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Weekend Link Love

Posted By Mark Sisson On March 28, 2010 @ 10:38 am In Health | 17 Comments

Want more evidence of a positive sea change? Slate joins the cause with a call to end the war on fat [7].

The British Medical Journal catalogs instinctive sleeping postures [8]. Courtesy of Jon from my sleep guide [9], this one is seriously worth a look.

Don’t want an aftershave full of unpronounceable chemicals? Head over to The Art of Manliness to learn how to make your own [10]!

The brains at Princeton have discovered that HFCS prompts considerably more weight gain [11]. Considerably. I do believe the brains are right.

The happy meal is neither a meal, nor happy. But McDonald’s will never stop trying to hook your kids on them. Read Alternet‘s piece on the shady world of marketing junk food to children [12].

It’s time to play “Is it Primal?” This week’s item: the Pork and Fruit Bar [13]. Is it Primal? How about the excited cowboy on the package, is he Primal? You be the judge!

*Special Note: For the folks who took advantage of the Amazon #1 push, you can still use your codes along with the provided Ustream URL sent to you to access the recording of my live Q & A session from Wednesday.

Recipe Corner

  • Avocado pudding?! Yes. The Wilderness Childe went there. Avocado pudding [14], folks. Avocado. Pudding.
  • This week Free the Animal unabashedly filled his blog with food porn [15]. Pepporoni meatza, Tex Thai lamb chili, Primal pasta with smoked salmon. Head on over for the money shots.

Time Capsule

One year ago (March 21 – 27)

Comment of the Week

…I’m reading it at 3am.

Tweeted by @BrandNewTommy about my Sleep and Oxidative Stress [18] post.

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