10-Minute Seaweed Soup

Inline_Food_Nutrition_Live-Awesome-645x445-01Soup doesn’t have to simmer for hours to be delicious. This seaweed soup is ready in 10 minutes, making it a super-easy lunch or dinner. It’s light and nourishing, for those days when your system craves more greens and vegetables. It’s also versatile, so if you want to throw in cooked meat or salmon, go for it.

This seaweed soup is so simple, it doesn’t even need a recipe. Just follow this basic technique….

For one serving, in a medium bowl, combine approximately 1/3 cup dried wakame seaweed, a small handful of thinly sliced baby spinach or kale, plus 1 grated carrot. Pour about 2 cups, or more, boiling chicken broth or beef bone broth on top. Let sit 5 minutes.


That’s it! Seaweed soup can be jazzed up with hot sauce, sesame oil, or tamari. Grated fresh ginger, turmeric and garlic also had more flavor. But this soup isn’t about tons of complex flavors. It’s more about simple, healthful comfort food that doesn’t take any time or energy to prepare.



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  1. Love seaweed…I’ll have to try this. I’m all for simple stuff you can just throw together.
    But I’d totally add some toasted sesame oil. Adds so much flavor! Seasnax makes a dried seaweed mix for seaweed salad that is really good. Would be perfect for this soup.

  2. This sounds so good with very little ingredients. I haven’t tried seaweed yet, but this may be a start. Will the soup be just as tasty using vegetable broth?


    1. I haven’t tried seaweed either but curious about the taste.

  3. I make this sort of “instant” soup frequently. You can make it without seaweed if you aren’t a fan. Spinach, kale, grated carrot or zucchini, some chopped scallions, or last night’s leftovers work well. Thinly sliced raw beef can be added, a la Vietnamese pho (minus the noodles). Just make sure the broth is very hot so it will cook the meat.

  4. I was thinking of maybe doing an egg drop while the broth is heating up for some protein and that way you can have a bit of that as well, I need more protein that I usually eat (to stay warm). Just a thought.