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Weekend Link Love – Edition 266

Make sure to vote in Paleo Magazine’s Best of 2013 poll – Part 1 [1] and Part 2 [2]. We’re up for Best Paleo eBook (Primal Blueprint Fitness), Best New Paleo Book (The Primal Connection), and Best Paleo Lifestyle/Fitness site. Voting is open through November 1st.

Research of the Week

A recent study [3] confirms that children learning to walk should not wear stiff, thick shoes. Light, flexible shoes were found to be the ideal choice. Why? Because “plantar pressures while wearing the most flexible shoe are similar to those while barefoot,” which “may enhance proprioception.”

For the first time, the World Health Organization has classified outdoor air pollution as a carcinogen [4]. Particulate matter was analyzed separately and also found to be carcinogenic. Is anyone actually surprised?

Interesting Blog Posts

Bodyweight training is often recommended to those uninterested in building mass or gaining weight. Here’s a post [5] explaining how to obtain mass using just your bodyweight (and a few tools like a pullup bar and the law of gravity).

How one family made Primal living work [6] on their trip through Italy.

Should you treat GERD with nutrition or drugs? Dr. Eades weighs in. [7]

Media, Schmedia

President Taft was a yo-yo dieter [8], “continuously hungry.”

Why your brain needs way more downtime than modern society affords [9].

How some teachers who are flouting conventional curriculums by letting kids learn what they want to learn and figure out problems on their own are getting amazing results [10]. It’s a new (but old) teaching method.

Everything Else

Speaking of Italy, the country is losing its taste for pasta [11]. Yearly per capita consumption has dropped by over 20% in the last decade.

Check out Zach Anner, a comedian with cerebral palsy who does workout videos every Wednesday [12]. They’re hilarious and inspiring all at once – a rare combination.

An apparently messianic photographer named Jimmy Nelson has deigned to grace the world with his vision of tribal peoples poised on the precipice of being lost forever. Deifying captions aside, Nelson’s photos of different tribes from around the world are truly fantastic. You should look at them [13].

Even though people acknowledge that walking is healthy and they should do more of it, they by and large are not doing it [14].

A 72-year old hunter fell down a ridge, hurt himself, and was cut off from civilization for 14 days. He survived [15] by building fires and shelters, catching squirrels, picking berries, and eating algae he knew to be safe and edible. It pays to know what you’re doing out there, huh?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Oct 20 – Oct 26)

Comment of the Week

Granted, the temps haven’t yet dipped toward freezing, and I don’t know if we’ll get snow this year or not. But we have a native species here in the Northwest–the “Cargo Shorts All-Year-Round Guy”–whose weatherbeaten legs go exposed in all but the coldest conditions. And if they can handle being bare-legged, I imagine being bare-footed can’t be too hard.

– Ha! I know that species! An interesting animal [20] indeed.