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Weekend Link Love

Whole Foods wants you to be a vegetarian. Jimmy Moore doesn’t. In his Whole FooLs [8] piece, Jimmy rounds up responses from the low-carb community (including mine) on Whole Foods’ new push against meats and fats.

Many of you may remember Tom Greenwald‘s popular forest sprinting video [9]. Tom has a blog with some good thoughts on living Primal [10], check it out!

Half a bowl of soup? A third of a muffin? One eighth of a pop tart? Read the NY Times piece on the FDA cracking down on ridiculous serving sizes [11]. (thanks, Ben!)

With all the Tiger Woods drama, it’s good to watch an actual inspiring golf story [12]. (thanks, Carole)

Dora the Explorer isn’t making your kid fat. It’s the food advertisements your kid watches every time Dora takes a break from exploring. Food Renegade interrupts your regularly scheduled programming with a staggering report of commercial gluttony [13].

And finally, the Olympics have begun. If you you need a refresher on bobsledding and speed skating, read The Onion‘s creditable and entirely unsatirical sports guide to Team USA [14].

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Comment of the Week

Being sexy is a full-time job, and there ain’t NO vacation or overtime pay.

-Gabe from Mirror, Mirror On the Wall [21]

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