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Weekend Link Love – Edition 67

“Manthropology.” That’s the title of a new book, and it claims modern humans are wimps. Sound familiar? The Independent has the scoop on the man who says Grok was better [1].

Canadians take a step in the right direction with oolichan grease and a big, fat diet [2].

Grok had to flee from lions, tigers, and paleolithic attack bears. Modern man has to flee from… himself? Olivia Judson at The New York Times comments about despair, a predator that only targets one species [3].

If you can’t get enough of me here at the Apple, check out my interview [4] on Sterling Advice. I discuss pet peeves, fitness gurus, and the infamous beach sprints.

Related to this week’s post on cooking shows [5], The Simple Dollar has a great article on why watching others succeed won’t help you succeed [6].

Charm City Kettlebells reviews my book [7], and then follows it up with a satisfying chili recipe [8].

Are bananas healthy, unhealthy or just plain dangerous [9]?

And finally, I tell people to slow down on the aerobics. Some folks from Japan have a different interpretation [10].