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Weekend Link Love – Edition 43

Want a fun way to chronicle your weight loss? Try out Daily Mugshot [8].

Shampoo is overrated. [9] So says NPR, dermatologists, and Grok [10].

For those Tabata sprinters [11], Emma of Paleo Girl found a few rockin’ MP3s with Tabata intervals spliced in [12].

Is this woman [13] really 130 years old? Via Neatorama.

If my coconut pancakes [14] didn’t satisfy your Primal sweet tooth, head over to N1Kitchen for a delicious butternut squash muffin recipe [15].

Or simply jump straight to cookies. The good folks over at We Like it Raw have developed the “Samoraw [16]” and other Primal friendly ‘girl scout’ cookies. (thanks, Marci!)

Need another reason to act like a kid? USA Today gives us a reason to play [17].

Zen Habits has a wonderful little guide to beat procrastination [18].

And finally, the University of Sydney has developed a diet to end all diets [19]. Who says physicists don’t have a sense of humor?