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Weekend Link Love

Last Saturday at a San Francisco book fair, three men threw cayenne laced pies in the face of Vegetarian Myth author Lierre Keith [1]. On Thursday, Jimmy Moore interviewed Lierre [2] about the cowardly act, and the reaction to it.

A couple Grok Stars have their own blogs!…

Is the army going Primal [5]? Well, they’re adding sprint routines. It’s a start.

To the gym, or not to the gym? Fitness Spotlight delivers a definitive post on the role the gym plays in Primal living [6].

I love you, Sweden. Your inhabitants are huge Primal Blueprint fans. This article [7] explains why.

If daily MDA articles aren’t enough, read my guest post on optimal health [8] over at Zen Habits.

Hickory smoked vegan meatless soy strips [9]? How dare they call those Primal!

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Comment of the Week

I actually made sandbags with…kitty litter I’m just getting back in to strength training, so I stuck a 20lb bag of kitty litter in a large backpack, and use it for squats etc. Works well so far!

from Tracy [14], offering up a novel twist on The Sandbag Workout [14]