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Weekend Link Love – Edition 47

Bare feet are back in action! I’ve been proselytizing bare feet for years [8], but now the benefits of going shoeless are finally hitting mainstream media [9]. It that’s not enough here’s a video [10] showing side-by-side comparisons of Grok-style and Nike style. And it’s not just about barefoot running – barefoot hiking [11] counts too!

After Wednesday’s spinach bread [12] post, many readers chimed in with their own favorite grainless bread recipes. Here are a few:

Pay Now Live Later released a second installment to the “Paleo/Primal in a Nutshell” series. This video sums up the practicality of Primal exercise [17]; great stuff to forward to your skeptical friends.

Did Grok make smoothies? [18] New Scientist reports that he may have. Termite smoothies to be precise.

Via CNN Health, being thin is good for the environment [19].

And finally… Exercise? Nah. Eating healthy? Nah. Forget those, and just wear heated rubber underpants [20].