Weekend Link Love – Edition 71

Dr. Eades really knows how to dissect a study. Watch his handiwork as he uses research on artery plaque build up to beat statin advocates at their own game.

According to Better’s Better, there are health benefits from drinking six cups of coffee a day. Six cups. Six. Cups.

The nutrifoodical quagmire belches out another odious stench with “healthy ice cream.” (thanks, Meghan!)

Can you spot the metaphor in this Rocky IV montage? (thanks, Dan!)

I’m not a big fan of shoes, but this Timberland advertisement is just brilliant.

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One Year Ago (November 8-14, 2007)

Two Years Ago (November 8 – 14, 2007)

  • Why Don’t We Eat Horse? It’s Nutritious. – What’s the difference between horsemeat and pig meat? Why do we eat one but not the other? Does horse farming exist? Find out.
  • Candy Coated What? – Now retired Fuming Fuji is upset about Kid Kupz. In the grand race of human stupidity, the people who think of these products are right on the tails of the people who buy them.

And finally, Food Inc. is out on DVD. Rent it, Netflix it, Redbox it, just get it into your house and watch it.

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  1. Funny how they are trying to make healthier ice cream that they admit won’t taste very good, but will be choc full of fiber, probiotics, and anti-oxidants. This is like something out of a science fiction story. What is the secret of Soylent Green? 😀

    1. If they could get the sugar out of ice cream, it WOULD be healthy. I mean, the Haagen-Dazs I [occasionally – 80/20 rule!] buy is made with milk, cream, egg yolks, strawberries and, of course, sugar. Sugar aside, that’s a pretty enticing ingredient list.

  2. My wife made the insightful comment that perhaps coffee reduces heart attack and stroke risk because it suppresses your appetite enough that you wind up consuming less carbs. It points up that in many of these studies that conclude with “X% less chance of Y” we have no idea what the mechanism is.

  3. I understand the metaphor of the Rocky IV training video, and in light of a primal philosophy I really want to side with Rocky… but I feel like Drago’s going to take this one! My money is on Ivan. Any takers??

  4. Our food industry gets scarier by the minute. This is probably one of the most blatantly, hideous attempts at a “food” product to date. Only too many people will be thrilled to buy into it.

    Interesting Rocky IV video. Triggers memories of my former neighbor in Montecito who was an Iditarod Sled Dog racer. He had the craziest devices rigged in the trees for his strength training. Nothing about him was conventional. He was in his 60’s when I met him but a very fit, attractive man who was full of life and adventure. A Primal dude for sure.

  5. From a traditional, whole-foods, epidemiological perspective The MSNBC ice cream article is the saddest thing ever to be read.

    1. Yep, the article suggests that it won’t be the “full-fat” kind of ice cream. Which, really, means that they are taking out the healthiest thing about ice cream – dairy fat (and all the associated fat-soluble vitamins) – and adding in a lot of micronutrients that *might* be good for ya, but will make it taste worse. Sigh.

      I really fail to understand why anyone, anywhere, thinks that low-fat dairy is a GOOD idea, and it’s the antithesis of a whole-food philosophy. Would you feed your kids low-fat breast milk with probiotics, fiber, and antioxidants added in?

      1. yep, all that stuff is the red herring. Unfortunately people want to buy red herring.

  6. Alton Brown from the Food Network has a recipe for avocado ice cream. It’s been a long time since I made it, and I can’t remember what else is in it. I’m sure there is sugar, but maybe it could be altered a bit to be more primal.

    1. There’s just no way to get it as sweet as you need it and stay within the realms of primal foods. Add enough sugar of any sort and it’s not healthy to eat, except in moderation. Trying to make it “primal” sends you down the same slippery slope that low carbers fail with when they reach for Atkins bars, low carb cookies, and soyflour bread.

      1. I’m not sure I follow what you mean by “as sweet as you need it”. If you’re trying for hyper-sweet, then yes, it’s tough (or impossible) within the primal realm. On the other hand, I do you really *need* it that sweet? Try it without sugar and taste-test it. I’ve found I like most stuff without a lot of sweetness.

  7. I spent most of last night surfing the forums at coffeegeek.com to figure out the best espresso maker for my home. It seems the classic “lever espresso maker” is the way to go, with a bit of a learning curve. You’d be surprised how many coffee fanatics there are.

    I’m happy to hear that I can enjoy more than two or 3 cups of joe without frying myself! Thanks for the link.

  8. I make my own ice cream and it is fairly healthy (as far as a treat goes). It uses raw milk and eggs and a little maple syrup made into custard. Then you add 80% dark chocolate and melt it. You chill that. Add some raw milk cream and pecans (roasted with drizzled maple syrup on it). Then make into ice cream. I know it still has carbs and so it’s definitely part of that 20%, but I use almost all local ingredients and real foods at that. It is also super delicious!

    1. Also meant to add that this ice cream already has probiotics (raw milk), fiber (pecans), and antioxidants (chocolate)!

  9. I had just got food Inc in my mailbox and watched today before I read this post. It was a good flick and will for sure be telling my friends (who will listen to me about food any more) to watch it! It even got my wife to see why i want to grow food and raise chickens and shop localy!!

  10. You know…. If the ice cream didn’t have sugar in it, wouldn’t it already be quite primal? milk, cream, eggs and vanilla bean? If you dont want dairy at all, then just get rid of the milk and add more cream? I think I’ll try it out… see if it’s not half bad. Will report afterwards.

    1. Basically, ice cream is a whipped frozen custard. Basically, custard is a smooth, creamy omelette.

      I make my own eggnog (which is just a liquid custard: cream, eggs, and flavours), and pretty much all I need to do is put it into an ice cream freezer to get great ice cream.

  11. Love this! GQ prints a brussel sprout recipe? Maybe the world really is changing.

    Maybe the world REALLY is changing. Thanks for the info!