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Weekend Link Love – Edition 64

Another major sign conventional wisdom is starting to crack: This week The Huffington Post ran a piece on why cholesterol may not be the cause of heart disease [1]. A swing and a hit!

Perennially spot-on with life advice, Zen Habits wants you to do less [2]. Find out why.

Are humans meat eaters or vegetarians? You may already know the answer, but I’d still suggest reading Dr. Eades posts on the subject. Here’s part 1 [3] and part 2 [4].

Move over lap band, there’s a new surgical procedure competing for the gold medal of dumb… The Chugay Tongue Patch [5] uses breakthrough advancements in pain and idiocy to stop people from eating food for 30 days. Via That’s Fit.

Coconut just won’t quit its crusade to make you healthy. Head over to FitSugar where coconut water makes a guest appearance to cure food poisoning [6].

Fitness Black Book discusses the triumphs and trolls of fitness forums [7]. At the end of the post he mentions a few good ones (wink).

Are they Primal? Who cares, they’re neat. They’re squishy bowls [8].