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Weekend Link Love – Edition 65

Posted By Mark Sisson On October 4, 2009 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 7 Comments

Nikki Young, author of The Paleo Cookbook (I’ve got a copy, and I use it frequently), was interviewed over at Fitness Spotlight this week. Read what she has to say [7]. Then check out her pumpkin and chicken curry recipe at the bottom of the post.

Here’s a quick bodyweight exercise from Conditioning Research: The oblique side raise [8].

The New York Times talks probiotics [9]. How helpful are they, really?

You may remember Grok Star Sterling and his incredible transformation [10]. He’s got his own blog now, aptly named Sterling Advice [11]. Check it out!

The Off-Camera Chronicles cooks up a Primal ratatouille [12]. Eggplants, tomatoes, and zucchini FTW!

It’s Waffle Iron Smack Down on the internet this week. Not to be outdone by reader Adam’s insanely delicious coconut waffles [13], Joyful Abode swings into action with her own Primal waffles [14]. And don’t forget about longtime Primal champ Son of Grok, who brings the heat with his own waffles, old world style [15]

Will one waffler come out victorious in this caveman cooking coconut cage match, or will they all join forces to fight the pancake robots [16]???? It’s anyone’s guess, but it all goes down this Sunday – SUNDAY! – on WAFFLE IRON SMACKDOWN!!!!!!!

Legal Warning: Waffle Iron Smackdown does not exist, it is not a trademarked property or a patented product. Reader Adam, Joyful Abode, Son of Grok, and the pancake robots have not been informed that they are participating in a waffle iron smackdown, nor are they actually participating in a waffle iron smackdown. If you or your loved ones have ever been smacked down by a waffle iron, seek immediate medical attention.

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