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Weekend Link Love

Remember the guy who made the challenge-winning “Bringing Home the Bacon”  video [1]? He’s got a new one. Watch this Primal workout [2], epic music included.

Fat is a flavor [3], says science. And me. Yum.

What’s the difference between a fish and a goat? Hunt. Gather. Love talks about the role emotion plays in our food choices [4].

A new study shows studies are flawed! Read the LA Times piece on how medical studies rarely compare drugs to existing treatments [5].

Want to know where your milk is from? Find out here [6].

For the Twitter folks, Primal Chat held a real-time #PrimalChat [7] event last Wednesday. The conversation inspired Insurgo In Apparatus to share his journey to Primal living [8]. More than 140 characters. And worth it.

Before the internet, before Grok, before Homo sapiens, before life, before Earth, there were billions and billions of stars… Carl Sagan fans rejoice, the Cosmos can now be seen on Hulu [9].

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Comment of the Week

Just explain eggs in the way my astute kindergartener (who has chickens) did to another student today:

Student 1: You eat the baby chickens in the eggs?
Student 2: No, see there is no rooster. Without the rooster, the hen can’t get married and the eggs don’t have babies in them. The eggs need a daddy rooster to become a chicken.
Student 1: oh!