like interesting reading. It will give us more ammunition to fire at other paleo skeptics.

    I would like to see something written about what to do if it doesn’t work right off the bat. We read about tons of people who lose massive amounts of weight and feel fantastic, but what about those who have been paleo for a while with little weight loss. What else can they do? Blood work, thyroid, carbs …..

  235. Primal endurance by far. I still have completing an iron man triathlon on my bucket list and knowing how to do so in a paleo way would be awesome. Plus it would be nice to know I can incorporate smaller items like marathons / half-marathons in a way that does not destroy my body slowly.

    As for what I’d like to see, primal brain functions. As someone who has epilepsy, it would be interesting to see how diet is related to brain functions. I have already seen articles that discuss seizures being triggered by a lack of Magnesium and that supplementing it can be just as effective as medication for some. Too terrified to try it out without some further evidence though.

  236. I am looking forward to reading Primal Woman. I am interested to read about the misinformation that is out there about hormones. I’ve often wondered about that.

    I would love to see a book addressing the primal lifestyle for growing children with kid friendly recipes.

  237. Hi! I’d most like to read the The South Asian Solution! As a South Asian I’d love to read this book to better help my family. I have switched to a WAPF/Paleo diet and it’s helped so much, but more information would be fabulous.

    The book I’d most like to see: A book for Paleo Children–what works, how to convert kids to paleo, other parenting principles using Paleo. And with lots of stories from people who follow that with their children and happy stories with kids thriving!

  238. I’m really looking forward to PRIMAL ENDURANCE! I think there’s so much confusion out there–and so many so-called “experts.” I’d like to learn more about how I can push my limits without overdosing on carbs. (Hiking rim-to-rim-to-rim of the Grand Canyon is on my list.)

    I think you should consider something like “PRIMAL ROAD WARRIOR.” For many of us, our biggest challenge is living and eating on the road.

    Thanks for everything!

  239. So excited to read Primal Endurance to see how I can make some changes to my current nutritional intake during tri training. Did my first IM 70.3 last year and I felt like I was eating carbs all the time – not sure I truly felt my best. Also think Death by Food Pyramid will be awesome to discuss with my HC clients as they can relate to this. As a mother to 3 little boys, I would LOVE to see a primal children’s book – nothing too complicated – something fun with great pictures and recipes. Thanks for all your do!

  240. I am excited to see the book Primal Cravings. I struggle with this myself. I find it is easier eating fully Primal. I am also very interested in Primal Women, as a deeply spiritual women entering menopause, I am struggling with the physical and psychological changes this brings.

    As I embrace a Primal lifestyle I am horrified by the diet my kids enjoy!!! And I prided myself on making all our meals from scratch!!! I first agreed to change my personal diet and now that I have and I feel great, I am addressing how to slowly change my kids over to a healthier happier diet. My son (8) is incredibly difficult to transition (he lives on 80% carbs!) I find slowly and without any pressure is the best. I would love to see book or cookbook focused on transitioning our kids to embrace a Primal diet.

    Thanks for your commitment to providing us with more and more information!!

  241. Especially excited about Primal Woman and Primal Pregnancy! Both apply to me (well, the pregnancy is anticipated this year…). I just wrote a college term paper about the dangers of the Food Pyramid in line with primal teachings and health experts who take a close look at the history of man and how recent agriculture really is… So Death by Food Pyramid sparks an interest, too.
    I think more family oriented lifestyle tips and recipes are necessary for families to follow this successfully. I’m trying with many struggles, to get my guys to follow with me!

  242. Oh man! I’m excited for quite a few of them, but as a healthcare worker I’m probably most excited about Primal Prescription (with Death by Food Pyramid a close second).

  243. I would love to read “Primal Woman” and “Primal Pregnancy”. We are trying to get pregnant for the first time and i would love to age beautifully as your wife! I know there is some great information out but it is hard to get to it unless doing a deep research, I believe the more books available the more people will be reached.

    I would love a Primal book focused on infant/children nutrition.

    thank you for the healthiest lives we enjoy now!!

  244. “Death by Food Pyramid” for sure! It’s always fascinating to learn.

    I think that the primal, paleo, caveman, etc movement is about a lot more than just returning to our roots a little bit, or optimal ways to eat. I think we need to address our society as a whole. If you read Guns, Germs, and Steel it’s fascinating to see how we’ve become who we are today, but in a modern, connected world I think that we can shape who we as a society will become tomorrow.
    Maybe a futurist kind of speculation book as to how society should live, how technology can and will help us get there, and how we might all be able to help get us there one step at a time.

  245. i was a swimmer from 12 years before college got the better of me. i went primal shortly after graduating, and i’ve recently gotten back into swimming. in that regard, i’m most looking forward to Primal Endurance.

    as for an book idea to make a reality – perhaps something specific to growing and raising your own food?? if there are plenty out there, but the MDA stamp of approval is preferred.

  246. I am looking forward to “Death by Food Pyramid”. Any information that can be used to debunk the junk you here day in and day out from corporations, special interest groups and the government is useful as we are bombarded day in and day out with their “expertise”.

    I would like to see a book on how to develop the Primal living lifestyle. I live in the Midwest and there aren’t many seminars or groups regarding this and it would be good to know where to start on developing interests so we don’t have to travel far and wide to participate in these seminars.

  247. I am excited to read the primal prescription as i am on 3 meds for cholestrol. I have just begun to follow the Primal Diet and have lost 8 lbs in a month, without even beginning the excercise portion.

    I would like a book on how to feed babies and children!

  248. Primal Cravings and Primal Woman sound really awesome. I definitely think a Primal Parenting book would be splendid, though I’m glad to see a Primal Pregnancy book, too!

  249. #1 Like lots of people are saying, they all look great, but it seems like I’ve been waiting FOREVER for Primal Endurance. I’m not getting any younger (62), I’ve been biking long distances for 35+ years, I absolutely love it and don’t plan to stop anytime soon, but I’m totally confused as to how to apply primal nutrition to my on and off biking days. All the usual training advice seems to be to eat lots of carbs and sugar before, during and after the events, and I’d really l like to understand how to do it primally to be lean and strong.

    #2 I’m a woman, and there are lots of female concerns, especially aging, that I’d love to see addressed from a primal perspective, so I’m looking forward to Primal Woman. Also looking forward to hearing things from Carrie’s perspective as a long time vegetarian. I was pescatarian for 10+ years and just converted to full paleo on Thanksgiving day, 2012 with my first turkey in over 10 years.

    #3 Death by Food Pyramid sounds like it’ll be great, and I’m hoping it will help me convince my doubting friends, especially my husband, that Primal is the way to go.

  250. Death by the Food Pyramid is first on my list. It sounds like it will have some good answers that I can throw at people who like to tell you why you should follow government advise about health.

    They all look good, though!

  251. I’m really looking forward to reading Primal Endurance, especially since most of the posts I’ve seen from Mark are always against chronic cardio activities. I enjoy running, and I’m excited to learn how I can fuel efficiently for aerobic activities and still stay primal.

    As far as future books go, I’d really like to see one that focuses on the Paleo/Primal Diet/Lifestyle for kids. I know that the primal diet is perfectly fine for kids, but I’d like to see a book that really delves deep into the different nutrition requirements, best exercise, sleep requirements, hormones, etc.

  252. I can’t wait to eat that burger on the “Primal Cravings” cover! I’m also interested in hearing what Dr. Doug McGuff has to say in “The Primal Prescription”. It’s good to have a opinion from someone that works in the field, so, when you talk to friends you don’t sound like a conspiracy theoretical. As I saw in the coments, a lot of people are interested in how to apply the primal life to kids, just like I am. Then, I also would like to see a book about Primal Kids.

    Thanks to share all these good news!

  253. I SO wanna read Primal endurance!! As an asian it’s so difficult for me to say byebye to carbs (rice anyone??) My biggest problem is that I KNOW carbs/sweets are bad for me but my mind keeps telling me to go for the cookies. It drives me nuts when I keep debating with myself inside my head!

    Book that needs publishing: primal cure for dieters – I’ve always struggled with my weight since teenage and I’ve developed a fear of eating, thinking all food I ingest will turn into extra weight gain.. most days I eat less than 500 calories a day but I’m still not losing weight…

    Another recommendation: pocket size primal grocery shopping list so I can take it to grocery shopping with me! Or something in e-format so I can read it from my phone!

    One more note – I like to read while riding public transportation or on the bed before I go to sleep.. the 21 day transformation book is way too big to carry around or hold up while lying down on my bed.. It’s been 2 months and I still haven’t finished the book because I just can’t find a proper setting to read it…

    Thanks Mark 🙂

  254. I love me some good books!!!
    Primal Cravings and Primal Woman are definitely at the top of my list! I’d love to know how I can get more of the foods that I love into my diet.
    Primal Woman would be fantastic to help get a better grasp of what works specifically for women. I can’t wait!
    I’d love to see more information on biomechanically correct movement and how to develop a balanced body while doing primal. I’ve studied Alexander Technique for a few years off and on, and love the way I feel, but it is a challenge to make the leap from sessions out into the real world.

  255. Primal cravings as I’m still trying to fit in alternate versions of the gotta have it foods

  256. Oooo! Primal Pregnancy and Primal Woman sound awesome! (Even though I’m not planning any children in the immediate future, I am of an age when I am definitely planning kids within the next 5-7 years – so I’d read them both for sure).

  257. Death by Food Pyramid looks very interesting. I’m always looking for sound, fact based arguments to use with friends and family that not only support Primal eating and lifestyle but also dispell convential wisdom.

    I can tell you that my ‘go to’ day to hit MDA during the week is Friday. I love the personal, real life stories of real people and how living and eating Primal has changed their lives. Very inspiring… a book that can capture these stories over the years along with how people are fairing today would be something I’d buy.

  258. Looking forward to reading “Primal Woman” – Doctors just want to put us on medication when going thru menopause.

    Definitely think a book focusing on teaching your children how to eat, making it fun for them and easy to understand why we make the food choices that we do.

  259. I am most looking forward to reading Death by Food Pyramid. I love all the science and research Denise does and can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in this book.

  260. Perfect Balance and Primal Woman stand out to me. I’ve always had a dysfunctional relationship with food and exercise and I’m perimenopausal so the info on aging gracefully is very appealing.
    It would be interesting to see a book on primal living for those who have different beliefs about human origin (I’m not interested in started a debate) but still benefit from the nutrition and lifestyle wisdom found in primal/paleo.

  261. The book I’m most excited about is “Primal Cravings”

    The book I would like to see is would address the issues of habit change for those who are used to the extreme convenience of processed and take out foods and who aren’t by habit very active.

    “Sure I could make a big ass salad and some grass fed steak but maybe I’ll do that tomorrow and order a pizza instead.”

    Making the right choices in the moment are a challenge for those who do not come from a fitness centric lifestyle and just want to look and feel better but have not yet established the routines or habits to make it happen automatically. Eating and exercising primaly is very enjoyable but the major challenge mired in the SAD and hectic lifestyles is changing our habits especially during times of stress or frustration.

  262. I am excited for Paleo Primer. I have suggested The Primal Blueprint to several people who are interested in getting started with healthier eating/living, but this will give them (and me!) another manual to help guide the way and keep on track.

    I am with the multiple posters who requested a Primal Kids book. Getting the under 10 crowd off the mac ‘n cheese, toaster waffles, and cereal kick has been an ongoing battle.

    Keep ’em coming!

  263. I’m super excited about Primal Cravings; cravings are one of my biggest issues on my Primal lifestyle path. I’m also looking forward to Primal Woman and Primal Pregnancy, too.

    I’d love to see two things: maybe a primal cosmetics book (like natural skin care, hair care, etc that don’t dump toxic chemicals into your system) although I’m not sure if Primal Woman would address it? And maybe a book on Primal travel, like listing some awesome places for hiking, adventures, or for relaxing, and advice on eating Primally in other countries, maybe with a ratings system on which countries it’s easier to eat Primally in. That would be neat.

