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Weekend Link Love – Edition 68

Posted By Mark Sisson On October 25, 2009 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 14 Comments

You may notice a few adjustments to the regular Weekend Link Love. I’ve decided to add the Recipe Corner as a permanent fixture (including perhaps the best link in the history of MDA linkage, Grok chefs will know it when they see it). And I’ve added a new “Time Capsule” section which contains posts that were popular on this week one or two years ago. It’s a great way to find hidden gems in the annals of MDA history!

What is The Roman Box [7], and how will it help you lose weight better than any diet or fitness plan? Head over to Pay Now Live Later to find out.

Early in the week I discussed the importance of muscle balance and symmetry [8]. Someone needs to pass the message along to this German armwrestler [9].

Free range cows. Free range pigs. Next up: Free range foie gras [10]? Cheeseslave discusses the ethics and mechanics of letting geese stuff themselves without our help.

The Primal/Paleo movement is spreading to the Sunday comics [11]!

Satisfy your zen craving with Hybrid Medical Animation’s demo reel [12]. No pertinent news here, just a couple minutes of beautiful, weird, digital exploration through the human body. Can you name all the bodily functions featured?

Primal Recipe Corner:

Time Capsule: The best posts this week last year…

  • Dear Mark: Glycogen [17] – Glycogen is stored glucose and is the body’s first-line energy stockpile for hard physical effort and other specific body functions. Learn how and where glycogen is stored and how and when it is used.
  • Plyometric Exercises for Everybody [18] – Not everyone can break into a 40 yard dash at the drop of a hat. These lower and upper body exercises are designed to accommodate all ages and sizes.
  • Health Engagement [19] – With such a saturation of available medical knowledge, the public’s need for personal attention and interaction with medical professionals is more important today than ever before. A 2008 study highlights the details.

And finally, don’t let people photoshop your face [20].

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