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Weekend Link Love – Edition 46

Extreme aerial sports like base jumping and sky diving are typically associated with adrenaline spikes and fist pumping glory, but Free the Animal dug up a video on the beautiful, serene world of hang gliding [1].

Take Fit has a good list of lift-heavy health websites [2], and MDA is included!

Make of this what you will: United Air to Charge Obese Fliers Twice [3]. (thanks, Autumn!)

If you liked Pay Now Live Later‘s video [4] from last weekend’s link love, he’s got a site chronicling his Primal workout experience [5]. Give it a look-see for inspiration and ideas.

If you’re stuck at a computer 8 hours every day, Better’s Better has a few handy exercises for the neck and wrists [6].

Super-thin supermodels wolfing down super-thick burgers? Carl’s Jr. just gets ridiculous [7]. (thanks, Marci!)

And finally, for those who’ve ever been frustrated by the quagmire of scares, misinformation, and sensationalism spewed from “studies,” “reports,” and “findings,” this will make you smile [8].