    Thanks! 😀

  264. I live the book rich food poor food, it was quite informative. Honestly I would like to see one on feeding toddler’s based on the primal blueprint.

  265. I am looking forward to reading “The Primal Woman”.

    I’d love to see a cookbook for over 50 Primal women…given our nutritional challenges, this would be VERY helpful!

  266. Perfect Balance sounds interesting to me because I struggle with balance in my life and being able to manage healthy eating without being a slave to the kitchen. As for a new project, I would be very interested in a book geared towards teens that explains primal nutrition and has recipes that are easy to transport. I have a hard time finding snacks and meals that my son can take to school that don’t require refrigeration.

  267. Primal Woman is definitely the one I’m most excited about! I find there’s a lot of male-heavy bias in much of the literature, and there are certainly unique elements to living a Primal lifestyle as a woman! The one book I would *love* to see is something about raising Primal kids. Many of us use a Primal diet to lose weight, but obviously that’s not what I’m aiming for with my three small children! Maybe an idea of what kind of macro ratio they need, how to educate them to defend their “crazy” school lunches without seeming preachy, etc.

  268. I just want to The Primal Blueprint as an audio book.

    The others all look interesting, especially the one for women as I’m 45. I would like to get a female perspective on the topic.

  269. Primal Woman is intriguing to me as a woman enjoying her 40’s.

    I’d love to see a nutrition book for a high school level curriculum. Something that really explains to high school students how they are being targeted by marketing, what their food (and drink) choices are doing to their bodies, and healthier options. A book that doesn’t tell them what to think but helps them begin to think about the issues for themselves and leaves them with lots of options and alternatives to consider.

  270. I am looking forward to PALEO PRIMER…i have trying to follow the primal blueprint for the past year but got pretty darn sick and still trying to recover. During all of that I still stuck with eating healthy and managed to lose 60 pounds. Now that i am recovering I want to do better.

    I love the books i have – I just needed to get into it fully.

  271. The original Primal Blueprint is the one that changed my life. This is where everybody should start.

    For a new book, I think we need one that looks at the big picture of how our current lifestyle affects the Earth’s environment. Industrial agriculture, materialism, the quest for endless economic growth… Oh wait, maybe that book’s already been written- Lierre Keith’s “The Vegetarian Myth”.

  272. Would love to see what Primal Craving is all about. Other topics I’d love in a book – A how to on fermenting foods and juices, canning, pickling, and probiotics. Maybe that’s more than 1 book?

  273. I am just in the middle of reading PB for the first time and I already want to pick up one of these new titles. Primal Cravings sounds cool, it might be something ideal for me and my family.

  274. I’m also interested in Death by Food Pyramid, and I’d love a book about Primal Kids or Primal Teens. or even directed towards kids and teens.

  275. As an RN currently in FNP school, I am excited to see the Death by Food Pyramid and the Primal Prescription. Trying to get patients to change their eating patterns is very hard. The more literature out there written by medical professionals, the better the chances to change the masses.

    I would love to see a book geared toward the science minded or the medical professionals, with research backing the Primal lifestyle. I know that studies exist, but have been squashed and swept under the rug by the powers that be. Go dig that stuff up and let the consumers know what is really going on!! Thanks for all your hard work!!

  276. I am most interested in reading Primal Woman – I am 40 so I will eventually have to stop denying that menopause is a thing that will happen 🙂

    I would also like to see the Paleo Primer – it would be nice to have a lighter book I could give friends who are interested in Paleo.

    What I would like to see – a book on digestive health. I was a vegetarian for 9 years before going Primal 1.5 years ago. I have had IBS since my early 20s. When things go well on Primal it’s great, but when my digestive system decides it is not happy with me I get punished for days!

  277. I would think that a kids book would be something to look into. The benefits of eating right and growing up strong and healthy. Very excited for primal cravings.

  278. I am most interested in the Paleo Primer, as I have lots of people who ask me about what I eat as if it were some faddish diet.
    It would me convenient to have a short, funny book that I could loan to someone without the implications that giving them my copy of the 21-day Total Body Solution might have.

  279. I think The South Asian Solution will be a great read as is seems like it will complement lifestyle choices I am already trying to make while, hopefully, aligning those changes with The Primal Blueprint!

    I would love, love, love to see a book that addresses how best to eat primal-ly while on a meal plan or any other set food regimen. That would have been helpful for me in college, and it would still be beneficial, I think, for anyone who eats out for lunch. Saying pack a lunch isn’t good enough!. My company provides our lunch every day, and I would love some tips on how to take advantage of that perk while maintaining my lifestyle goals.

    Thanks for continually publishing interesting reads!

  280. I am extremely excited to read “The Primal Prescription” as I struggle the most with the diet and principal of applying paleo lifestyle to my everyday life. Gaining the knowledge on how it will make for better health helps maintain the motivation.

    I love/would love to see the blueprint cookbooks continue to be creative in meals and ways to avoid the junk.

  281. I have never read any of the books but really need to make a change. So confused and what to do and which diet to follow

  282. I can’t wait to read Perfect Balance, Knowing what is going on in the brain is fascinating to me.

    A book that I would like to see would be a cookbook of historical recipes from more traditional societies.

  283. I really liked the layout of the 21 day book. I also enjoyed the 30 minute cookbook. I haven’t read all of them yet, but the ones I have read have been really good so keep up the good work on that. I am looking forward to the endurance book and would be interested a book that goes into more detail on the science and research of paleo style dieting both historically and practically.

  284. All these books look intriguing! As a woman, a mother, as well as a cook, in particular am interested in delving into Primal Woman, Primal Pregnancy, and Primal Cravings! Mmm, I can’t wait.
    I know there has already been written much on the subject, but I would be interested in reading specifically more about going primal locally and sustainably. Coupons included in the back might be a nice touch!
    Thanks for all you primal people do. And I look forward in anticipation to reading the books once I win them 🙂

  285. I am most excited about Paleo Primer. I have been struggling with eating unhealthy for years. The lastest thing to add to the mix is I think I have a gluten-sensitivity issue. I have read books from Abs Diet to South Beach and have been reading around on Mark’s Daily Apple. I am interested in the Paleo Primer, because I am confused when it comes to all of this.

    I guess in the future I would be interested on a book concerning Paleo and children.

  286. The Primal Prescription is on the top of my list, followed by Death by Food Pyramid.
    World-wide the corporations are sickening us and the planet with their greed.

  287. Would love to get my hands on Primal Cravings…I have always struggled with the cravings so having something or more to replace those things could help me out a ton.

    I would love to see something geared more towards children. My oldest daughter (5) has been learning about “healthy eating” at school, which follows CW. It would be great to have a tool in helping her.

  288. I’m most excited for Primal Prescription, Primal Endurance (still want to keep doing tri’s), and Primal Cravings. Okay, really most all of them I would read. A book I would love to have made… as a wife and mother I have a hard time with eating Primal because my young children refuse to eat most all meats (so weird, I know) and are ultra picky, and my husband has an intense love for all things wheat. I make as much food they eat primal as I can, but most of the time wind up making two separate meals. It is so frustrating to watch my husband continue to make poor eating choices and then in turn he’s making all these delicious foods and buying them and I’m tearing my hair out trying not to cave to all the brownies, muffins, cookies, lasagna, and pizza that is in my kitchen. So, if you could have a book that I could use to whack them upside the heads with… that’d be great. No no… I won’t hurt them. But, perhaps a great family friendly book and tips on approaching making changes in your family’s lives when they don’t think they need them nor want them. Especially picky eaters.

  289. I am interested in the Primal Pregnancy release. My wife and I will be trying for kid number two in the next couple of years and I am hoping to take a primal approach to pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and early childhood. As for a new topic to cover, I am very interested in carbohydrate consumption as it relates to the time of day, pre/post work out, and how it effects body composition.


  290. I find many of these options intriguing, but particularly the ones written for women. Women have different health challenges than men, most obviously pregnancy and menopause, both of which you have covered in the literature. Without these options, women’s health can be compromised by the unexplored. I’d like to see your recommendations on raising primal children.

  291. I want to read the South Asian Solution, Primal Pregnancy, The Primal Prescription and Primal Woman immediately. I am a chiropractor in silicon valley, and I treat tons of vegetarian Indian folks with horrific systemic inflammation. I also treat tons of women who often get pregnant. There are tons of cook books and bloggers out there for recipes. There is enough Big Pharma, Big Guvmint, Big Agra out there that can get extremely negative. I just want to help people and focus on the positive.
    I would love to see a book that creates an acceptable primal type template that is supportive to those vegetarians whose religious principles/love of animals/environmental allows them to eat vegetarian in the healthiest anti inflammatory way possible without destroying their guts. Not one that talks them out of their vegetarian stance. We doctors have to be respectful of certain hard limits and meet people where they are spiritually.

  292. Since I am currently pregnant and plan to be again, I am excited for Primal Pregnancy because there aren’t a lot of resources out there on how to maintain a primal lifestyle especially when all you want is crackers and ginger ale 🙂

    It might be interesting to see a book about natural, primal skin and body health care (washes, exfoliants, lotions etc.). Looking forward to them all!

  293. I’d love to read Primal Woman, and what I’d like to see in the future is tips and recipes for picky primal kids!

  294. Death by Food Pyramid sounds good.

    I would like to see a book for primal families. I have kids from ages 5 to 15 and it is difficult to get them to eat the same things let alone primal.

  295. Looking forward to all! I love your approach and have told my friends and family about your books and blog and have started a mini revolution over in CT. That being said, I love that there will be a resource for primal pregnancy, my sister just had a baby and the information is out there but not condensed into one book so this is defintely missing and needed.

    I think it would be great to have a primal kids- like starting with breast feeding through teen years. Additionally, an easy tip book in the format of Michael Pollen’s Food Rules would be great. Just a quick reference guide for tips on health in a wholistic way- mind, body, spirit.

  296. I would love to read The Primal Prescription. My sister and I endlessly discuss the bloated, cartel-like health care system in the US. Also trying to get others to question their blind faith in the system, its doctors and its promoted research and treatments feels like going door to door on a bicycle, selling faith. Or at least as frustrating as I imagine it would be.

  297. I’m most excited to read ‘death by food pyramid’. When I try to explain my food choices to friends and family I get a lot of negative feedback. Having a book I could direct them to would be very helpful.

    I would like to see a book that touches on slowing down and becoming more connected with nature and family, and the effects that has on our health.

  298. Primal Prescription sounds great! It’s definitely an area I want to further understand as I have seen first hand positive affects since switching to moderate primal on the conditions that have plagued my body for a lifetime. Also, I’d love to see more info on primal for pets and kids in the future/

  299. I’m excited to get a hold of Death by Food Pyramid. I can’t wait to read more from the author! This book could also serve as my big reference when advising people.

    Primal Publishing should publish a book on natural movement!

  300. I’m so excited to read Perfect Balance because it looks like it will address what is so important but so often glossed over; our cultural attachment to food.

    I would love to see a book that has ideas for celebration foods, especially for kids birthday parties!

  301. I can’t wait to read Death by Food Pyramid! My husband was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, is taking medication for gout, and has been on statins for years. With our distrust of mainstream medical information and weird results from our own food experiments, we could use a clear, well-thought out guide!

    It’s also tough for me to give “good answers” when people ask me about things like “whole grains” – I have read the papers, but it’s hard to articulate – I’m looking for a way to create an “elevator speech” on Paleo topics.

    One more comment: I’d love to see a book for teens going Paleo. My 14 year old isn’t going to read a book for adults, and she’s too old for the kid-books. Something just for teens would be terrific!

  302. Primal Connection is the book I’m reading now and finding it hard to put down. I stop several times just to read out loud so many parts to my husband. I have learned so much from Mark’s newsletters, but I begin to understand so much more when I read the book. I’m interested in reading the Primal Blueprint next. I just can’t believe the energy and positive attitude I acquire from eating healthy, with the perspective of keeping my body and mind in good shape.

