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Weekend Link Love – Edition 8

Posted By Worker Bee On July 27, 2008 @ 7:47 am In Weekend Link Love | 4 Comments

Fitsugar has a plan that will have you doing 100 push-ups in only 6 weeks [7].

Gearing up for a vacation? Blogger A Hearty Life profiles a study suggesting that a trip isn’t just good for the mind, it actually improves the heart! [8]

Arthur DeVany posts a cute cartoon with a not-so-cute message [9] about our future.

Cranky Fitness issues a call to scientists to please get cracking on a few developments she thinks would revolutionize the way we live [10].

Diabetes Notes profiles a study suggesting that our nation’s childhood obesity epidemic is going to, within a few years, lead to an epidemic of type 2 diabetes [11].

Health Beat walks us through the Commonwealth Fund’s latest report on hospital system performance [12] (and suggests which measures we should be most attuned to!)

In The Gym shares her favorite hip hop workout playlist [13].

Lean and Hungry Fitness profiles his six-week journey to “do everthing right” [14] when it comes to diet and fitness.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly (and low-cost) way to keep the bugs out, check out the recipe for homemade bug repellent [15] at Mother Earth’s Garden.

Pick The Brain finds some serious life lessons in Bon Jovi lyrics [16].

Want to spice up your next bbq? She Knows Parties tells you how to plan the perfect Olympic-themed backyard soiree [17].

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