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April 26, 2009

Weekend Link Love – Edition 47

By Worker Bee

Bare feet are back in action! I’ve been proselytizing bare feet for years, but now the benefits of going shoeless are finally hitting mainstream media. It that’s not enough here’s a video showing side-by-side comparisons of Grok-style and Nike style. And it’s not just about barefoot running – barefoot hiking counts too!

After Wednesday’s spinach bread post, many readers chimed in with their own favorite grainless bread recipes. Here are a few:

Pay Now Live Later released a second installment to the “Paleo/Primal in a Nutshell” series. This video sums up the practicality of Primal exercise; great stuff to forward to your skeptical friends.

Did Grok make smoothies? New Scientist reports that he may have. Termite smoothies to be precise.

Via CNN Health, being thin is good for the environment.

And finally… Exercise? Nah. Eating healthy? Nah. Forget those, and just wear heated rubber underpants.

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Greg at Live Fit
8 years 3 months ago

There has been a steady move toward barefoot & near-barefoot running for quite some time. I own a pair of running sandals and have several friends that own Nike shoes designed to provide protection without ‘support’, thereby emulating barefoot running. I haven’t gone there yet though.

8 years 3 months ago

More barefoot related questions. I am using Nike Frees for my weekly sprint sessions at a local track and like the step down from regular running shoes. I would like to try some Vibrams when I replace the Frees. I might even use them for weekly hikes on rocky trails. How have Vibrams held up for all of you and under what conditions are you using them?


8 years 3 months ago

Being thin is good for the environment, so of course CNN advises that you exercise more – which will make you hungrier, not thinner. Sigh. If only more people took Gary Taubes seriously.

8 years 3 months ago

Re: barefootness

So does this mean that we should be wearing flat shoes (like sandals and flip flops) to be as close to barefoot as possible? What about people with high arches that feel they need the arch support (i.e. me)?

Ive had my eye on the Vibrams for a long time now… sigh. When do they go on sale? 😉

8 years 3 months ago

This site actually convinced me to experiment how to live life primal without necessarily going caveman, and one of the things I have noticed is how much easier treadmill-HIIT is sans the shoes. Now, if only my coach could let me play a badminton match without shoes (or at least Vibrams).

8 years 3 months ago

Mt Whitney barefooted?! Wow, that’s quite a feat (feet?).

On Saturday I did my first barefooted hike up Mt Wrightson south of Tucson. I was pretty impressed with myself until I saw that video.

8 years 3 months ago

Great blog and thanks for the link to mine. So happy I found you, you are a wealth of information!