Weekend Link Love – Edition 324

Weekend Link LoveMy interview with Focal Upright, makers of the best standup workstations in the industry.

Research of the Week

The morbidly obese have “accelerated intestinal glucose absorption.”

A bunch of obesity researchers come out hard against the usefulness of “calories in, calories out.”

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 44: Interview with Mark Allen – Triathlon Legend, Author, and Coach: Host Brad Kearns has a fascinating chat with the best triathlete in history about how he managed to balance life and training, his tips for athletes interested in accomplishing the same, and much more.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Instead of playing brain training games, healthy older adults should just hang out with their friends.

The midlife crisis may be unavoidable, but we’re probably also destined to eventually get over it and be happier than ever.

Media, Schmedia

Turns out that sitting is probably pretty bad for your mental and emotional health, too.

Preterm infants under medical care depend on an “environment almost entirely composed of plastic,” (video) and it’s probably affecting their hormones and harming their health and normal development.

Everything Else

Australian actor Damon Gameau went on a 60-day low-fat diet high in “healthy” high-carb foods like fruit juice, granola bars, and low-fat yogurt and ended up gaining 10 cm of belly fat and a prognosis of impending fatty liver. Watch for That Sugar Film, the documentary about his experience, in 2015.

I’ve always been fascinated by those words in foreign languages that can’t be translated directly into English words. Here are a few examples (plus a new book about them). Komorebi (Japanese for “the sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees”) is my favorite. What’s yours?

Retail chicken across the United Kingdom is very likely to be contaminated with campylobacter.

The homeland of the Masai is being sold off to become private hunting grounds for the Dubai royal family.

They may be cute and vaguely dog-like, but seals aren’t endangered and their meat is actually quite sustainable.

How successful has Whole Foods been at broadening its customer base (and helping lower income people eat healthier) with stores in Detroit?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Nov 30 – Dec 6)

Comment of the Week

This year I have a delicious whey protein rub for the big turkey. Extra gainz.

– I’d love that recipe if you’ve got it handy.

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