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Weekend Link Love – Edition 62

Posted By Mark Sisson On September 13, 2009 @ 7:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 15 Comments

Medical News Today covers the growing Swedish fat wars [7]. Methinks I need to translate the Primal Blueprint into Swedish!(thanks, Dr. Eades!)

Runner’s World takes a very serious (super serious) look into the misguided, dangerous, and downright un-American practice of running barefoot [8].

You may have read my tirade against ridiculous food labels [9], but it’s good to know that the New York Times is catching on to the charade. I must warn you: Some of the things the food execs say in this “Smart Choice” food label article [10] may re-ignite your fear that Satan is alive, among us, and working for Kellogg’s.

The Times isn’t alone. ABC News (mainstream media releasing relevant health news? Is it backwards day?) has a piece on the growing problem of “functional foods,” [11] junk food boosted with a couple vitamins and re-branded as healthy.

Perhaps the man-ape of 2001: A Space Odyssey should have thrown barbecue tongs into the air rather than a war club. NPR has a great podcast on why cooking makes us human [12].

Do the test numbers matter if you’re simply eating Primal? Free the Animal opens up the discussion on whether or not we should pay attention to our lipid test results [13]. (Also check out Richard’s latest before and after shots [14].)

The NY Times seems to be on a roll, find out why cinnamon may be the next antibacterial cleanser [15].

And finally, in the facepalm department… Don’t just eat healthy foods like chili cheese Cheetos, make sure your kids sell them [16]! (thanks, Sally!)

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