    I am gluten intolerant and have been faithfully gluten free for 3 years. Definitely Mark’s newsletters and books have been essential in helping me learn more about what I put in my body and what exercise. I’m 70 and feeling great!
    Perhaps your next book would be good to emphasize plans, tips, ideas, reasons for….. going gluten free. I would be glad to share with you my prize artesian bread that is high in protein and fiber(almond,flaxseed,garbanzo,coconut,quinoa,
    brown rice flours, plus craisons, sunflower seeds, dried cherries, bananas, xanthum gum, baking soda, baking powder,parsley, eggs, grapeseed oil, cranberry juice, pinch of dried English mint)….all mixed with hand mixer and baked into small buns brushed with egg and sesame seeds…on parchment paper on cookie sheet…. and then store them in the freezer… yummmmmm

  303. I’m most excited for the Primal Endurance book! I’m an Ultimate Frisbee player and we go away to weekend tournaments where we push our body to the limit for 5 games in a row, and then repeat the next day. You often talk about Ultimate in your posts, and it would be great o address the specific fuel needs of the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament weekend. As for a new idea, I’m also a college student and I would love to see about directed toward college students. I find it difficult sometimes to live a primal lifestyle when I’m constantly surrounded by so many of my peers doing just the opposite. It would be great to have a book for support and also that I can point my friends toward so they can understand why I do what I do!

  304. Primal Woman! Yes, I’m waiting for that one. I’d love to get my extended family hooked on primal living too, and I think the best person to start with is my mother. 🙂 Emily said something good about teenagers. It’s hard being a teenager trying to stay primal! Our sixteen-year-old is totally adapted to this way of living though. His life really has changed, but I still think it would be great to get some insights in how the teenage body is different with all those hormones dancing around.

  305. I’m fired up for Rich Food, Poor Food. I would like to see a cook book making famous (something like Chicago’s Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza for example) dishes in a Paleo-friendly way.

  306. I am super interested in getting Primal Woman when it’s released, this one will be coming out an opportune time for me!

  307. Primal Cravings probably but death by food pyramid looks great as well.

    I’d like to see a fictionalized character live a perfect primal lifestyle for a month. Multiple characters across separate chapters who live in different climates and with different life problems. All details of eating habits (different foods available in different parts of the world), workouts and fun to be had out and indoors in different weather (Not everybody lives in Malibu).

    It’s a structure and guide for the uninitiated to adhere to until they are ready to branch out on their own, maybe an inspiring ideal life to strive for.

  308. Hello from AUSTRALIA!

    I am currently halfway through reading, “Good Calories, Bad Calories” By Gary Taubes so, I am most looking forward to, “Death by Food Pyramid” By Denise Minger as it will tie in nicely with what I am reading at the moment and give me a better understanding of not only the science behind primal eating but the history of it and where conventional wisdom has led us astray.

    My idea for a book would be to create a country/region specific book which explains how the particular country (E.G. Australia) differs from USA in terms of food production (amount of pesticides used in growing food, how much grass fed meat is available etc.) quality, choice, supplements and various other primal inputs. After reading The Primal Blueprint and following this blog I find the majority of the content is based around conditions and factors in the USA, therefore, it would be helpful to have a country specific book to base a primal lifestyle around.

  309. Primal Cravings is the one for me. I would love to see a Primal book devoted to families and addressing different needs of children and how to get them excited about this way of life.

  310. I am looking forward to Primal Endurance and Primal Cravings. Both have my interest as I try to find balance in my primal experience. As for what I would like to see is more geared to Primal Families with children. How to successfully transition children from their SAD (although somewhat primal) to one that is healthy and totally primal.

  311. “Death by Food Pyramid” and “The Primal Prescription” are must reads. And “Primal Woman” looks great too.

    I’d love to see much more information about progesterone usage for women around menopausal age. I’ve sworn by it for years and do believe it’s improved my overall health. I hear all the ads about new hormonal ‘fixes’ for that fat belly and fatigued body. I don’t buy it, figuratively or literally. It seems the industry has moved to hormones of all types as the next best remedy to completely mess with womens’ health, again.

    More research and information, please?

  312. As a healthcare provider, I am most looking forward to The Primal Prescription. A primal book for families with kids would be a great addition!

  313. The Primal Prescription sounds like a fascinating book, can’t wait for that one!

    As a new-ish Paleo convert, I would love to find more information on how to help with kids meals, snacks, etc.

  314. I’m looking forward to Primal Pregnancy. I’m getting married soon and am fascinated with how to reconcile modern day medical practices surrounding pregnancy and birth with the primal principles we’ve been integrating into our lives.

    I’d be interested in a Primal food storage/prep book. We talk often about what to eat, but if you are trying to build up a 30 day supply (or year supply) of food, all the conventional wisdom points to canned food and buckets of grain. I’ve been researching fermenting, home canning, and other preservation methods to try and keep my food storage as Paleo as possible.

  315. You put a lineup like that in front of us and then you expect us to pick just one!?!?!? That’s downright cruel!

    If you push me, I’ll have to go with The Primal Prescription, if only because, since going primal, I have been so saddened to realize how many people around me are needlessly suffering severe debilitating diseases that are directly linked to what is on their plates courtesy of that “unholy alliance”. Denise Minger’s book also addresses this, of course, but I am more familiar with her views, and though I highly value her perspective, at this point I would like to learn what Dr. McGuff has to tell us from inside the healthcare system.

    As for a new book idea, I would love to see a book on creating the primal garden. In fact, I know who could write it. Adopting a primal lifestyle pushes many of us to look more closely at all kinds of things, including where our food comes from and what the production and delivery of that food is doing to the planet. Many of us have begun to look at permaculture as a solution to heal our bodies, but also to help heal the Earth, one garden or farm at a time. If you are unfamiliar with the term permaculture, I invite you to watch the YouTube video of Toby Hemenway’s talk: How Permaculture Can Save Humanity and the Earth… but Not Civilization.

    The names of potential authors that come to mind most readily as authors of such a book are Mark Shepard in Wisconsin (author of Restoration Agriculture, who already eats primally); Toby Hemenway in Oregon, of course (author of Gaia’s Garden); and Eric Toensmeier in Massachusetts (author of Perennial Vegetables and Paradise Lot, and co-author of Edible Forest Gardens with Dave Jacke).

  316. I’d really like to read Death by Food Pyramid. Denise digs into the subject and presents well on her blog.

  317. Primal Women sounds interesting! I’d love to read a book that is geared toward feeding our children primally as well.

  318. I am just starting out on this new way of eating, living. I am gathering information and trying to work my way into this lifestyle. I would love to read all of these books, up first would be the 21 day transformation, to get me started on a new road. I would like to see a book on how to get your family on the lifestyle, especially when they have no health problems to begin with. Children especially ages 7-15, they seem to already have a palate preference but yet can’t really understand the “why” behind changing what you eat. They can’t seem to grasp why new foods are better, why wheat is bad, so they will not try anything else. Your website is awesome!

  319. Gah, I am excited about way too many of these books! But if I would have to pick, it would be either Perfect Balance or Perfect Balance.

    Perfect Balance because I have always had a troubled relationship with food and I recognize the same problem with a lot of my family members and friends. In fact, I think we all suffer from some distorted relationship with food and/ or unachievable images of bodily beauty in some way. I would love to read more about this – and especially about how to deal with this.

    Primal Endurance because ever since I started with Primal, I found myself more motivated to ‘really dig deep’. I am also pursuing a career at the Army – so some serious information on how to Dig Deep Primal Style would be just awesome. Also, I really enjoyed your (Mark Sisson’s) writing style in the Primal Blueprint book – clear, easy to read and full of useful (and highly motivational!) information!

    While the above two books (and quite a few of the others books that are coming out) are addressing a lot of my Primal information-needs already, I would love a book that deals with youngsters and teenagers. Primal Parenting perhaps? The follow-up for Primal Pregnancy? How do you make your children or teenagers more enthusiastic about Primal food and Primal living? After all, they are the future and I can imagine that for children, having a ‘different’ diet/ lifestyle (or parents with such a lifestyle) can be quite challenging 🙂

  320. Wow some amazing stuff coming out! I can’t wait to hear more about Perfect Balance and Primal Woman. Perfect Balance because so much of our eating is for psychological reasons and I think that is often not addressed in nutrition and exercise books. Primal Woman because I am very interested in the issue of balancing your hormones naturally without medication.

    Primal Cravings sounds like an amazing cookbook and I do love me a good cookbook!

    I would like to see a book about healing ourselves with food, so if you have high blood pressure – natural steps you can take to control it. If you have thyroid malfunction – what kind of exercises and food you should eat. I know it would be impossible to address any and all ailments but that would be interesting to me.

  321. I already have The Primal Blueprint, The 21 Day Total Body Transformation, Quick and Easy Meals and the sauce book. Love them all. Really looking forward to: Death By Food Pyramid (Gotta love Denise Minger), The Primal Prescription, and Carrie’s book, Primal Woman.
    I would be most interested in seeing more info on eating out and on the go. I really don’t want to cook at all after work. Maybe you should open a Primal Drive -Thru… I’d also like to meet more Primals in person in my area -getting tired of hanging with the whole grain crowd, lol.

  322. It’s time.

    Primal Woman will be a very significant voice as very little information, and conflicting at that, has been directed to and for women.

    I look very forward to this book and applaud the efforts to bring this forward!


  323. I would love to read Primal Cravings…this is something that I definitely have issues with, especially on weekends when I don’t have the routine of work to help “control” when I eat and so I often end up snacking (and not always on the good, healthy stuff!)

  324. I am most interested to read Carrie’s Primal Woman book and your book about Primal Endurance.These are two area that have gotten short shrift so far.

    Most all of the paleo/Primal literature has been by, for, and about guys. It’s nice to see this starting to shift with people such as Denise Minger, Nora Gedgaudas, and Dr. Georgia Ede gaining entrance to “the old caveboy’s club”. Carrie’s book will make a great addition to that.

    I think your personal story about the physical horrors of being an endurance athlete on a carb heavy diet have kind of struck fear into Primal peeps and given the idea that endurance sports themselves are the problem rather than the diet (and the bad shoes).

    I would also love to see two books published, one about Primal and cancer and one about Primal and neurological disorders. Those are, of course, very personal subjects for me but also ones which touch a lot of peoples lives. It’s amazing how many people come forward when I have mentioned my cancer or my seizures on the boards to tell me, “My mom had breast cancer” or “My grandson has seizures”.

    Primal is making all the difference in the world for me in these two areas as I continue to live cancer free and seizure free on a much lower dosage of meds.

  325. Most interesting to me are Primal Woman and Primal Prescription. Death by Food Pyramid sounds pretty awesome too, and I will have to get it for my son James who coined the Twitter hashtag #deathbytuber, which has yet to trend lol.

  326. Although they all look great I have been patiently waiting for Primal Woman to come out!! Being an early 50’s woman, with a spiritual lean, I can’t wait to devour it.
    As to what I would love to see: maybe the issues of mental illness and diet and lifestyle, and also auto-immune issues in the light of primal wisdom…
    I can never thank you enough for all you do to educate ………and in a witty and fun way.
    Maybe I will get to work on writing one of the above! <:o)

  327. I’d love to have a copy of “Primal Woman”- it sounds fascinating.

  328. Need a book that focuses on the destructive influence of inflammation/autoimmune disease (e.g., lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis etc.) and how Primal eating may attenuate the development and promote the treatment of these diseases.

  329. As a Life Coach who promotes the Primal/Paleo/Caveman diet and lifestyle to those I counsel, I don’t see a book on this list I wouldn’t find to be a valuable resource and addition to my library. I’m still learning, tweaking my own plan, and I share what I learn with my clients. This is one gift package I’d love to win, and I’d put it to good use, recommending them as applicable. Thank you, Mark! As always, you’re amazingly generous.

  330. I am most excited about the Primal Prescription. After struggling for several years with what the docs kept telling me was either IBS or “all in my head”, I found out that certain dietary changes (no dairy, gluten, corn, soy, etc.) cured all of my ills! I’d love to see a book all about fun and creative workouts!

