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Weekend Link Love – Edition 81

Zen Habits delivers the goods again with an ultimate how to get lean guide [1]. You may recognize (cough, cough) some of the contributors.

I hate to even mention this because of the sheer headline-grabbing sensationalism it wreaks of, but if you feel like shaking your fist at the ridiculous, a doctor in Britain wants to ban butter [2].

Like ham? Would you spend $3,000 for good ham? Check out the BBC‘s piece on the most expensive ham in the world [3].

A little BPA leaching couldn’t hurt, right? The NY Times reports on new concerns over BPA [4] in your baby’s bottle.

Omega 3’s just can’t be stopped. Is a sea change coming in conventional wisdom? Several major news outlets joined the omega-3s-are-healthy [5] camp this week.

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Comment of the Week

Yesterday I ate a vending machine blue berry muffin. It pretty much made me ill for about 5 hours, which makes me wonder if I do have glutton sensitivity and the lack of it in my diet has lowered my defenses to it.

-Samson from The Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve [12]