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Weekend Link Love – Edition 1

60 in 3 shares healthy ideas for how to spend your weekend [7].

I ate a pie offers up the good, the bad, and the delicious on fruit treats [8] to enjoy this summer.

The IF Life explains why you can healthily (and naturally) skip breakfast [9].

Modern Forager dishes up ten common/uncommon cooking oils [10] (and how to use ‘em!).

Conditioning Research suggests some great alternatives for full contact twists [11].

Fitness Black Book rants on “core” obsession [12].

Robb Wolf highlights paleo diet vs. multiple sclerosis [13].

FitSugar demonstrates the elbow plank with donkey kick [14].

and check out these sites for some extreme CrossFit type fitness routines:

Straight to the Bar proposes a healthier use for beer kegs [15].

Pioneer Valley CrossFit announces CrossFit junior varsity [16].

Recreate Fitness explains the whys and hows of hip mobility [17].

Crossfit Rockwall offers up a “Black Jack” workout [18].

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