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Weekend Link Love – Edition 289

Posted By Mark Sisson On March 30, 2014 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 36 Comments

I’m excited to participate in a special eBook package built specifically for everything having to do with bodyweight training. As you well know, I’m a huge fan of bodyweight workouts, and the Bodyweight Bundle [7] represents the cream of the crop. Just $37 gets you 38 books from the masters of the field. The offer ends and the bundle won’t be available after tomorrow, so grab it now if you’re interested.

Episode #12 of The Primal Blueprint Podcast [8] is now live. I answer your questions and give a short preview of the upcoming Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program. If you haven’t already subscribed on iTunes, do so now and you’ll never miss an episode.

Research of the Week

A recent systematic review [9] of the literature found that, in subjects with poor glucose tolerance, high-fat diets have more favorable effects on various cardiometabolic risk factors than low-fat diets.

Despite having lower BMIs and drinking less alcohol, vegetarians have [10] “poorer health (higher incidences of cancer, allergies, and mental health disorders), a higher need for health care, and poorer quality of life.”

Organic milk is higher in omega-3s [11], and it may be enough to favorably impact the health of consumers.

Heated vegetable oils are, indeed, bad for you [12].

Interesting Blog Posts

Dr. Briffa asks a simple question [13]: If statins are so safe, why aren’t the researchers tasked with proving the drugs’ safety offering up their raw data?

Why are doctors failing to prescribe [14] a highly-effective therapy for depression?

Media, Schmedia

Kids are sports specialists these days [15], playing the same sports and doing the same repetitive movements on a daily basis, and it may be leading to an epidemic of ACL tears – and girls are at greater risk. The proposed solution is a “warm-up” that simulates “the movements that children used to do on playgrounds and in backyards.” Or, you know, kids could just play on playgrounds and in backyards.

A nice piece from the Guardian [16]: “Why almost everything you’ve been told about unhealthy foods is wrong.”

Everything Else

Glenn Beck appears to have gone effectively Primal [17].

This is really cool [18], but I gotta wonder about BPA.

It’s true: happy workers are better workers [19].

Can’t squat? Try pooping like a samurai [20].

Do endurance athletes have health problems [21] because of the food they eat to fuel the exercise, the endurance exercise itself, or both?

Mac users might get some use out of this screen-dimming Pomodoro timer called WorkBurst [22].

Recipe Corner

  • What to do when you’re in the mood for some “pulled” meat but pork isn’t appealing? Make pulled lamb [23].
  • In my experience, a good palak paneer [24] can get anyone to eat spinach.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Mar 31 – Apr 6)

Comment of the Week

Recumbo ergo sum…

Indeed [27]!

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