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May 28, 2017

Weekend Link Love – Edition 454

By Mark Sisson

weekend_linklove in-lineRESEARCH OF THE WEEK

Statins don’t help older adults, and they may even lead to higher mortality.

A 3-egg-a-day, low-carb diet helps older adults lose visceral fat, improve metabolic health, lower triglycerides, and raise HDL.

Fennel is great for post-menopausal women (PDF).

Physical strength predicts political leaning in men.

Eating more salt causes you to preserve water and drink less.

There’s no substitute for sunlight.

Add black pepper to the list of spices that reduce high-heat carcinogen formation in meat.

Gut bacteria imbalance linked to systemic sclerosis.

Psilocybin mushrooms deemed the world’s safest recreational drug.



Episode 170: Sarah Ballantyne, PhD: I chat with Sarah Ballantyne, New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Approach, The Paleo Approach Cookbook and The Healing Kitchen, and creator of the online program Go To Bed.

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Are nature documentaries fake?

Why “Homo prospectus” might be more accurate.

Steven Hamley introduces his new paper on saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, and heart disease.

Why the war on red meat is misleading.


A Tarahumara woman won a 50km race wearing sandals.

What you can learn from animals.


Walking and creativity go hand in hand.

We need sadness to be happy.

Well, they are called sea lions.

New photo technology captures the moment of conception.

Good dog.


Announcement I’m proud to make: PRIMAL KITCHEN® wins the Best Paleo Company (food) award in Paleo Magazine.

Development I’m happy to see: Lab-grown blood stem cells.

Concept I’m pondering: Spiderwebs as extensions of the spider’s mind.

Animation I dug: The 50 million-year evolution of the whale.

Terrible (and I really like avocado): This latte.



One year ago (May 28– June 3)


Next step – asking health insurance to cover massage so I can get a serotonin boost regularly ?

– I hear ya, Nicole. There are lots of things health insurance should cover but doesn’t.

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Grant @ Life Prep Couple
1 month 1 day ago

Interesting study on strength and political views. I have definitely learned life lessons from my time in the gym. You get out what you put in and good results take hard work and constant commitment.

1 month 23 hours ago

My health insurer (Kaiser) covers massage and acupuncture. You have to have a reason (or make one up), like insomnia, back pain, anxiety, etc, but my doc always makes it work somehow.

1 month 23 hours ago

Glad to see eggs getting more positive promotion from the scientific community. Eggs have been my go to noon meal to break my intermittent fast during my body transformation. Not only are they a nutritional powerhouse with all the disease fighting benefits listed in the article, but they are a good first meal of the day to ward off hunger as well. Cook ’em up with some garlic and turmeric and bring on the day!

Liver King
1 month 22 hours ago

Loved the “There’s no substitute for sunlight.” article. Too many people are looking for convenience… looking for ways to replace nature… when you do, you don’t derive the same benefits as that found in the balance that mother nature offers up to us.

Real foods (nose-to-tail) first… real exposure to nature (reconnected to mother earth, under the sun) first… supplements come in a far second… this is coming from a guy who owns a supplement company. Nothing beats the real deal… but if you’re not going to get the real deal, get as close as you can to it!

1 month 22 hours ago
I’m not sure I’d agree that psilocybin mushrooms are the “safest”. But they are definitely the best! Haven’t used since college but the days I went trippin’ were some of the best days of my life. What makes me leery is not necessarily knowing the source of the shrooms. Vitamin B(ud) can be purchased from more trustworthy dispensaries but shrooms still come from shady sources. At least they’re not being demonized and the research into using psychoactive drugs as a combatant against mental disorders and narcotics addiction is encouraging. I’ll be interested to see if psilocybin mushrooms become as mainstream… Read more »
Harry Mossman
Harry Mossman
1 month 22 hours ago

Timely links for me. I recently got a new intern cardiologist so of course I got the standard “take statins and avoid saturated fat or die” lecture, followed by his supervising doc giving me the whole lecture again. “Only statins, Plavix, baby aspirin, exercise and a plant-based diet will keep me alive.” Without them I will die of a heart attack. Sunlight, CoQ10, etc. useless. No point in arguing.

