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Weekend Link Love – Edition 7

Posted By Worker Bee On July 19, 2008 @ 9:48 am In Weekend Link Love | 6 Comments

Every weekend we bring you some of our favorite health related content from around the net.

But first, check out a piece Mark wrote for Fitness Black Book titled Why We Need Meat [7].

Almost Vegetarian this week celebrated the FDA’s lifting of the tomato warning by handing us a new info for the once-exiled food [8].

Conditioning Research profiles a new study suggesting that training at the same time every day can boost performance [9].

In Denial Health profiles the top five health food myths [10].

Questions about serving size? HealthAssist shows us some graphic representations [11].

Marketing Overdose
gives us the glass-half-full news that the U.S. has claimed the top-spot on irresponsible drug promotion [12] (insert golf clap here!)

Hot weather got you scrimping on your warm-up? The Ririan Project will set you straight on why a warm-up is vital for a good (not to mention safe!) workout [13].

The Sugar Shock Blog pokes fun at a recent study suggesting that sugar actually helps children to concentrate [14].

ScienceRoll introduces to Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, the world’s best e-patient [15], who has documented online his journey to overcome lung cancer.

Matt Metzgar considers whether apes prefer cooked food [16] or un-cooked food.

If you’re in the market to shift your late night workout to an early morning one or want to make a habit of packing the kids a healthy lunch come September, Zen Habits has just the ticket – an easy how-to guide for establishing new habits without burning out [17].

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