  331. I am most excited about Primal Woman because it touches on a lot of topics that are very relevant to me. I would like to see a book published about people who are starting weight-lifting as mature adults who were not athletic or nutrition-minded when they were younger.

  332. I think primal cravings would be my next read–sounds right up my alley! I would like a good book on sourcing foods, and how to find things on my own, and what about something on not only how to feed your kids primally, but how to feed those family members who are not quite on the bandwagon yet? You know, like a guide to sneaky Paleo…

  333. Most excited about Death by Food Pyramid. Denise is fantastic and her research is impeccable so this will for sure be an interesting read!

    I would LOVE to see a book aimed at 8-12 year olds — who are used to eating the SAD diet, who love the taste of those foods, who hear the same nutritional garbage at school that we have all grown up with (and thus think Mom doesn’t know what she’s talking about) or who may think eating a Primal diet is too hard or won’t taste good or that it just doesn’t matter that much. I’m struggling with getting my kids to eat this way and “Eat Like a Dinosaur” was too “babyish” for them to even look at. But I know that if they start eating correctly at this age, it can save them a host of health problems later…

  334. I’m looking forward to The Primal Prescription. I think it would be great to have a book about how to talk to your doctor. Like type of test to request and getting them to understand the primal way.

  335. Primal Prescription- can’t wait to read that one. Big Pharma, Big Agra and Medical providers – the Devil’s Triangle…

    I’d like to see a couple of books – raising primal children and a study on the long term impacts of someone following the primal life style.

  336. I’m looking forward to Primal Woman and Primal Balance. Having a woman’s perspective on the primal lifestyle, and the spiritual element in there sounds most promising and very exciting. Also, my biggest challenge with living primally comes from the fact that I tend to stress eat… and I’ve always been a junk food junkie. Being diagnosed Celiac has helped with this a bit because there are a lot of things I just can’t eat. However, there are still a lot of potato chips and other junk food that is gluten free that I can still eat. Learning to get past the “comfort” food and make a healthier relationship with food.

    I think that a primal eating book for kids would be great. It’s hard enough to get kids to eat sometimes, let alone to get them to eat healthy food. I would also like to see a book on Primal Dating. How to stay primal while meeting new people and going to new restaurants. Might be an interesting perspective.

  337. Really want to get my hands on the one about sauces and condiments, since I really like to dip things! 🙂 Also am looking forward to the one on Primal Pregnancy. For future topics: a cookbook that includes a month’s worth of Primal meals including shopping lists and using leftovers in creative ways, or an “Is it Primal?” book based on Mark’s previous posts, sorted by topic and with a searchable index. Hmmm… maybe an app for that would be good, too!

  338. Primal woman and primal pregnancy i am not done having children yet so….. but I would like to read about a raising a primal child, and reducing stress for all ages.

  339. I have not read Rich Food Poor Food yet so that would be the book am most excited to read. I would love to see a Primal book for kids. recipes they would enjoy, ideas to keep them eating healthy etc.

  340. I want everything I can get my hands on! Primal Cravings may be #1 on my list so that I can show the rest of my family how really awesome this approach to life really is. Thank you for continually expanding the knowledge base!!!!

  341. OH SO EXCITED!! Even though I’m a fella, I must say I’m pretty excited to read Primal Pregnancy. I have been talking to people about this liberating way to live for the past two years and a few of them have become mamas (Including my ex-wife :))

    I would love to be able to share this information with them when pregnancy makes everything “interesting”

    As far as books I would love to see published.. Something concerning the thyroid and how our modern diet may be the reason a lot of thyroid issues seem to be cropping up as of late..

    This site has saved my life. Thanks a million!

  342. I am looking forward to reading Rich Food, Poor Food to help pick the right foods for my family, but I am most excited about the upcoming Primal Prescription. I have long believed the connection between Big Agra and Big Pharma and the decline of America’s health.

    Would love to see more books/information on healthy eating for kids, the primal exercise plan or diet plans to cure common ailments.

    Thanks for all of your great work and education on the primal lifestyle!

  343. This is sure to be a nice collection! I think I’m most excited about Primal Primer because I am new to paleo and primal living and the description sounds like a fun way to get to know the basics again and have them on hand.

    My suggestion would be to have a book about different foods, how they can be used and their benefits. I find that as I get closer to full paleo I am “discovering” new ingredients and learning to cook all over again. Having a sort of an almanac would help keep in mind that there are other things out there. It’s not just chicken and sweet potatoes or spinach.

  344. Wow! I want to read them all. Right now, the Primal Woman, Primal Cravings, and Death by Food Pyramid sound good. I am still at the point where all foods primal taste good, but I anticipate wanting to bake again someday. Also, I find it is easier to interest friends and family in primal if they can have some familiar treats and comfort food. Some primal books for kids and teachers would be great. My son and I constantly fight the barrage of dangerous “health” information that comes from school… sadly, our school IS replacing junk food and manufactured garbage with some fresher foods and local produce… but the Nofat/lowfat/whole wheat/canola oil drumbeat is louder than ever. Maybe I will write them!
    Also, books about transitioning from mainstream pharmaceuticals would be great… I abandoned OTC meds long ago, and cured myself of 20 + years of pain pill use for fibro and arthritis, but my husband is frantic when I mention getting off the blood pressure meds and antidepressant now that my body is normalizing. Thanks for all the super resources on MDA!

  345. I would love to read Primal Cravings – this is something I definitely have issues with, especially on weekends when I don’t have the routine of work to help manage and “control” what and when I’m eating.

    Future ideas – a book on how to dine out and sick to primal. It can be really difficult to make the right choices, or know how to identify which restaurant foods best match/compliment the primal diet

  346. both upcoming book lists look very promising. I certainly see a few I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on when they become available.

    As for the three coming up this year, all three sound good, but I think I’d get the Primal Cravings book. I’m very interested in coming up with more ways to eat primal and this book certainly seems like it covers a lot of topics that will be helpful for me and the family (Might also convince my mother that primal is the way to go).

    As for book ideas, I would personally like to see a book that can go into great detail on how eating primal/paleo can help prevent, treat and even overcome various chronic diseases (hart disease in particular). I came up with this after my father suffered a heart attack last December (he’s fine now), and his cardiologist basically told him that the plaque that has built up in his heart can’t be treated and that it’ll stay with him for the rest of his life; all he can do, is slow it from building up any further. Personally, I call BS on that, this guy expects me to believe that arterial plaque is somehow immune to the human body’s ability to repair and heal itself? I’m convinced that if you can give the body the proper tools (Food, exercise, etc.) it needs, it can do the rest for you; the problem is trying to get past the conventional wisdom of today’s healthcare system to reach that goal.

  347. I am really interested to read the Rich Food, Poor Food book. Saving time and saving money has been an issue with all my false Primal eating starts. I really think this book could get me on the right track.

    I would really like to read a book about the psychology around eating. What makes people eat what they do? Why do so many people have compulsions around eating and how to re-train yourself to eat healthy.

  348. Hi Mark – what a great selection of new books! The one I am most interested in is Primal Cravings – sounds like I might be able to have my cake and eat it?! It will be especially useful perhaps for non-primal friends and family around the table.

    A book I’d really like to see is one which helps you deal with the usual ‘fat is bad, grains good’ brainwashing that you get from EVERYONE – nationally syndicated nutritionists in the newspapers, most books, most recipe websites (hey, look! low fat! that’s good!) and most ESPECIALLY the standard, non-reflective, big pharmaceutical company influenced medical profession. Maybe this is more of a problem here in the UK, but when you see people following medical advice to replace butter with a substance made in a lab, to lower their cholesterol; when you see people told to take the skin off a chicken and never use lard; and when your husband has spent ten years on statins and now has a depleted memory plus a mucked up muscular skeletal system, somehow I feel we need tools! When my husband challenged the doctor with concerns about statins, he said that lots of people panicked about scare stories in the gutter press … SIGH.)
    Ok rant over – just thought that a book with the backing of big medical names on both sides of the atlantic , plus some sound advice in one place on how to deal with doctors with blinkers on, might help 🙂

    ps – I’d LOVE to win the books 😉

  349. Most of the books sound interesting. But in particular, I am looking forward to the pyramid book. I think there is a growing body of literature emerging in the primal/paleo world and while this is exciting and informative, it can cause some confusion and often contradictory information is presented as there are so many shades of paleo proposed as the right method/approach. I would love to see a dummies guide to paleo which maybe examined the main approaches with pros and cons… I.e primal blueprint, (Sisson) perfect health (Jaminet) the paelo diet (Cordain), paleo solutions (Wolf), as I sometimes get confused with dairy/non dairy, legumes/no legumes.

  350. I am excited about the Primal Pregnancy book because some day soon I hope to have the chance to use it! Meanwhile, though, the Primal Woman book would be my second favorite. I would love to see a book that gives recipes/tips/tricks for primal non-food household products, like cleaners, deodorants, perfumes, lotions, herbal remedies, etc. A book like this could also include a resource section to buy these items if making them were not an option at the time.

  351. I’m most excited about Primal Pregnancy. I just had a baby but plan to get pregnant again. I had a very hard time being disciplined with my food choices during my pregnancy.
    I would like to see a book on Primal babies / children. My daughter is almost 4 months old and I know that at her next appointment, her doctor will tell me to start introducing her to cereal. In a day where a toddlers’ on-the-go snacks include cheerios and gold fish, it is hard to not go for convenience. I know there is the “healthy baby code” but it is more of a program and not a book and it is super expensive.

  352. I’m most interested in your Endurance book. I’d be most interested in more cookbooks.
    Thank you,

  353. Looking forward to read ‘primal endurance’.
    Being an endurance athlete age grouper, i am becoming more and more intrigued by getting more metabolicaly efficient. Meaning how to use body fat as your prime source of fuel during traing and racing ironman events.
    I have seen too many athletes seeing their race ruined due to GI distress. Race nutrition may as well the most important aspect of the race.

  354. I am most excited about the Primal Connection. I have always thought that food is only the beginning and that we all need a way to connect to a primal lifestyle that exists outside of food. Finding a way to do this while maintaining our connection the the modern world in a healthy fashion can be difficult. Most people don’t mind turning the electronics off an hour before bed, but getting them to set them down for an hour of play before that is almost unheard of today. I would love to read how you recommend adopting this into our lives.

  355. Oh wow, what a fantastic list of books! We’re having an unseasonably cold spring in the UK right now, so Primal Cravings looks especially appealing.

    Something I’m particularly enthusiastic to see coming up are the books on Primal parenting. Having recently got married and starting to think about having children, I’m awash with questions for almost every step of the process, with precious little by way of helpful Primal-friendly answers coming back from internet searches.

  356. Mark,

    Very excited about the Primal prescription. It would be great to have a detailed but easy to follow resource to direct people to when the standard objections come about (cholesterol, heart disease) while I can point people toward your blogs and places like Peter Attia and Chris Kresser. Even with that people sill hold strong to “yea but the recommendations” I think it will be eye opening to see show how policy and decisions were made and the connections to big pharma and big ag. I believe this would sway people to dig deeper into things and discover how food impacts theri health.

    I would like to see a book about the ethics or food production and agriculture. I’m sure there’s one that exists, but It would nice to have the primal flare.

    Getting back to how nature intended, rhythm of the seasons, rotational farming. And of course how quality sourced meat and produce impacts us and our environments!

  357. I’m most excited about Emily Deans’s “Perfect Balance.” I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist in-training, and I see a lot of people who’s symptoms I imagine could be at the very least tamed if they were to opt for a paleo-type diet. Since I am not certified to give nutritional advice to my clients, I would love to have current, well-founded resource I could recommend from an author I trust. I read Emily’s blog frequently and appreciate her transparent, balanced approach. Thanks for considering!

  358. Very much looking forward to Primal Woman and Perfect Balance!

    Would love to see a book discussing supplements and herbal remedies, etc. that talked about how to find good quality, where are good sources to check to see if something is actually helpful or just hype.

