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June 28, 2009

Weekend Link Love – Edition 56

By Mark Sisson

First, join Fitness Black Book for a good walk

Then join the New York Times for a good sprint

And then relax with a slice of pie. For this week’s Primal recipe, try Steve Pavlina’s raw fruit pie. Just be careful how many pieces you have.

For the folks who enjoyed Guns, Germs, and Steel, you might like Tom Standage’s new book, An Edible History of Humanity. Listen to Tom discuss the way food has fueled history at NPR.

Tammey Burns lost 410 pounds. An incredible achievement. But as That’s Fit points out, TODAY may have turned her into a sideshow for the sake of sensationalizing weight loss.

Tired of buying eggs? Just buy a chicken. And if you’re looking for a place to keep that chicken, Omlet makes a handy little hen house.

In the research and report dept…It’s not a shocker to MDA readers that carbs can lead to heart attacks. Tel Aviv University has the research, and Science Daily has the report.

And finally… from credible news source, The Onion: Does going to the gym feel like…work?

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Scott Miller
Scott Miller
8 years 28 days ago

I pre-ordered the book several months ago, on Amazon. Never came. And for the last few weeks it appears to be sold out on Amazon. Do I order it somewhere else? Or maybe, I’m still on the Amazon pre-order list and one day they’ll get more and send me my copy?

8 years 28 days ago

The chic chicken-houses at Omlet are fascinating. More and more people around where I live (country and city -dwellers alike) are starting to keep chickens. I’m sure it won;t be long before I start to see these popping up in people’s yards. Great link.

8 years 28 days ago

The city council here in Sarasota, FL is holding hearings to see if they will overturn the no chicken law. A lot of people spoke in favor of doing so.

8 years 28 days ago

Man, I want some chickens so badly! Someday…

A guy here on base had some chickens but the housing office made him get rid of them because “livestock” can’t be considered pets for some reason.

8 years 28 days ago

Mark, you should be on Talk of the Nation.

John Sifferman
8 years 28 days ago

“Maybe I can’t help it — maybe it’s genetic. Whatever it is, it’s time I accepted myself for who I am, instead of always holding myself up to society’s unrealistic standards,” Lazar said.

in other words…

“working just doesn’t jive with me, so I’ll be lazy and rack up my already climbing credit card debt.”

I don’t think she’ll be singing the same tune when the debt collection agency shows up at the door…

8 years 28 days ago

John, you do realize the Onion article is a parody, right? 😉

8 years 24 days ago
Man, seeing that omlet thing makes me sooooo sad. I grew up on a farm and we had CHICKENS!!! it was awesome, but sadly at the time i just saw it as a pain in the A$$ because i had to go out and pick the few dozen eggs every day and then wash them, (yes, the eggs were literally laid that day, and i washed the $H#T off of them and i was pissed because i had to clean the crap off them and put them in cartons and put them in the fridge. It actually made me hate… Read more »
8 years 22 days ago

We tried the “raw pie” this week, as we got blueberries relatively cheaply at the local mega-lo-mart. Unfortunately, as written, the recipe is just TOO sweet – cloyingly so. Probably has something to do with the two cups of dates (one in the crust, one in the “matrix” of the pie), as dates contain a LOT of sugar.

We rate it as “pie fail”, sorry.

8 years 20 days ago

The wheel of life turns! When my parents bought their house about the late forties there was a chicken coop at the end of the garden. They never used it though some of the neighbours kept hens. And bantams.

I just heard from our old neighbours, the yuppie couple who we sold the house to have just bought a henhouse and installed some chickens . . .