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Last Saturday at a San Francisco book fair, three men threw cayenne laced pies in the face of Vegetarian Myth author Lierre Keith. On Thursday, Jimmy Moore interviewed Lierre about the cowardly act, and the reaction to it.

A couple Grok Stars have their own blogs!…

  • Diana Hsieh now runs Modern Paleo. Stop by, leave a comment, and sign up for her newsletter.
  • And follow the chronicles of Fit Island Girl over at Shape Your Weigh.

Is the army going Primal? Well, they’re adding sprint routines. It’s a start.

To the gym, or not to the gym? Fitness Spotlight delivers a definitive post on the role the gym plays in Primal living.

I love you, Sweden. Your inhabitants are huge Primal Blueprint fans. This article explains why.

If daily MDA articles aren’t enough, read my guest post on optimal health over at Zen Habits.

Hickory smoked vegan meatless soy strips? How dare they call those Primal!

Recipe Corner

  • Eat This! makes Sicilian chicken. It puts the Olive Garden to shame. To shame.
  • I’m not a huge fan of juicing, but the idea of a cilantro shake tickles my gullet. Courtesy of Elana’s Pantry.

Time Capsule

One year ago (March 14 – 20)

  • It’s Not So Offal – Liver, kidney, heart, tongue, brain? Go beyond the tenderloin with this complete guide to purchasing, preparing, and eating organ meats.
  • Low-Carb Sauce Thickeners – Because corn starch is not an option. Here are a few ideas for making your sauces, drizzles, and glazes a little creamier, heartier, and tastier.

Comment of the Week

I actually made sandbags with…kitty litter :) I’m just getting back in to strength training, so I stuck a 20lb bag of kitty litter in a large backpack, and use it for squats etc. Works well so far!

from Tracy, offering up a novel twist on The Sandbag Workout

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  1. I will be making the Sicilian Chicken this week! It is funny you say it will put Olive Garden to shame… I just ate there yesterday!! For my sisters birthday (not my choice).

    But, of course, I did NOT eat pasta. I enjoyed 2 Chicken Breasts with a light sauce. And asparagus, brocolli, and carrots. But, my homemade food is always better

  2. Thanks for advertising Diana Hsieh’s new website Modern Paleo Mark! It’s a great site with a unique take on Paleo and I am sure it will be a great companion to MDA for the rest of the readers here!

  3. The Army Basic Combat Training is changing…and not for the best in all ways. Don’t get me wrong the sprints and functional exercises are great. The biggest problem with the new BCT is its kinder and gentler. Basically they are taking away the stress needed to break down the civilian and build up the soldier with military discipline.

    The workouts are fine but dammit being a soldier is about being able to survive the stress of war. Getting yelled at won’t kill some coddled overgrown baby. Its the Army not the Girl Scouts

  4. I notice that whenever animal extremists can’t out argue the opponent, ad hominem attacks and outright assault are A-OK. Unless of course the target might fight back. I notice a remarkable lack of willingness to throw paint on leather jacket wearing Hell’s Angels.

    1. Got that right! How pointless. I followed the news video links to her response. She was quite calm and collected as she “dissed” the goofs who pied her.

      Little cowards…

  5. I’m glad they’re changing the physical fitness standards in the Army. I always thought the long run was a bit dense. I understand they wanted to test our endurance, but I could never figure out a situation in combat where I’d be running for more than a hundred yards at a time. Sprint workouts always just made so much more sense.

  6. Re: Army fitness – Well, that is good to see, but they need to take a long, serious look at the terrible makeup of the food they are giving our troops!

    1. I am gearing up to go to Army BCT & was wondering if anyone can offer some insight into any secrets of how to continue eating primally once there. So much bread, rice, so little time. Any insight?

  7. I ran across those “Primal” vegan jerky sticks in our local natural grocery the other day. I was all excited for about 2.5 seconds until I realized what they really are. What a dirty trick! 🙂

  8. Hi Mark! Thank you for linking to my site! I’m really excited to be following the Primal way of eating again. I feel wonderful! I actually took a Nutrition and Wellness course over the weekend up here in Canada in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. We spent the weekend learning about the Food Guide and how our bodies need things like bread to keep us going. I brought up the Primal Blueprint and shared your site with the instructor. I argued with her a few times on the “necessity” of breads and how high fat diets are not evil but quickly got the impression I should just keep quiet. 😉 Not sure I will pass her course but we’ll see LOL.

    Looking forward to sharing my success with everyone here!

    Kimmy aka FitIslandGirl

  9. In follow up to my last comment it took everything I had during the course to not scream “PUHLEASE!” when we were told we have to encourage our clients to cut red meat from their diets, remove all skin and fat from meats and to only eat low fat. Saturated fat = the devil. Sigh. Are we really that behind in the times? Kind of disappoints me that I will have to give information I don’t truly believe in to clients in order to be certified as a Nutrition and Wellness specialist. Doesn’t seem fair.

    1. I also took a nutrition course at my college. Doesn’t sound as bad bad as yours but yet we did learn about the evils of saturated fats and the benefits of sports drinks (sugar water). I just stuck it out and played to their stupid tune and got by. Never took a nutrition course again, just remember that at the college level it’s all about recapitulating their crap come exam time, after that you are free to forget everything. Not very educational but as I said I’m never taking a nutrition course at college again.

  10. I was in the grocery store last week and those primal strips totally duped me! That is, until upon closer inspection, at which point I promptly returned it to it’s shelf. WHAT A GYP!