  359. The four that most caught my attention are: Primal Cravings (I’m female; enough said); Paleo Primer (could use that); Death by Food Pyramid (amen, get the word out); and Primal Woman (there are seventy-six million Baby Boomers).

    All sound good.

  360. I am most interested in Primal Pregancy as it is something I hope to achieve in the near future.

  361. I’m new to the primal lifestyle, so any information is new and welcomed. Primal Cravings sounds like a must read for me. Also am curious, for someone with a less athlete level of getting into the best physical shape for my own personal abilities, again at the beginning of this journey.

  362. They all sound like great books, but Primal Woman sounds the most exciting to me. Primal Pregnancy also sounds like a great book for the future, but I’m not planning to have kids any time soon. I think you should publish a book that talks about being primal in the workplace (for those who are reluctant to wake up extra early in the morning for a workout and are exhausted when they get home).

  363. For me the Death by Food Pyramid looks really interesting – it would make for an interesting conversaation with my 8 year old who has just been studying the Eatwell plate at school – this is the UK version of the food pyramid. (I suggested she challenge her teacher with the question: if we are all doing what the government tells us to do how come we are getting fatter and fatter as a nation?)

    In terms of the book I would like to see it has to be the one entitled: ‘How to be Primal in 21st century Britain’. 99% of the information out there in both book and blog/website form is written by Americans and for Americans. Not that it doesn’t make useful and interesting reading but it would be really great to have approved food, shops, recipes and so forth to which i could directly relate. I’d love to see a chapter on where to buy nitrite free bacon, and what to feed your family if you refuse to buy into battery farmed but can’t afford to eat meat more than once or twice a week if you buy free range. Lunch box ideas for fussy kids – (or meal ideas for kids who really don’t like veggies) now that would be a winning chapter too 🙂

  364. They all sound excellant – Primal Prescription would be #1 on my list. Been primal for a while, thinking about going off my thryroid meds. In future, would be interested in digestion/gut and the connection to the skin – acne, roseacia, etc.

  365. “Primal Cravings” makes my mouth water just to think about!! A suggestion for a future book not on your upcoming list would address the challenges of getting the whole family off sweet/carbohydrate products.

  366. I’m most excited about…. Primal Woman ! It sounds like something that would really resonate for my wife, who is living more gracefully every day (in her 60s). She has been gluten free for a while, but recently jumped on the Primal living bandwagon in all its aspects. She would love a book that discusses this, including menopause, nutrition, and more spiritual aspects of living a simpler life.

    For future books, I can think of two:

    (1) Skills for us travelers in terms of hunting and gathering while on the road: Besides our own snacks, a nice summary of what we might find at certain FF and fast-casual restaurants would be helpful (or scarry). We can’t IF in all instances. Also, when we travel abroad, i.e., what to eat when in Europe, or Asia, or wherever, etc., perhaps with language cards/helpful translations for the waiter/chef, etc.

    (2) Living Primal for those of us who’ve started in our 50s. No, we are not former marathoners like some others we know. An emphasis on how PB living helps us as we approach later life would be interesting (nutrition, exercises w/o injury, expectations for weight management, etc.)


  367. I think I am most excited about Paleo Primer – because I need the primer and all the encouragement that I can find. I have been attempting this primal lifestyle for more than a year, and just can’t seem to make much headway.

    And for future projects, I would like to see something that addresses the sickest of our population (um, that would be me) – people who are in too much pain for most of the physical requirements of primal life; people who are on so many prescriptions that “where to start” becomes an hourly roadblock; people who cannot find, nor afford, the kind of medical care that would be necessary to alter any current situations. Ah, but, how would a book address all this? That, I do not know.

  368. Book I am most interested/excited about : Perfect Balance because I have had life long issue with food and body image.

    Book that needs to be written : Primal Pets. A book to take on the big pet food industry and the pet version of Big Pharm but provide a safe and knowledgeable base for feeding pets to avoid food related health issues. Something that is written well enough to gain respect in the veterinary field as well as with pet owners. As a vet I think this is long overdue.

  369. I am very interested in the Primal Pregnancy and the Primal Woman book. I think both of those will be great. I would love to see one about raising primal kids.

  370. Death by Food Pyramid, because I’m fascinated by stories that expose the misguided and sometimes malicious ideas behind a nation’s nutrition.

    My idea: Primal parenting — raising kids to be healthy and happy.

  371. I am most interested in Paleo Primer, I am new to the primal lifestyle and I find it to be overwhelming at times. I have literally stared at food in the grocery store, trying to figure out what to eat. There were definite “no”, definite “yes”, and lots of “ummmm”. Anything to help me get a firm grasp. I would also like to see some recipes that are kid friendly. I have 2 kids, one of which is on the picky side. I would like to incorporate more paleo principles into their meals (especially lunches!).

  372. I think Perfect Balance sounds very interesting!

    As far as something for future consideration, maybe primal wilderness survival? Ya know for when the Zombie Apocalypse happens.. 🙂

  373. I am definitely most excited for Primal Pregnancy. We actually came to the Primal lifestyle because we wanted to be healthier (and lighter) as we try to conceive. Along those lines, I’d love to see a data-based/backed book integrating Primal principles with the specific dietary needs of children based on their stage of development. I think you could tap into the gardening market as well by tackling both urban/small space gardening with Primal principals (best, easiest, highest nutrient vegetables to grow organically; best pairings in a small container, etc.) – this could even be tied into a cookbook – Here are 4 different organic, urban garden plans (varied in size), and the meals you can make from them.

  374. They all sound like fascinating reads! I am excited to read some more on the whole Primall/Paleo topic. Primal cravings would be great for some new variations on delicious food, but Primal Prescription and Death by Food Pyramid have really gotten my attention. Love the Primal Blueprint series, and would love my own collection to get my husband to read too!

  375. I am so excited for Brandon and Megan Keatley’s Primal Cravings book! I am all for more food ideas and have such a hard time letting go of those long time favorites. As so many are, I am always on the go and would love a whole cookbook for slow cookers. I find myself modifying many Primal recipes to be slow cooker friendly anyhow, but you can never have too many ideas.

  376. I’m excited about Death by Pyramid. I love Denise’s writing style and copious research she puts into every article.

    I’d love to see a “Primal Adventures” type book that has those creative workouts staff and visitors have created over the years plus ideas for primal vacation locations and activities. There are so many awesome things to do on this earth, but I haven’t found a good resource in one place!

  377. I am excited about Primal Women. I have already noticed a huge difference from being Paleo as opposed to before. I am also excited about Death by Food Pyramid.

    I would love to see something written for paleo pets.

  378. I am really interested in finding paleo diet books for vegetarian, post-menopausal women with osteoporosis. Anyone with osteoporosis is advised to eat large quantities of dairy (in lieu of calcium supplements).

  379. It is a tough decision, but I’d say I’m most interested in reading Perfect Balance, a Primal Approach to Overcoming Negativity with Food, Dieting, and Body Image, by Emily Deans, MD.

    I am very interested in the relationship between mental and emotional health and the principles outlined in the Primal Blueprint. I would love to see a book (or many books) that explore the relationship between SAD lifestyles versus Primal lifestyles and the ability to cope in healthy ways with the stressors and conditions of post traumatic stress disorder.

    Thanks for all you do Mark!

  380. I really like the 21 day transformation. It keeps things simple and to the point. I would like to see more on barefoot “primal” running. I read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and it really peaked my interest.

  381. I do not think that most women suffer from “Empty Nest Syndrome”! This is usually a time when woman are finally able to focus on their own needs, rather than those of their children. As a single mom, who prided herself on being there for her children until they left for university on a daily basis, I can truly say that I looked forward to some “me” time. I have continued to support my children since they have become independent adults but I have never ever wished for them to return home and be dependent on me, as they were before I became an “Empty Nester”.
    I would like to commend your recent book “The Primal Connection” as being one of the most important books that I have read in 2013! I think that our values have been steered away from what makes us feel good about being human. Many of us are too focused on a scarcity mentality that has us striving for more material wealth rather than on connecting with those that we love. My home, car or wardrobe does not provide anywhere near the pleasure I enjoy from an intimate conversation with friends and family. Your book has reinforced my convictions to turn off the computer & TV, and pick up the phone to call my family and friends and connect with those that people that really matter in my life.
    Thank you, Susie

  382. The most attractive book is “Primal Cravings”. The book I would most like to see from you is a book of real life Primal success (and failure?) stories that include challenges overcome and lessons learned.

  383. At first, I picked Death by Pyramid, because I really enjoy all the research I have read by Denise. So thorough and VERY informative. I can trust a book by her will be just the same and I will likely learn a ton.
    Then I scrolled down and saw Primal Pregnancy. As a 35 year old woman who is looking at putting one in the oven within the next two years, this book would be very interesting AND useful!

    Book ideas for the future? Perhaps a cookbook for meats off the beaten path for those of us not trained at Cordon Bleu. I am thinking specifically basic yet delicious recipes using offal, rabbit, ostrich, buffalo, etc. Right now, I will likely pass by these meats because I simply don’t know how to cook them and/or they are very intimidating.
    Another cookbook idea would be just vegetables. As a person who has trouble thinking outside the box in cooking (I am not that good of a cook, I own that), I get tired of steamed or sauteed veggies day in and day out. There are a ton of veggie cookbooks out there, but often not primal (recipes with cheeses, dairy, breadcrumbs, etc). Having a cookbook devoted to primal veggies would be awesome.

  384. I am excited about Paleo Primer! I am new to this, but I have been following the plan for 5 days straight now. I’m feeling good! I think you guys should make a book about smart paleo choices for eating out and eating with other people. The only problem I’ve run into is making smart choices when going out to eat and when eating with people who have invited me to their house. I normally try to limit the SAD foods as much as the meal they have made requires. A book about that would be great! Keep up the good work!

  385. I would say The Primal Prescription sounds like the most exciting because there are too many people on prescription meds that they could avoid taking them by eating and exercising correctly. It would be nice to share such a book with them.

    As for another book, how about something that gets into living primally on a budget. When I tell people about eating this way, the first thing they say is how expensive it is or they don’t know how to go about obtaining good food. It can include a how to guide on buying in bulk, freezing, lacto-fermenting, and just how to stretch your dollar to get the most out of your primal food.

  386. Looking forward to the Primal Prescription, as I’m curious to see how government, pharma, and big agriculture are all connected to poor modern day health from the Standard American Diet.

    I would love an in-depth book on common problems that people experience with their health (such as irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, psoriasis, arthritis, acne, heart burn, etc.), with a chapter dedicated to each problem outlining very specific food recommendations and lifestyle practices that can help cure those problems (basically tailoring the Primal Blueprint to specific needs). I would find this very useful to give to family and friends who experience these common problems!

  387. I am anticipating the PRIMAL CRAVINGS book to help me curve the ‘comfort food’ I have been dealing with. Since I swithced to the PRIMAL cook books, my resting heart rate and blood suger levels have dropped, along with 25lbs have ‘disappeared’. Thus allowing me to do more!

    Can you help us with recreating a bread and pasta. I have found a glutten free pasta from Devella Deli free that is very simialr to regular pasta, can you help us recreate in a ‘good’ version?

    Thanks for what you have thus far, it helps!!

  388. I’ve been following Denise Minger’s posts at Raw Foods SOS for some time now – especially enjoyed her critiques of the China Study (book). This is one book I cannot wait to read.

    I’d love to see Chris Masterjohn get published by PBP, something debunking the cascade error of nutrition science and offering solid, scientific bases for ancestral WOE(Primal/paleo/Perfect HealthDiet/WAPF).

  389. I would love to read Primal Woman.. it just sounds like such a powerful book for women. Most of the Primal blogs and websites tend to gear the Paleo diet and lifestyle towards men. So I’m excited to hear a woman’s perspective on it all. I am woman, hear me roar! 😉 I also think a great seller for y’all to publish would be a paleo friendly restaurant guide. It would include appetizers, entrees, deserts etc.. from various well known restaurants that are suitable on a paleo diet. I think that’s the hardest thing for my family and I.. we really enjoyed going out to eat before. But, now it seems like we have a hard time enjoying our meals out due to figuring out what ingredients we can and can’t eat. It’s always.. “hold the cheese, the sour cream, the bread and everything else besides the meat and veg, thanks!” haha! It would be great to have a game plan upon entering the restaurant so we could enjoy our time out together. Thanks alot!! I’m excited to see what’s to come of the publishing company!!

