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Weekend Link Love – Edition 258

Research of the Week

Let’s add green tea (that you drink) to the list of safe and effective oral sunblocks [1].

The use of antipsychotic medications in kids with ADHD and depression are associated with an increased risk of diabetes [2]. I almost typed “meditations” instead, which in retrospect probably would have had a different effect on diabetes risk.

Interesting Blog Posts

The newly (and heck, even the experienced) Primal are often at a loss when it comes to packing a healthy lunch. This series [3] at NomNom Paleo addresses the issue head-on.

Here’s [4] what happened to a writer when he abstained from alcohol for forty days.

Navigating the complex world of sustainable seafood [5].

Media, Schmedia

I like the sentiment and message in this story [6] of a former diet consultant who realized the error of her ways and is now apologizing to former clients for putting them on unsustainably low-calorie diets laden with processed, gluten-rich fare, but I just can’t overlook the egregious “loose/lose” spelling error in the 14th paragraph.

What does a (as yet unverified) 123 year-old coca-chewing, mutton-eating Bolivian man owe to his longevity? Lots of walking [7].

Everything Else

Could a pill replace exercise? Maybe, at least in mice [8].

Get better sleep with Beddit [9], a cool gadget that links up with your phone and attaches to your mattress to track your sleep quality. Resist the urge to wake up in the middle of the night to check your progress, because, well, that kinda defeats the purpose.

This [10] wouldn’t have happened if she had just opted for the lettuce wrap.

It looks like spicy food isn’t just a recent fad [11]: over 6,000 years ago, ancient humans were spicing their food with (at least) mustard garlic seeds, a spice with a wasabi-esque kick.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 25 – Aug 31)

Comment of the Week

No, no, no–I want him to do a Jack LaLanne-esque swim across the channel (or somewhere) with a flotilla of boats chained together in his mouth. 

Wenchypoo [16], make it a standup paddling across the Auau channel (between Lanai and Maui) and I’ll consider it!