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Weekend Link Love – 21-Day Challenge Edition

This year’s 21-Day Challenge [1] contests are winding down, but there are one or two left that you can still enter. Check them all out here [2] and get your entries in before the deadlines!

One more thing: I’ve got a pair of tickets to the largest permaculture conference in the world, Permaculture Voices [3], and I want to give them away to a deserving reader. If you’re a permaculture student, enthusiast, or small-time farmer, this could be a great opportunity to see such lauded speakers as Michael Pollan, Allan Savory, Joel Salatin, and Geoff Lawton. So leave a comment below telling us why you want and deserve to go, and then my team and I will pick a winner.

UPDATE: Wow. So many deserving people and so few free tickets! In the end, I held a random drawing to select the two winners from those that expressed interest in attending the event. If you haven’t received an email from my team I’m sorry to say you haven’t won. I wish all of you the best in your permaculture adventures. Grok on!

For those who don’t win, you can use the coupon code dailyapple to knock the price of a ticket [4] down to $710 from $960. Good until 10/31/13.

Relevant Research

If you’re still having trouble fitting your workouts into a busy day because they take too long, perhaps this [5] news will make things easier: in recreational strength trainees, performing a single set of resistance training was just as effective as performing three sets for strengthening the upper body.

And if you’re doing “cardio,” it doesn’t take much to get the good stuff. Just six sessions of high intensity interval training was enough [6] to improve fitness and increase mitochondrial density and function in the muscle.

Helpful Blog Posts

Need a new fitness routine? Hit a stall? Stuck in a rut? Dr. Andro explains [7] why undulating your periodization might lead to better gains – and a renewed sense of purpose.

Fuel For the Fire

If your Challenge is to eat fewer carbs, you’re in good company. A Swedish expert committee has just concluded [8] that low-carb diets are the most effective for weight loss in the short term. Make sure you stick with it, though; due to non-compliance, long term dieting (low-carb or otherwise) doesn’t seem to work for most people.

No, Burger King did not just come out with a healthy French fry [9]. No, the Satisfries are not allowable during the Challenge. Sorry.

You may be avoiding GMOs, but I think we can all wholeheartedly (or begrudgingly) accept these GMO trees [10] as safe – and awesome.

Contest Sponsor Discounts

Get 10% off your order at Steve’s Paleo Goods [11] using the code “MarksDailyApple2013.” Good until midnight tonight.

Want inexpensive (but not cheap) grass-fed meat? Tendergrass Farms [12] has kindly provided a discount coupon for all Mark’s Daily Apple readers. During checkout, use NICE2MEATU to receive 15% off your entire order. This offer is good until 10/17/13.

Ever worked out with a dedicated training sandbag? Now’s your chance: at Ultimate Sandbag [13] use promo code primalusb to receive 15% off any purchase through 10/31/13.

Tight muscles? Knotted-up gristly fascia that’s inhibiting your movement and sucking your will to live? Try a Radroller [14], and be sure to use the code MDAROLLER for 20% off your order. Good through today.

The Sling Trainer from Aerobis [15] is a versatile training tool that you can take with you anywhere – and until 10/15/13, MDA2013 will get you 15% off your whole order.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Oct 6 – Oct 12)

Comment of the Week

Thanks to each and everyone of you, especially to the ones who voted for me.
Congratulations to the amazing GrokStar, (the third year competing!) to the funniest and cutest Los Flinstones (enhorabuena, Robert!) and of course to everyone who submitted a video, I know the great amount of work it requires…
And of course, thanks to Mark and the work bees for this great challenge, and for everything they share here to make us healthier and happier!

Gotta love [20] that Nacho Rubio.