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Weekend Link Love – Edition 45

Happy Easter! Before you pop a peep, check out FitSugar’s Easter candy breakdown [7].

It’s a little late for April Fools’ Day jokes, but Fitness Spotlight’s charming review of wonderful, foolproof, ab machines [8] was too funny not to mention.

Pay Now Live Later put together a fantastic video montage of the Primal eating plan in a nutshell [9]. Everyone that reads Mark’s Daily Apple should take a look.

Whole Health Source has a spot-on post about reversing tooth decay [10].

Bottled water is ridiculous. But specifically, this chart shows just how much better tap water is [11].

Go Healthy Go Fit talks about how there’s a difference between eating healthy and eating organic [12] (especially when you can buy “organic” pop tarts [13] at the grocery store). There’s no reason to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Reader’s Digest publishes an informed smear against low-carb eating. Thankfully, Fat Head gives the digest article a proper schooling [14].

And finally, the Twitter [15] folks already caught a glimpse of this, but Ross Training dug up a workout video [16] that interprets Primal in… a different way.