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Weekend Link Love

Primal Toad conquers the PrimalCon Primal Blueprint Fitness Challenge [1] in a 3-part video series [2].

Don Matesz of Primal Wisdom provides a nice summary [3] of a 2009 clinical study. The gist? A “practically paleo” diet “has similar metabolic effects to caloric restriction, without the restriction.” Who’d’ve thunk it?

Have a Droid? The Android Guys review the Mark’s Daily Apple droid app [4]. And don’t worry iPhone folks, an MDA iPhone app is in the works!

Food allergies are like a**holes. Everyone has one… Or do they? Food allergies, not the… you know what I mean. NY Times reports on the doubts cast on food allergy claims [5].

Precision Nutrition provides a solid argument for why liking something isn’t always a good reason for doing it [6] (gasp!).

Finally, it looks like I should have some Grok stickers [7] printed up for all the Grok stars out there!

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Comment of the Week

The Primal Blueprint is full of “FRACTICAL” (Fractal + Practical = FRACTICAL) hedges against the bombardment of linearizing forces in our lives in modern times. I’m thankful for that.

-epistemocrat [13] coining a new term at Dogs Teach Tricks, Too [14]