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10 Sure Ways to Sabotage Your Weight Loss

The Tuesday 10

Want to derail a diet or perennially perch on the pound plateau? It’s easy – just be sure to do one or more of the following:

10. Drink Alcohol – lots of it!

Ketosis, schmosis. Cutting out refined carbs and empty calories [8] will definitely help you peel off those pounds, but it will be much harder if you’re drinking more than one (ladies) or two (dudes) alcoholic beverages daily. To speed weight loss and love your liver, do not drink empty calories.

9. Drink Soda – but especially diet soda!

Drinking empty calories will quickly quell any weight loss attempt. But even diet soda is a bad idea, because it makes you awfully puffy. Aside from the water retention, studies show that diet soda actually contributes to weight gain [9], likely because it increases cravings for sugar and calories.

8. Chow Corn

Part of weight loss means eating more veggies. Like corn, right? No! Corn is not a vegetable [10]. Repeat, corn is not a vegetable! Somehow this sugary grain got lumped into the veggie category, but rabbit food it’s not. Avoid all things corn – corn syrup, corn oil, corn starch – and you’ll reap major rewards for your health and your hips.

7. Pick Potatoes

Mark takes potatoes personally. It’s not hard to see why – these ridiculous spuds are a starch disaster. What little nutrition potatoes offer is wrapped up in the skins, and how many of us eat the skins? You’re better off avoiding America’s #1 “vegetable” [11]. It’s not a vegetable, it’s a tuber.

6. Eat late at night!

Eating late at night won’t necessarily obliterate your metabolism, but few of us are ever truly in need of anything edible after dinner. The exception is if you work out late and want to enjoy a glass of water and a piece of fruit (or handful of nuts) post-gym. Usually, nighttime eating is more about cravings than caloric needs, and it will quickly destroy all the good choices you made during the day. If you must snack, have the aforementioned piece of fruit – or Elliott’s and my favorite, a small spoonful of peanut butter (sugar- and salt-free). Bonus: PB helps you get to sleep.

5. Skip breakfast!

Mark’s not a breakfast-beater, and in general, we don’t believe in adhering religiously to mainstream health “rules” until they’ve been critically examined. Eat when you’re hungry – this seems to work pretty well. That said, just a bit of fuel in the morning is necessary to get your metabolism roaring and wake up your brain. (Eating an apple is as effective as a cup of coffee for making you feel alert, by the way!) Just 100-200 calories is sufficient, so if you despite a.m. eating, at least have a piece of fruit, turkey, or cheese.

4. Eat the same every day.

While it’s not essential to worship at the alter of variety, eating the same meals over and over, at the same exact time of day, can cause a weight loss rut. Sometimes all you need to break out of a diet ditch is a well-planned shock to your metabolism. Humans evolved to accommodate fluctuations in meal sizes and types [12]. Depending on what was in season, the location, and the needs of the group, humans often feasted one day and fasted the next. Frequently, humans ate the same few foods for days or weeks on end. I’m not suggesting you try this out, but it’s not a bad idea to “reset” your system every two weeks or so with a next-to-nothing day, a major-meals day, or a totally-different-food day.

3. Eat once a day.

We all know what happens when you do this. Still, it’s all too common.

2. Go more than 48 hours between workouts.

Wait, I have to work out? Yes, you do! And not only that, you need to keep your metabolism firing by working out every day. You can lose weight by working out less, but you’ll have to eat a lot less, and it can take a lot longer. Working out daily – for as little as 20 minutes – will keep your system hungry and turn you into a calorie-annihilating machine. Don’t believe me? Try it. (Also, if you’re new to working out it will be so much easier to turn it into a habit if you just make yourself do it daily. Soon you’ll crave exercise, I promise.)

1. What do you think is the major saboteur of weight loss? Let’s talk about it!

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