  390. It is really difficult to choose one book from those listed. I am excited about several of them; see which ones and why below.

    I am excited about Death by Food Pyramid because so many people are still living the conventional wisdom lifestyle and are unaware that they are killing themselves; because of this I’m excited about The Primal Prescription that will further educate and shows people a way out of their sickness cycle.

    I am excited about Primal Pregnancy because people’s long-term health starts in the womb. If only our pregnant women knew how important their health was to the health of their unborn child. I am also excited about Perfect Balance because so many women that I know, including myself, struggle so much with body image and negativity surrounding food. It is nice to see a book that specifically addresses these issues.

    I would like to see a comprehensive book written that address brain and nerve system healthy and longevity, written in a way that the general public doesn’t need a dictionary to understand and laying out specific action items that can be maintained throughout a person’s life.

  391. I have the cookbook and am really looking forward to reading the rest of these. Integrating changes in my life has been really pretty easy so far and already i have lost weight and am more fit than i have been in years.

    Life is exciting.

  392. I’m looking forward to Primal endurance. I’ve been having some trouble with consistency in my fitness goals.
    As for future projects, I’d like to see full workout and meal plans that can work together. Examples of a workout plan plus pre and post workout snacks it meal options, etc.
    On another note, I am so very happy to have found this site! It is a great tool that I will likely use for years to come!
    Thanks to everyone involved!

  393. I can’t wait to read Denise Minger’s book. The truth needs to be told.

    Autoimmune diseases are on the rise, and they have hit close to home. I would like to have a book on anti-inflammatory lifestyles from a source I can trust. I want to see the science behind the recommendations.

  394. I’m excited to explore the Primal Cravings book. As a newcomer to the Paleo lifestyle I’m always looking for conversions to the food I used to enjoy.

    Since I spend 80% of my time travelling I’d like to see a book in the future on paleo on the go.

  395. I am looking forward to Primal Primer. I want to start living this way but I need help! I think a great book could be Practical Primal, living it in the family. I have a large family with young kids and need kid-friendly ideas. Thanks!

  396. I am interested in Primal Woman because all of us gals can use some nutritional ammunition for combating hormone changes and cycles. I would never want to have to take the hormones that Docs prescribe and I think we should all be aware of nutritional alternatives. Also, any book that can address recipes for diabetics or any of us that battle blood sugar issues. Lastly, anything about how to get to an alkaline state since from my reading, this seems to be the foundation for good health.

  397. I’ve started doing crossfit this past year and it alone has made a huge difference. I’m also getting into rock climbing and that is a complete blast. The one part I’m still lacking on is my diet. I’ve gone on and off the primal plan and do like how it feels but I’d love to read up on it more, if given the opportunity.

    I’m most excited about The Primal Prescription because it’s something I’ve been interested in for a while, the influence of big pharmaceutical companies, and other companies as well, have on our lifestyle and how it can very negatively impact us.

    A book I would love to have it something bringing in more of the biochemistry of how the primal diet gives us what our body needs compared to other diets. Not just a “high carb typical American diet” either, but a lot of other diets such as Atkins, Vegetarian, etc. A big plus would be if it was as unbiased as possible, too. Just listing out the data and the possible implications of the data.

  398. I’m excited to see the Primal Pregnancy book. The timing is uncanny, because over dinner last night my daughter and her husband let me know that they’re planning to start a family next year. We also spent much of the meal talking about being primal. My wife and kids know what it is and kind of what it means from watching me, but this was the first time any of them approached me with an eye towards taking the (primal) leap.

    As for ideas, I think many of us still struggle with play. I’d love to see a simple book on ways to incorporate more play into our lives, especially with younger children.

  399. Really looking forward to Primal Cravings. Sounds great!

    As for what I’d suggest for future books – maybe something for teenagers and/or young folks just moving out on their own with no experience of cooking or planning for meals and helping them come to grips with that in a paleo/primal fashion. To budget!

  400. I’m most excited about Primal Woman. There are so many influences on hormonal balance that I don’t feel that we really understand.

    I would love a book that addresses thyroid function better. I’m new to primal eating after discovering a gluten sensitivity. I’m hopeful that my new lifestyle will help assist my hypo-thyroid issues. A book aimed at Paleo for Kids would be great too.

  401. These look fantastic! I’m so excited! I work for a healthcare company and I think to myself every day how much the SAD is affecting costs of healthcare, quality of life, and how over medication is a business that is negatively affecting so many lives. I am very excited to read The Primal Prescription. It looks like the perfect book to back up so many thoughts I’ve had about the dramatic trends in healthcare. I am also really excited about Primal Pregnancy. I’m not pregnant or married or anywhere close to having children, but when I am, I KNOW I will turn to that book and that’s what makes me excited about it.

    As for a book idea Primal Blueprint Publishing should consider, the first idea that popped into my head is based off of a book I relied on when I did eat according to the SAD and was a calorie counter. I really liked the book Eat This, Not That because it was a small book I could carry with me that delved into the nutritional labels of grocery store foods and looked at restaurant menus. I realize that the primal blueprint neglects packaged goods etc. but I do think it would be interesting for an investigation into items that seem/are PB friendly, such as frozen vegetables, dark chocolate, meat producers/packagers, etc. and investigate which are the most PB friendly. It is almost an investigative look at foods from the raw materials all the way to consumers purchasing. I often find myself writing down brand names I see in MDA such as the best dark chocolate, nut butters, cheeses that really are grass fed, oils, etc. and it would be really convenient to have some of these in a small easy-to-grocery-shop-with book. Included in the book could be a look at which restaurants really cook according to primal standards, for instance, not using vegetable oils, using organic ingredients, etc. This idea stems from when I’m not eating at home according to my normal routine but instead I’m traveling for work or something. I know what foods to buy, I just wish I knew which had the Official PB Seal of Approval.

    Also, continuing with the theme of one day when I have children, I think it would be great to have a book that explains to a child why it is so important to eat healthy. This might make it easier for a child to go along with eating according to the PB.

    Just some thoughts! I’m really looking forward to the books and Primal Blueprint Publishing!

    1. Also, (sorry for the short novella on my thoughts) I’m very excited about Primal Women by Carrie Sisson, but I really hope it’s not just focused on older women, menopause, and aging. I really hope there is a strong focus on hormones, puberty, and younger women as well. I know I devoured the information in MDA regarding birth control pills, menstrual cycles, and hormones because my body experienced dramatic changes when I went primal. There is so much bad information out there on this topic, I would really love a consolidated source of info on how a woman’s body should be acting.

  402. Wow! I want ALL those books! Seriously!! But if I had to pick just one I’d say right now it would be The Primal Prescription because I like to stay informed on what’s going on with Big Pharama, Big Agra and what I can do to empower and protect myself from ever falling into their traps!!

    I would also like to see a book that really goes into depth about digestion/digestive issues, how to help diagnose what you may have and natural Primal ways to correct digestive imbalances.

  403. Primal Endurance! As an athlete and raising child athletes, primal eating is important to reach peak training goals. 🙂

  404. I am most excited about the primal blue print fast and ple recipes. i am notthe best cook and my boyfriend does most of the cooking. i am hoping to findsome more favorite recipes for us to put into our list of meals we make each week.

    i am also looking forward to how the food pyramid can kill you so I can share with all my friends and family who are just not yet on board with the paleo way of life.

  405. I wish I would have had the pregnancy book last year… I am looking forward to Carrie’s book. As I turn 40 this year I want to be able to age with grace and health.

  406. Perfect Balance – Would love to know more and make this journey sustainable.

  407. I’d love to ger my hands on either cookbook with a preference for Quick & Easy.

  408. Mark, I’m looking forward to reading Primal Endurance. I personally have found that although these days I mostly engage in high-intensity short-duration training, I still thrive on going long (Whether cycling, climbing, or anything). By following your recommendations for my nutrition I’ve found that I don’t suffer at all during endurance events.

    A book I’d be interested in reading is “Sustainably Primal” or “Primally Sustainable”. I read an article you wrote on the environmental impact of eating primally and although I have zero actual information on the subject, it seems to me that if 8 billion people shifted from a grain-rich diet to a protein and fat-rich diet, we’d need exponentially more land to raise meat. So, I feel good physically with my improved nutrition (primal) but I would be interested in optimizing my food sources to reduce the impact, environmentally.

    Keep up the great work! I refer all of my friends, whether they’re interested in primal (or paleo) or have no desire to switch from the S.A.D., because you always teach me something I didn’t know, with a writing style that keeps me reading.

  409. I am new to the primal arena, and am making slow transitions and trying to bring my family along with me, this site is awesome!

    Most interested in: The ‘Primal Prescription’ book that will be an immediate buy for me. The doctor has long frustrated me – they treat symptoms, not promote health. Don’t tell me to take a pill so I stop getting sinus infections, help me figure out how to prevent it in the first place!

    Book idea: I would love to see a ‘sneaky’ Primal cookbook featuring recipes that you can feed your family and guests without them realizing they are dining Grok-style.

  410. Very much looking forward to Primal Cravings, I love the Health-Bent blog.

    I would be really interested in a book that explores a primal approach to work and career development. So many of us go to college and graduate school even with the best of intentions to engage in meaningful work. Yet, so much of corporate America does not seem to support, much less accommodate a primal lifestyle.


  411. Wow! Just wow! I want to read just about all of these! My top one is probably Primal Woman – I will definitely read it as soon as it comes out. In all honesty, I’m not sure I am interested in the mystical, spiritual aspect, though. I hope that I will get a sort of wise “primal big sister” or “primal gal pal” out of it – I’d really like to hear personal experiences and stories from Carrie.

    I’m also excited about Death By Food Pyramid – more really important work from Denise Minger, along with Primal Pregnancy and Primal Cravings. Tara Grant’s The Hidden Plague doesn’t directly apply to me, but as I have found my own skin condition (rosacea) almost completely resolved after going primal, I will likely find this one to be an interesting as well.

    Finally, I have a book suggestion that’s been on my mind for a long time. My favorite section of the PB was the part where Mark described three days navigating his busy life at home and traveling, providing details of his food intake, activities, and exercise. This section was the most inspirational to me in that it made the lifestyle accessible, with reasonable, small compromises. (Yes, you, too can be Primal even if you don’t live in a cave, even if you own a computer, and even if you have to eat in the airport sometimes.) This “showing” of the lifestyle was and is invaluable to me.

    I would really love to read a book full of these detailed everyday experiences of “Primal Living in the Modern World” – either all from Mark and Carrie, or maybe even from other well-known figures in the Primal/Paleo world. It could focus on all kinds of social, family and work situations – picky kids, parties with vegetarians, brutal weeks at work, etc. Most importantly, I think it should be written not as a how-to but more of a sharing of experiences – i.e., less on “you just need to do this” and more on describing “this is what I did in that situation.”

    Thanks for reading!

  412. Death by Food Pyramid

    my opinion of

    Shoddy science — paid for by “whatever” product makers

    Sketchy politics — paid for by the makers of “whatever” product.

    Shady special interest groups — funded by the makers of “whatever” product.

  413. I think I’m most excited by the Paleo Primer. I’ve been following the Primal ways for coming up on a year and the thing I love the most is the vast wave of information that’s available on this website. I’m constantly exploring the archives and learning new things that help me move away from my conventional wisdom conditioning. At the same time, it is tough to retain all of this so I usually take the time to reread the basic intro articles over and over again. At the end of the day, it’s the basic principles that I need to know and follow, and I just happen to enjoy filling in the gaps of little detailed questions. It seems like the Primer would satisfy that need for basics.

