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Weekend Link Love

Posted By Mark Sisson On January 31, 2010 @ 9:10 am In Health | 14 Comments

Slate digs up some dirt on grass fed beef [7]. Is no cow sacred?!

Cake or fruit cup? Do you have the guts to shoulder your way through this no-brainer? NPR has a fascinating piece on willpower [8] and the war going on in your head.

Remember that awesome rib video [9] from the 30 Day Primal Challenge? Well, Dan and his wife started a blog called Sweat. [10] Give it a read.

Is it just me, or has the NY Times been getting things right recently? This week they dish out six meaningless claims on food labels [11].

Listen to the hoot of the bamboo flute [12] over at Primal Wisdom.

Here are some useful instructions [13]. (thanks, brian7972, for finding it [14]!)

Recipe Corner

  • Perennial favorite Girl Gone Primal just came out with a recipe index listing dozens of her best eats [15].
  • The Super Bowl. It’s a national frickin’ holiday. Primal your Super Bowl with these recipes [16]. Not enough? Make these [17] too.  But whatever you do, don’t make this [18]!

Time Capsule

One year ago (January 24 – 30)

  • Meet Grok [19] – The post that formally introduced the little jumping guy with the spear to the modern world. Find out who he is and what he has to do with your health.
  • Primal Comfort Foods [20] – Chicken soup, meatloaf, and butternut squash recipes. Both Mom and Grok approved.

Comment of the Week

“That’s music to my primal Texan ears. Guacamole and hot sauce are like water and oxygen in the south.”

-Doug from Fat Guacamole Devils [21]

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