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Weekend Link Love – Edition 44

Posted By Mark Sisson On April 5, 2009 @ 10:23 am In Weekend Link Love | 5 Comments

Amy at Thousand Mile Journey has 221 days until she turns 40. She’s cleaned out the pantry and gone full tilt Primal. Read her story [7], take a look at the exodus of food [8], and peruse her blog [9] for some Primal meal ideas.

Also, check out Dollface’s Primal Journey [10]. Another great, personal Primal blog with stories, tips, and recipes like low carb sushi [11].

If you haven’t gone Primal on Twitter [12] yet, you’re missing some tasty tweets like Marc Van Dam’s Zucchini Hummu [13]

And one more dish! Thanks, Ed, for finding this grilled cilantro chicken with pickled tomato and avocado salsa recipe [14]. (note: brown sugar not entirely necessary, or just use a teaspoon).

Sudden death isn’t a tie-breaking system when it comes to triathlons. Head over to Fox News to find out why triathletes have twice the risk of sudden death [15].

Pay Now, Live Later has a great take on using your health as a credit card [16].

Finally, in the jaw-dropper department… I’ll let you make your own comments on the pizza vending machine [17].

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