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Weekend Link Love

Slate digs up some dirt on grass fed beef [8]. Is no cow sacred?!

Cake or fruit cup? Do you have the guts to shoulder your way through this no-brainer? NPR has a fascinating piece on willpower [9] and the war going on in your head.

Remember that awesome rib video [10] from the 30 Day Primal Challenge? Well, Dan and his wife started a blog called Sweat. [11] Give it a read.

Is it just me, or has the NY Times been getting things right recently? This week they dish out six meaningless claims on food labels [12].

Listen to the hoot of the bamboo flute [13] over at Primal Wisdom.

Here are some useful instructions [14]. (thanks, brian7972, for finding it [15]!)

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Comment of the Week

“That’s music to my primal Texan ears. Guacamole and hot sauce are like water and oxygen in the south.”

-Doug from Fat Guacamole Devils [22]