1 month 21 hours ago

I just wanted to pass on a wonderful email I received from an old neighbor. We had gone out for Korean BBQ last summer, and I (as is my habit) blabbed about all things primal. Unbeknownst to me, my friend was actually listening. He just emailed to meet for another get together and mentioned he’d lost 30 pounds following my basic advice. I know we all have frustrating experiences trying to change those we love to follow primal ways. Just a reminder that this knowledge pays off in unexpected ways.

1 month 14 hours ago

Great story, thanks for sharing. When I talk about primal to people so many times it just goes by them, so it’s nice to hear your experience.

1 month 21 hours ago

Love the spiderweb article. I work almost exclusively with children on the Autism spectrum. One could conceive of their subjective experience as being housed in the logical latticework of the left hemisphere (while acknowledging that there is much shared function between left and right). People who have right hemispheric strokes retain logical speech but sometimes conceive of themselves as being mechanical. I wonder if the mechanical world is not just an outward expression of the left hemisphere. (Engineers are often on the spectrum. Visit any physics lab for confirmation.)

1 month 20 hours ago

So mushroom users “needed emergency medical attention” less than users of other hard drugs? And this makes them “safest”?

This is putting a happy spin on a dreadful situation.

1 month 18 hours ago
The Times article on political leanings coinciding with physical strength is cartoonish. The idea that the fitter you become, the more likely you are to be aggressive and controlling is just Social Darwinism dressed up in pseudo-science. Everyone I know with libertarian views (small government and personal freedom) would rather go for a nice walk, throw a ball around and sit in the sun chatting than spend hours in the gym pumping iron and grunting at the weak and less able. The article reveals its own political bias in the final paragraph when Trump (who else?) is mentioned as physically… Read more »
1 month 15 hours ago

Translation: Statins sometimes kill older people.

“A nonsignificant trend toward increased all-cause mortality with pravastatin was observed among adults 75 years and older.”

1 month 14 hours ago

And the briefer version: Statins kill.

Joshua Hansen
Joshua Hansen
1 month 13 hours ago

I actually used to make a mocha protein shake that used an avocado as a base for “smoothie” texture. Don’t knock it till you try it!

I don’t think any odd thing food I ever assembled had more people react with surprise when they liked it

1 month 6 hours ago
Hi, In the article about political leaning it seemed not to be about “strength” (as in lifting logs, muscles) but about the willingness to fight. That is the “weaker” or socialist minded politican was less ready to fight as opposed to the conservative – more willing to use their fists to fight. And that was considered stronger – However, I could not read the whole article, just the summary, because one has to pay to read. Would be interesting to read the research. Also considering the newspaper it was published in … I don’t know- has the ideal of the… Read more »
30 days 15 hours ago

“I don’t know- has the ideal of the strong, silent guy gone out of fashion?”

Certainly not. But the cartoonish way the article is framed leaves that option off the table. You either have to be strong and aggressive OR silent and weak. That says more about the writer’s political bias than it does about reality.

1 month 5 hours ago

I’m really satisfied, it’s now 5 weeks that I practice the gym

1 month 2 hours ago

I have returned to sunbathing under the assumption that one day they would say sunlight is better than vitamin D supplements. Now its coming true.

My HDL improved tremendously- beyond my primal diet switch- when I started sunbathing a little but I also had increased my exercise more too, so hard to say how much it factored into the equation.

30 days 22 hours ago

I still think vitamin D supplements is better than no vitamin D at all. Because we can’t make vitamin D here 8 months of the year and I can’t find any sun bed without UVA. So either I take vitamin D supplements, or I move South, which I totally don’t want to do.

John Wilder
30 days 11 hours ago

The Stoics had it figured out 2000 years ago – you need sadness for happiness to have meaning. If you hold back on pleasure, it means more. Also, every meaningful victory I’ve ever had was built on hard work and challenge.

28 days 5 hours ago

Anyone know where to purchase fennel softcaps?

27 days 9 hours ago

As a fellow Australian, all I can say about the avocado latte, is that I’m really, really sorry – and I don’t even live in Melbourne. Oh God that’s the WORST idea ever.