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Weekend Link Love: Brain Teaser Edition

The Prize:

Heath Putnam Farms [1], formerly known as Wooly Pigs, was formed to produce pork equal to Europe’s best. So what did they do? They imported the Mangalitsa, a highly specialized breed that produces some of the world’s most juicy and flavorful meat and fat. And they haven’t stopped there. They raise their Mangalitsa with Austrian techniques, and process the pigs with special European techniques, producing pork and products very different from those generally available in the U.S.. If you’re looking for a new pork experience well beyond the joys of bacon, learn more about the wonders of the Wooly Pig [2], and check out Heath Putnam’s Wooly Pigs Blog [3]. Today’s winner will get an 8 to 13 lb Curemaster’s Reserve Mangalitsa Shoulder [4] worth $159.

Bonus #1: Wooly Pigs is offering a very special deal to MDA readers. You can get a live, 50 lb boar (male) or gilt (female) for only $280; they usually sell for $2400 and $900, respectively. You’ve heard of cowpooling [5], right? How about pigpooling? Heath Putnam of Wooly Pigs is extending this offer to MDA readers because he is a Primal convert and strong supporter of the movement. Additionally, this breed of pig is very rare. Without a market for them they risk becoming even more endangered than they already are. So contact Heath [6] for pick-up (HP Farms is located in Iowa) and delivery options (which might be possible for large orders), and to place your order today.

Bonus #2: Heath Putnam Farms supplies their pork to Johnston County Hams [7] for it to be cured. Get 20% off one item with promo code MANGA20 until 10/31 at Johnston County Hams. Limit one per customer.

The Contest:

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. See the comment board for the winning answers.

For today’s Brain Teaser, pay close attention to the next eight WLL passages below, and only them. Each contains a reference. It’s up to you to figure out what they each refer to, but I’ll tell you this much – they are people and there is a common theme. There may also be repeats. Figure out the theme and the rest will come a little more easily. Read closely. Eight stanzas, eight answers. The first to list all eight references in a single comment will win the prize; no partials are accepted. Only U.S. residents are eligible to win. Good luck!

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark: in order to “curb the obesity problem,” officials there have instituted a tax on items high in saturated fat [8], like butter, beef, and cream. (I’m sure this’ll go swimmingly!) Meanwhile, in Sweden, there’s actually a butter shortage [9].

Yikes. In what purports to be a modest proposal inspired by the Danes, “health experts” in Australia are also lobbying for a fat tax [10].

From BrokeAss Gourmet comes photographic evidence that you can eat Primal – and eat well – on less than $16 a week [11], without feeling like butter scraped over too much coconut flour bread.

When I say workouts should be more like playing, this is exactly what I’m talking about: some folks over at The Primal Challenge put together a quick video [12] of themselves playing, climbing, and cavorting (while getting in a great workout, too!). They’ve obviously learned firsthand that while work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture is enacting a ban on antibiotics used as growth promoters [13] in livestock. I like the sentiment, but you know what they say about incorporating good intentions when laying down pavement…

Dozens of health writers (including yours truly) weigh in on the subject of “safe starches,” a phrase coined in the Perfect Health Diet, on Jimmy Moore’s recent blog post [14]. There’s no definitive answer, but that just means we’re still moving forward. So it goes.

Reebok assents to an out-of-court settlement [15] in response to charges that it misrepresented the benefits of its “toning shoes,” but maintains that its claims stand. I think the multinational shoe conglomerate protests too much.

Give me odorous at sunrise a kitchen of beautiful bacon where I can eat undisturbed, and I’m a happy man. It’s safe to say that these artists [16] feel the same way about cured pork belly.

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