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Weekend Link Love – Edition 32

Do me a personal favor by following this link [1] and selecting “Six Until Me” as the Best Patient’s Blog of 2008. My friend Kerri runs this great site and I think she deserves to win (check out her site [2] and judge for yourself or just take my word for it). And check out her husband’s fitness site, I Look Like Fit [3], while you’re at it.

You may remember the misguided buzz about low carb diets affecting short term memory [4], but what about high sugar diets affecting long term memory [5]?

Did you eat too many Christmas cookies? Having a hard time overcoming that holiday weight gain? The good folks over at NPR explain how overeating effects the body [6].

Artificial sweeteners are back in the news (and on TV Commercials) again. Truvia is the newest lab brew to hit the streets, but this one may have some merit. FitSugar has the scoop on Coke’s new artificial sweetener [7].

How soon should your baby go Primal? As soon as possible! There are just as many crazy theories about baby diets as there are about adult ones. It’s about time for someone to debunk those baby food myths [8]. (thanks for the link, Camille!)

If you’re a list freak (or an exercise freak), read Happy Lists’ classic post on 20 creative ways to get exercise [9].

From Yahoo! News, a new study claims exercise won’t cure obesity [10]. This is right up my alley. As you may know, I am fond of saying 80% of your body composition is determined by your diet [11].

Joel Stein of the L.A. Times makes an apt connection between yuppies and peanut allergies [12].

And finally, bread is no good for your body, even if it comes in a weird shape [13].