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July 12, 2007

The Yolk’s On You

By Sara

Apologies for that headline.

By now, most folks are aware that eggs are not unhealthy despite their high cholesterol content. (Though not everyone, because Eggbeaters is still in business!) Eggs contain quality protein, fat, and important vitamins and minerals. Most of the nutrition is found in the yolk of the egg, which is why we’re making the yolk this week’s Smart Fuel.

Paul Goyette’s Flickr Photo (CC)

Yolks contain a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish your eyes, your brain, your heart and your mood. A sampling: lutein, selenium, vitamin D, vitamin E, Omega-3’s, sulfur, tryptophan, choline, magnesium, B12, the complete amino acid profile, and much more. Yolks are truly one of the most dense nutrition sources on earth. Take a look at this rundown from the USDA.

Egg tips:

– Choose organic or free-range eggs. Better yet, if you live near any farms, see about purchasing fresh farm eggs. The best yolks are a rich yellow.

– You can eat eggs after the “sell by” date, but definitely toss them a week beyond that. Fresh is best with eggs, both for safety and nutrition.

– If you aren’t sure about the freshness, plunk your egg in a bowl of water. If it rises, it’s old. If it sinks or bobs near the bottom, it’s fresh.

– It’s not really a smart idea to eat eggs every day, because allergies can sometimes develop (this is true of many foods). But several eggs a week is genius.

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[…] West Nile Virus Link to Article allergies The Yolk’s On You » Posted at Mark’s Daily Apple on Thursday, July 12, 2007 Apologies for that headline. By now, most folks are aware that eggs are not unhealthy despite their high cholesterol content. ( … allergies can sometimes develop (this is true of many foods). But several eggs a week is genius View Entire Article » […]

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9 years 16 days ago

Do you have somewhere I could read more about the allergy issue? I eat eggs almost every day, and have many staples I rely on similarly.

9 years 16 days ago

Thanks for the info Sara. That covers egg allergies pretty well, but I’m still curious about this idea that eating a food too often can trigger an allergy. I recently heard someone citing the prevalence of peanut butter as a cause of the prevalence of peanut allergies in kids. As a financially-tight vegetarian, I eat a lot of eggs (and a lot of peanut butter). Are there safety concerns that should be pushing me towards more variety?

5 years 28 days ago
Jaime, I haven’t yet checked out the site below, and will do after i write this, but I do believe that this is what happened to me. I am heavily into weight lifting and i ate eggs and chicken every single day for years, to get enough protein. Turkey was a frequent ingredient as well. I was sick off and on for 2 years with GERD, asthma, sinus infections, stomach upset and fatigue. I noticed my lip getting itchy occasionally after eating eggs so i got tested for food allergies. Turns out I was allergic to all the above. Egg… Read more »
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5 years 10 months ago

I believe cooking the egg yolk will oxidize the cholesterol, making it more harmful. Eggs in the raw form are easily digested and are good for you.


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Arthur Matthews
Arthur Matthews
4 years 3 months ago

I eat a couple eggs everyday for breakfast. I haven’t noticed any difference in my health yet. Do I have anything to worry about?

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