    If I had to write a book that’s most relevant to my journey, it would be Primal Family. I would want it to focus on the things that are tough for a busy, primal-minded adult to do. I love exercise, but I can only squeeze it in if I wake up really early in the morning. Gyms? Sorry, can’t afford it so here are a ton of quick bodywiehgt exercises that can be modified easily. And when I get home, do I get to lounge about and just watch some TV? Nope! It’s baby time. Got to play with baby (maybe think up some caveman games?), got to clean the house, and then got to try and make a delicious primal meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

    For me right now, this is life and I piece these things together from the site and other resources, but to have it all in one life saving guide would be terrific!

    Many thanks for all of the resources you and your site provides,

  414. I’ve been eating primal for about 3+ weeks and have lost almost 10 pounds – expect things to level off soon, but it was a nice boost as I kept reading. I am gradually adding the exercise, but I am waiting for a hip replacement in a couple of months so only do what I can.
    I am trying to help my husband eat prim-ally too (he has already had a heart attack), but his problem is night time cravings so the book Primal Cravings, interests me most at the moment. Any ideas for tasty goodies to leave in the fridge for him would be great.
    Thank you so much for http://www.marksdailyapple.com & the Primal Blueprint. It is the first way of eating that has made sense to me and it works.

  415. The Hidden Plague, because so few people connect their skin, an organ, to their overall health, so seeing how what they eat can affect that should be a real eye opener to some people.
    Along the same lines, a potential book for Blueprint to publish would be something along the Skintervention lines; the connection between food and skin health, as it feeds quite nicely into Mark’s ‘LGN’ theme – and it will get more people to look into their eating who wouldn’t necessarily be interested in exercise and health [sad to say].

  416. Thanks for some great titles coming soon. All of the books sound interesting. However, I think Primal Endurance sounds like the best for what I want to learn about. I’m sure I will enjoy Primal Cravings though.

    Idea – I’d love to read about Chinese medicine and/or Homeopathy to understand how this could be incorporated into your life as needed – to keep from getting sick, high energy levels etc.

    1. You should check out True Nature Radio Show. It’s based on Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy.

  417. I think The Hidden Plague sounds exciting.
    As for a new book, what about something slanted at kids: kid-friendly Primal recipes? Things that their peers at school won’t look at funny, and that taste good to a young palate.

  418. It’s hard to decide on just one, quite a few of them look really interesting! I think the ones I would be most interested to take a look at would be Primal Cravings, Primal Women, and Perfect Balance. Looking into the more spiritual and psychological aspects of diet and food is really interesting to me 🙂

  419. I’m most excited for Death by Food Pyramid because Denise has such great information and the truth about the China Study needs to get out there to the general public.

  420. I am looking forward to Primal Woman. I would love to write a book about overcoming disordered eating and food addiction utilizing a paleo/primal lifestyle.

  421. I’m most excited to ready Death by Food Pyramid, especially since the modern dietetics attitude toward paleo has actually led me away from making that a career and into something that is not science based in name only, but in actuality. The cookbooks look great too, I’m always on the lookout for good cookbooks.

    I think a book on raising children paleo would be a great future topic, especially touching on and refuting the arguments most people put up in reaction to the topic.

  422. Since I am just now looking into primal/paleo, The Primal Blueprint looks fascinating. As far as a new book, I would be interested in anything that would speak to newbies. The whole idea of primal/paleo interests me, as my daughter has introduced me to the basic concepts.

  423. Definitely “Primal Woman” – not that any of the other paleo books out there (including yours!) aren’t helpful, but a lot of them are written by men with a man’s perspective/experiences. I also love the idea of a holistic approach to living primal as a woman.

    As for book ideas, I think something geared towards tweens/teens and the paleo lifestyle (not just diet and exercise, but also similar things to what is in your “Primal Connection”) would be great.

  424. I am very interested in The Primal Prescription. I think that the healthcare in our country is terrible. There has to be solutions other then Big Pharma!

    I would like a primal history book. Something that would follow maybe the primal mans why of eating and the extinction of animal species. I don’t know if that is possible but it would be interesting.

    Grok on!

  425. I am looking forward to reading Primal Woman; I don’t think there is enough information about how diet can influence changing hormones/perimenopause and the resultant changes in our bodies as women age. It’s been difficult to bring the kids (ages 10,13) on board with the Primal lifestyle. I wonder if children and their growing bodies actually have a higher need for carbohydrates than adults and whether research really supports the same protein/fat/carb ratio diets for growing, active children as adults.

  426. I am actually excited about 2 of the books. The Primal Blueprint, as I haven’t had the opportunity to read it. I saw in the photo the Primal Blurprint Quick & Easy meals and that is the second book I’m excited about. I am always having to borrow it from the library and don’t get to borrow it long enough to try all the recipes.

  427. Of this years books I’m most excited for primal Cravings. I’ve just recently managed to guide my whole family towards a grain free and healthy lifestyle, and to be able to make them (and myself, of course) some great comfort foods like these will be super! The next years book I’m most excited for is death by food pyramid. It will really bust those myths and hopefully save many people from the fat free, grain and omega 6- dense diet that’s killing us.

    I would have enjoyed a book that focused on digestion, food intolerance, glutens role in an unhealthy digestive system, how to build a better digestion, the so-called IBS and other “uncurable” chronic conditions that originates from this. The stuff your doctor is unable to help with… I almost had my life destroyed because of this! If i had listeened to health authorities I’m not sure I’d be here today, so it’s an important subject that I’m fighting for. I don’t want other people to live through that kind of hell that I did.

    This reply is way too long, but thank you so much for listening to your audience! 🙂 (pardon any mistakes in my writing. I’m Norwegian)

  428. I’m sooo excited for the Hidden Plague! I just got diagnosed with HS and I’ve had it for almost 20 years. All the doctors are telling me to do is stay on antibiotics FOREVER. I don’t want to be medicated for something that I can control with food. I am trying to start the paleo lifestyle now. I’ve been doing gluten free for a while, but it’s not 100% helping. I can’t wait to see the tips Tara has in her book.

    One book I would like to see is tips for a beginner. What to expect, how to get through the carb flu and how to cope with cravings. I’m a recovered alcoholic, so I know about cravings, but since becoming sober I’ve had unbearable cravings for sugar. I’m not sure how to deal with them and if they’ll go away. I’ve tried fruit, but it doesn’t work the way refined sugar does. I’m trying to take things one day at a time, but it’s hard!

  429. I am really interested in reading Primal Prescription. My daughter was recently diagnosed as hyperglycemia (pre-type 1 diabetic) and I am finding it challenging to figure out how to best feed her. I have been trying to get the family to go full primal for about 3 months with limited success. Maybe this book will be the eye opener that my wife needs to fully embrace this life style.

    Which leads me into the follow up for this, I would like to see a book that covers primal living and how to deal with T1D in a child. My daughter is 4 1/2 and the info available is so contradictory is maddening to say the least. I want to make sure she is the healthiest that I can get her with as minimal use of drugs as possible. All at the same time making sure she has a normal childhood. Lots to ask and I am sure someone out there has dealt with this before me, so anything would be helpful. Thanks.

  430. OH, how can one possibly choose? They all sound so informational. I think for me personally, PRIMAL WOMAN and PERFECT BALANCE sound like something I could benefit from. Turning 42 this year, kids leaving the nest and mind games that my psychy is playing on me, I think I could find some solace in these publications. Thank you for the opportunity to benefit from these writers and the plethora of knowledge they offer.

    Although, PALEO PRIMER sounds like it would be a nice gift for friends who are STILL skeptical even after seeing the results from myself and my husband 🙂

    And I would LOVE to see something written that would cater to kids and teens. My 17 year old daughter fights the temptations of School offered food. She’s come along way and packs her own paleo lunch everyday, but I still find out she subcomes to the pressures of HOT POCKETS…YUK!! 🙁

  431. The book I am so interested in is the Primal cookbook. Im a total foodie and let me tell you this: at 6’3″ and 210 lbs THIS army moves on its stomach. I cook Primal as much as I can and always looking for great recipes. The book I think we need is one about the Urban Caveman…If you live on the West Coast and in a city, the city is your playground, your training ground and your feeding grounds. I would love to see Grok in the Big City

  432. wow, So many good choices. I especially am intrigued by Primal Cravings (Perfect Balance is a close second). A book on how to feed kids/family a more primal diet (since many of their meals are eaten at the school cafeteria) would be nice or anything that helps a “split” household fix meals that can be enjoyed by both those that are primal and those that are not…

  433. I look forward to reading Primal Prescription, because it’s ridiculous to add drugs to stop a symptom that diet could cure.

    A book about a Primal solution to diabetes is most needed, because diabetes is a huge, expensive and quality-of-life damaging problem and diabetics are being told to do the wrong things.

    I would also like to see one for teenagers (and include a chapter about acne). I’m working with my teenager to explore primal environmental/dietary changes to cure his acne, instead of running to the dermatologist for systemic drugs. Cutting out the whole grains and reducing sugar has made a world of difference, and we’re adding vitamin D and sunshine.

    A gut biome book sounds fabulous. I helped my other teen choose not to get prophilactic antibotics for his wisdom tooth extraction. The Dr. says infection will only occur in 5% of cases, but he automatically prescribes antibiotics for everyone so they and their friends don’t blame him. If there is a need for antibiotic, it will become apparent at the follow up appointment, which is sufficient.

  434. Would love to read The Primal Woman and The Primal Prescription!

  435. I’m looking forward to Primal Woman. I just know that the “vain” side of the female needs a little extra attention. Not only that…knowing what to do for female-specific things will be very helpful.

    Mark, I had contacted you a while back (and you so promptly replied…thank you) about my hopes to see more Primal information directed to KIDS!! Adults “get it” but kids need age-appropriate information with visual guides to help them understand how the body processes food and why it is important to make good choices. Us parents need all the help we can get in this area. Thank you for all you and your team do!!!

  436. “Primal Prescription” – I know I’ll like reading the hows’ and whys’ of this book. The ability for us to enjoy a healthy / fit lifestyle has effectively been hijacked by those in “powerful” postions who obviously do not have our best interests in mind. I have read Body by Science and am thankful to Dr.McGuff. His writing is understandable and enlightening.

    I would like to see a new book that basically shreds and disposes of the conventional wisdom in regards to nutrition. Short, concise and to the point. It is time!

  437. They all sound intriguing, but top of my list is Primal Woman, followed closely in second place by Primal Prescription.

  438. I’m excited to read Death by Food Pyramid, by Denise Minger. I love how she packs so much research into her writing. She also has an entertaining style that is fun to read!

    I think a book that would be awesome in the future would be one that specifically addresses people with metabolic issues, such as adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. Primal living is awesome, but for some people, it doesn’t fix their issues completely and they need more tweaks.

  439. I am excited to read Perfect Balance. I have found that a perfect balance (in just about everything) is one of the simplest sounding conditions to exist in, but often the hardest to achieve in practice.

    Also, growing up I overate habitually, and am just recently realizing the detrimental effect my unbalanced eating habits have had on my life. This book seems like there would be many beneficial tidbits that I could gradually share with my friends and family without pushing the significant change that a primal lifestyle is for so many people.

  440. The Primal Prescription sounds fascinating! I have always dealt with seemingly minor health concerns that over the years meant that I was taking Prevacid for almost three years straight, along with some serious allergy medicine that wasn’t very effective, but was better than nothing. I was offered a job as a nanny for an adorable 2 year old whose mom was an acupuncturist. She was able to help guide me along the path to stop taking western medicine and heal myself naturally, so I am a big fan of anything that aims to expose the holes in the current healthcare industry.

    I would LOVE to see a book geared toward teenagers using whole foods & a primal approach to heal themselves. I think that is an area that hasn’t really been explored much. I would have shown great interest in reading such a book and putting it into practice if it had existed ten years ago!

  441. I am very excited to read Primal Cravings. Just what i need to fill that niche in trying to achieve balance in our Primal living diet.

    Looking forward to reading all of the books coming out. My husband teases me every time i come home with another book related to the Primal lifestyle…..another book? Really? what can i say, i love the lifestyle and the science behind it. Have never felt so good!

