Weekend Link Love – Edition 8

Link LoveFitsugar has a plan that will have you doing 100 push-ups in only 6 weeks.

Gearing up for a vacation? Blogger A Hearty Life profiles a study suggesting that a trip isn’t just good for the mind, it actually improves the heart!

Arthur DeVany posts a cute cartoon with a not-so-cute message about our future.

Cranky Fitness issues a call to scientists to please get cracking on a few developments she thinks would revolutionize the way we live.

Diabetes Notes profiles a study suggesting that our nation’s childhood obesity epidemic is going to, within a few years, lead to an epidemic of type 2 diabetes.

Health Beat walks us through the Commonwealth Fund’s latest report on hospital system performance (and suggests which measures we should be most attuned to!)

In The Gym shares her favorite hip hop workout playlist.

Lean and Hungry Fitness profiles his six-week journey to “do everthing right” when it comes to diet and fitness.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly (and low-cost) way to keep the bugs out, check out the recipe for homemade bug repellent at Mother Earth’s Garden.

Pick The Brain finds some serious life lessons in Bon Jovi lyrics.

Want to spice up your next bbq? She Knows Parties tells you how to plan the perfect Olympic-themed backyard soiree.

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  1. Question: (brought up by the “in the Gym” link) Do you know of either a program that will meter music on your computer, or a website that has music sorted by bpm?

  2. I’ve never come across anything like that, Ellen. I’ll take a look around and let you know if I see anything. Maybe one of our readers knows of such a thing…