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Weekend Link Love – Edition 3

Posted By Aaron On June 21, 2008 @ 9:56 am In Weekend Link Love | No Comments

60 in 3 gave us some great tips on how to get your day off to a good start [7].

Arthur De Vany calls out the average American diet [8] for the fad that it is!

Blog of Herbs gives us a cure for the dreaded Buffet Syndrome [9] (and other culinary over-indulgences!)

Blogger Burning the Scale reviews the book, In Defense of Food [10]¸ which details the value of eating, well, real food!

The Calorie Lab gives us a run-down of the latest summer diet fads [11] featured in women’s magazines.

Cranky Fitness reviews the merits (or in this case, demerits) of an automatic bicycle [12].

Diethack gets us (or our loved ones) prepped for surgery with the 20 questions you need to ask before you go under the knife [13].

Dumb Little Man provides a medley of tips designed to keep you fit during your travels [14].

FitSugar profiles a new detergent designed specifically for your workout wear [15].

HealthBolt puts on their detective hat to determine whether ice cream can boost fertility [16].

Nutritious Junk has a great recipe for ceviche [17].

Science Roll reports back on the benefits of a Second Life workout [18].

Wise Bread discusses the value (both nutrition and exercise wise) of creating your own vegetable garden [19].

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