    Look forward to any and all new books to come out.

  442. All the titles look great, and can’t wait to read Primal Woman!

    Would like to see a book for teens/college students on how to live the primal lifestyle when surrounded by cafeteria food at college!

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  443. I’m intrigued and excited by the upcoming Primal Endurance. I’ve been focused on becoming the person I should be, using Paleo and running/gym time. I’m anxious for summer and the freedom it can bring.

    I’d interested in documenting/reflecting on my experiences of life since changing my eating (and moving). I’ve always had lots of allergies and had a hard time with foods, my skin, the air, and lived with almost constant headaches. I now know it was food related. I know this because I’ve stopped eating crap, and, I stopped feeling like crap.

    I’d like to reflect on that, the life-change that it was, and what it was like to grow up with ‘weakness’. It was imposed, internalized, and expressed..but was not genuine!

  444. Very excited about “Primal Prescription”. I have been saying that for years – even before I discovered this lifestyle. I’m interested to see some charts and statistics on the subject. The majority of Americans blindly trust the USDA and FDA to regulate all the big pharma and big agra do, but really they are just protecting their own integrity. The focus from the government is rarely about the health of its citizens, but always on the economy and providing jobs. Sadly, I doubt this will ever change. These are facts, not hysteria.

  445. I’m most intrigued by The Primal Prescription and Primal Women. I think both would give me more insight on my own primal journey. I really hope the Primal Woman has some part in it that focuses on women who are not seeking to be mothers or directly focused on fertility but have imbalanced hormones. I feel like this is something that is skipped over a lot and if this book doesn’t I would love to see a book made for women who have hormone problems that want to address them but aren’t looking to get pregnant.

  446. Id really love to read Primal Connection. One of the things I still feel the Primal-community is missing is the connection to the land: weather, seasons, and how that would have affected our energy and appetite.

    Ive been making a concerted effort to “be outside” and feel the real temperature (winter walks, open window at night) and Im finding that my appetite is matching how I would expect my ancestors to react to the (approaching) end of winter: slightly more energetic, but appetite still greatly reduced to match the fact that we are running low on stored foodstuffs. Conserving our resources when the next time we can expect fresh fruit/vegetables/nuts&seeds is still months away. Sure we’re still okay with the stored meat stores. But this is the time we start using up all the stored energy (fat) we packed on to our bodies during the fall.

    The idea of taking advantage of a natural reduction in appetite would greatly help those of us who are struggling to loose the stored energy.

    A wholistic approach where we take into account ALL of the aspects of how our ancestors lived and survived, without the technology that allows us to be safe, coddled, and fat.

  447. Death by Food Pyramid, by Denise Minger is the one I’m most excited about. We have 7 grown children and are trying to re-educate them primal and I have shared the primal food pyramid with them already. For a suggestion…primal diet/lifestyle for older folks, since all us baby boomers are aging now. This lifestyle of eating is very important to the aging.

  448. I am most excited about the Primal Pregnancy book. I have just turned 30 and am looking forward to having children in the near future – and I want to do it Primally! And I want to be able to tell all of my Italian family – who will insist on trying to feed me bread and pasta – the hows and whys of a healthy primal pregnancy! I’m so happy that you are publishing and providing people with the tools to keep at it!

  449. I most want to read Perfect Balance, as I feel I’m often struggling with tendencies to self-medicate with food, whether it’s for depressive feelings or anxiety, and sometimes find myself thinking of food as a reward – either for working hard, or because I ‘deserve’ it for being so primal, or whatever, and I don’t like that. I’ve gotten a lot better in that regard (it gets easier the more obvious it is how crappy non-primal stuff makes me feel!). Also, sugar addiction is a powerful thing, and I struggle with that too. In fact, I can easily be probably 98% primal if I don’t stop drinking Dr. Pepper – I can give up bread, pasta, cookies, etc, no problem, but when I give up soda as well, I find it harder to stay true.

    As for what book I’d like to see – I don’t even have to think about it, I’d LOVE to see a Primal cookbook for slow-cooking!! I’m a single girl, so minimal prep + minimal tending + multiple servings = ideal! Please please please!

  450. There are several books I’m interested in reading from this list, it’s impossible to pick just one. ‘Primal Woman’ tops my list – very excited to see how Carrie integrates spirituality into the primal lifestyle, and love how it’s geared toward women. Also very interested in reading ‘Primal Prescription’ and ‘Hidden Plague’.

  451. Wow – These all sound great, but if I had to pick one it would be “Perfect Balance”. I’ve been low-carb for the past 11 years and in my third year of Primal/grain-free and by far the hardest thing for me is getting past food issues. I spent 20 years yo-yo ing and have just begone (over the past year) to find my way with food. I’m finally breaking free on my own, I wish I had had something like “Perfect Balance” to help address some of the issues and pitfalls. I’m also very interested in the “Primal Woman” book as well.

  452. I am amazed to see by the book by Tara Grant =Hidden Plague
    Everything mentioned is so true. I did not go to Doctor(dermatoligist) for years. I just couldn’t stand the pain any more so gathered all my courage, because of embarasment and then was told there was no cure but all they could do was cut away the body around the infections which would leave huge scarring with no promise to cure it. I was terrified when he said so shall we get started. I ran away out of the office and never when back and have never been to another doctor about it since so have suffered in silence and shame, no one has seen me undressed since then- I have lived in hell-so thank you for this book and at least a glimmer of hope to one day be free of this life altering affliction. Thank You so much.
    The other books look great too and I hope to one day have the privilege to read all the ground breaking and hard work that has gone into each and every one of them. Thank you for the chance to win them all- that would indeed be a wonderful gift.

  453. It is a tough decision, but I think the Primal Prescription would be the one I would most like to read first. I recently began my paleo journey about 10 weeks ago for the weight loss. However, as I learn more about the science behind the nutrition, it will now be a lifestyle change for my entire family. So the more scientific data I can read, the better!
    As for a book idea, I would love to have a book dedicated to paleo for families with children. Not just a recipe book, but an in depth look at all aspects of nutrition for the little ones. They have different requirements than adults with their growing bodies and I, as a mom, want to insure my kids get everything their bodies need.

  454. I see two books that would be most exciting for me to devour! the Death by Foor Pyramid as I am a personal trainer and do not provide diet plans, but, make suggestions on eating and reading. so this book would be of great value to me! In addition, I have some addicts to the 10-12 hours of spin per week and wonder why they are unable to lose weight, so the next book would be Primal Endurance as there has to be and is a better way. Their belief system is hard to crack and at least get them to listen and be open to the more is not better mentality.

    Great reads across the board!!

  455. Primal Cravings — because I love junk food and I want to see it “PRIMALIZED”.

    Idea for a book — the economics of going Primal, with cost cutting tips.

  456. Do I really only get to pick one??? The Primal Woman, Death by Food Pyramid and Perfect Balance all sound great. But as a chiropractor, I think I’d like to start with The Primal Prescription. And as a mom, I’d like to see a book geared to teens.

  457. Death By Food Pyramid will be my next purchase. The political reasons of why we are where we are is very interesting to me. For a future book, I’d like to see an exercise book that requires no equipment (other than maybe common household goods). I live in a rural location so going to the gym doesn’t work for me and choosing to live a self sustainable lifestyle means I try to do without making purchases of large corporations/cheap stuff from china.

  458. I’m most interested in reading The Primal Prescription. I think anyone who has been paying attention has realized that there’s some kind of vicious cycle going on in the U.S. Government intervention (e.g., corn subsidies and sugar quota) causing unhealthy foods to become common (e.g., corn syrup), and this, in turn, causes “epidemics” and rising healthcare costs, which, in turn, leads to more government intervention. I’m glad that someone is finally seriously investigating this phenomenon and writing a book about it.

    I would love to see a book (even if it’s just a book that discusses the lifestyle in general) that acknowledges the fact that for women who are otherwise healthy, active, and at a “normal” weight but who want to lose a couple of vanity pounds, eating primally (or even eating a ketogenic diet) may not create the effect they want. It would be nice if the book could give such women some advice.

  459. Primal Woman is the one I’m most looking forward to. As a woman entering middle age I’m eager to hear about using primal to deal with hormonal changes. I’d most like to see a book about primal party food. Like kids birthday parties and major holidays.

  460. The book I’m most looking forward to is Perfect Balance. Having struggled with disordered eating for over a decade, I’ve come the closest to recovery since I began adopting primal habits and a primal diet. However, I do have a tendency to take extreme measures, trying to be perfect, and then plummeting and abandoning all efforts when I can’t be. Even with the healthiest foods and best intentions, it is possible to feed that same monster. I feel that this book will benefit a large group of people who need encouragement in finding balance with their primal journey.

    I would love to see a book on dining out, with questions to ask your waiter, keywords to look for on the menu, best and worst choices in each cuisine, etc. Just a guide for enjoying the dining experience with as little stress as possible.

  461. Got a trail 50K on my calendar at the end of next month, so Primal Endurance has got to be the title for which I’m most excited.

    As for a future topic, Mark, how about a book for the Primal entrepreneur – something that discusses how (whether?) principles of evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, and your Primal laws can be applied to start and build a thriving business.

  462. Death by Food Pyramid by Denise Minger sounds awesome!
    A book I’d love to see: An Autobiography on Mark Sisson.

  463. Primal Endurance for me … just because sometimes the long ride is an escape from the world and a yearly multi-day event is pretty fun. Many of the others sound great too!

    I’d like to see more than ties together stuff like how to fix damaged gut (aka leaky gut type of stuff) and endocrine systems and I’m pretty sure that’s all tied together.

    Almost movement and body alignment (like Katy — https://www.alignedandwell.com/) She’s got some really interesting stuff.

  464. You have so Mary interesting titles in the pipeline, the one that I look forward to the most i Ms Mingers “debatt by Food Pyramid”.
    Regarding what I would really like to read in the future, I think that a book about exercises inspired by the primal lifestyle would comeback out on top “designing Your own primal walk” or something like that.

  465. I am looking forward to both Carrie’s book and Primal Cravings. I have adapted to eating primal fairly well, but some foods still call to me, and it would be nice to be able to indulge once in a while in an improved manner. I am interested in Carrie’s book as I am a middle aged female with many of those issues in my future.

    As for future topics, a lot of information and books focus on nutrition and fitness. This makes a lot of sense as these topics are the bulk of the impact. However I have more trouble with the “fuzzy” rules like play, use your mind, etc. I enjoy discussion on those, and get most of it from MDA however it would always be interesting to see more perspectives on how to really incorporate those aspects as they turn the Primal Blueprint into a way of life.

  466. I am most excited to see the Perfect Balance and Primal Pregnancy books come out. I am interested and intrigued by the psychological aspects of fitness and nutrtion and also understanding and bringing awareness to others how our society, American in particular, comes into play in regards to our body image and how we see and feel about food. I am approaching the child bearing years of my life and want to do the best that I can to prepare for and go through pregnancy as healthy and balanced as possible. I want my children to have a healthy start in life from the get go.
    Something that I think would be interesting to write about in terms of the Paleo / Primal life style is eating in season. A catchy title may be The Paleoannual Eater ( meaning someone who cares about eating paleo but also about locally and in season). This could be both a factual and informative book as well as one that presents recipes and pictures encouraging seasonal cuisine and recipes. A primal lifestyle includes doing whats right for the system within as well as the system at work around us in our community and enviroment.

  467. Most interested to read death by food pyramid. I love science!

    More books on children in the lifestyle. There are a ton of websites about the food. But very little on all the other aspects like avoiding the electronic world, how much exercise is healthy for young children etc

  468. I am so glad there are all these great books on Primal living. I would love to read The Primal Connection.

    A book on foraging would be a good primal addition. Some urban foraging as well as rural.

  469. Primal prescription sounds right up my alley. I am a current college student and want to be a future doctor (paleo/primal oriented of course) and learn how to succeed in an industry rampant with corruption and bad practice even with some of the most sincere people as unknowing participants. My fingers are crossed