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Weekend Link Love – Edition 278

Posted By Mark Sisson On January 12, 2014 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 32 Comments

PrimalCon Vacation Tulum [7] March 1st-6th is filling up quickly with only 38 rooms left at the resort. We’ll have a big announcement next week about four new presenters added to the lineup! Check in with us [8] immediately if you are thinking of getting down there so we can discuss room options.

Research of the Week

It looks like hunter-gatherers weren’t necessarily free from tooth decay, particularly if they ate a ton of starchy sweets [9].

Famine is actually more common among agriculturalists [10] than hunter-gatherers.

83.3% of studies from researchers without financial ties to sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) find that the drinks may increase the risk of obesity. 83.3% of studies from researchers with financial ties to sugar-sweetened beverages conclude that the evidence is insufficient to support a connection between SSB and obesity. Who to believe [11]?

Interesting Blog Posts

This is an awesome analysis [12] of how and why some people have to squat differently than others, using photos of actual bones and joints to explain the anatomical differences.

Why one man runs and sprints (when he hunts [13]).

Media, Schmedia

Sorry, folks: you’re officially eating the worst diet in the world [14]. I’m moving to Weight Watchers. (Be sure to read Ancestralize Me’s take on the report [15] if you’re seriously worried.)

Somehow, Kellan Lutz was able to obtain a Herculean physique [16] eating the worst diet in the world. Go figure.

A website apparently thinks [17] I’m pretty influential in the realm of health and fitness.

Everything Else

I guess I’ll have to slum it with some 18-month gouda or mediocre triple cream brie, what with the looming Velveeta shortage [18] and all.

Talk about live long, drop dead [19]

Preaching the gospel of the forest-fed pig [20].

I think I’d get along with this guy [21].

Who says we can’t have non-partisan cooperation when it really matters? Both Democrats and Republicans freely embrace sugar subsidies [22].

Recipe Corner

  •  I’d probably make this coconut lemongrass pulled pork [23] in the pressure cooker rather than the suggested slow cooker, but that’s only because I’m impatient.
  • No excuse not to eat a decent breakfast when you can just make easy paleo egg cups [24].

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 13 – Jan 19)

Comment of the Week

I like that approach. Live in the now. Zen get on with your day.

Good message [27] with an excellent Dad joke embedded within.

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