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February 22, 2009

Weekend Link Love – Edition 38

By Worker Bee

Two of my favorite bloggers, Scott Kustes of Modern Forager and Mike O’Donnell of The IF Life, have combined forces to bring you a new Uberblog, The Life Spotlight. It’s a central hub for eating/moving/living like a modern caveman. Go there, read them, and update your RSS feed.

Methuselah at Pay Now Live Later is going all-out Grok this week with his Letters From a Caveman series. How would Grok react were he transported forward thousands of years to the present and forced to blog?

Can you tickle yourself?

Vegetables aren’t what they used to be. Read Time Magazine’s article on the diminishing returns of nutrients in our vegetables. Grandma’s veggie soup really was better. (thanks, Shawn!)

Would you rather train like a caveman, or train like a celebrity?

Grass fed is important. Or is it? 4 Hour Work Week translates the labels on your meat. Learn how to sort through the tripe and the hype.

And finally, not everyone is appreciative of the Human Genome Project. Read this letter from an angry dissenter.

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Zen Frittata
8 years 6 months ago

I read the 17 fitness tips from celebrities…and none of them are fitness tips!

Gotta love celebremedia!

The Gnome project made my day!

8 years 6 months ago

As usual, great links, Mark! I LOVE Modern Forager. Didn’t realize he started a new blog. It went right in the feeds. 4 Hour Workweek is another favorite. That labeling article was fascinating… and scary…

Yavor Marichkov
8 years 5 months ago

Lol Mark, neither cavemen, nor celeb. Haha those workouts right there are so full of you know what.

I call these “Nestle Fitness” workouts – i.e. all style and marketing and no substance.

As far as the caveman training – we got better resources such as this site here and SoG’s Son of Grok to name a few.

Mike OD - Life Spotlight
8 years 5 months ago

Mark, thanks for the love! Can’t wait till the Primal Blueprint book!

Mike Carlson
8 years 5 months ago

Thanks for plugging our Caveman workout!