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Weekend Link Love – Edition 57

Forget about the Iron chefs, Alton Browns, and Rachel Rays; learn from the original. Cheeseslave writes a delightful tribute to Julia Child [1], a TV Chef who wasn’t afraid to cook with fat.

Planning on living a hundred years? Be sure to save enough money! The Washington Post reports that Larry Haubner may lose his savings before he loses his health [2]. He’s 107 and still pumping iron!

America is growing fatter [3] and waiting time at the emergency room is growing longer [4]. Coincidence? Via Trust for America’s Health and Healthbolt, respectively.

If your lust for bacon wasn’t satisfied by last week’s Bacon & Scallops [5] recipe, try Food Renegade’s Bacon and Avocado Egg Salad [6].

Or if bacon’s not your thing, if you desire more fruits and veggies, the beautiful food photography of Primal recipes [7] from Joyful Abode will be sure to make your mouth water.

The Onion’s recent “food and dining” issue contains a smorgasbord of satirical gems. Read the latest and fakest about Taco Bell [8], Frito-Lays [9], Keebler Elves [10], Little Debbie [11], and one complex food pyramid [12].

And finally, a cautionary tale of alcoholic vervet monkeys [13], courtesy of the BBC.