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Weekend Link Love – Edition 254

Research of the Week

Despite health officials being worried about the “increase in meat intake in Asian countries,” a recent study [1] actually found an inverse association between mortality and red meat, fish, and poultry intake.

Forget melatonin supplements, blue blocking goggles, and f.lux – going camping is the best way to normalize your circadian rhythm [2].

Even though tests of individual chemicals may proclaim them as “safe,” combining “safe” doses of two potential carcinogens – estrogen and arsenic – doubles the cancer risk to prostate cells. This study [3] seems relevant in a world where “we are getting exposed to many chemicals at once,” doesn’t it?

Interesting Blog Posts

Ned Kock explains [4] why he thinks grain-fed beef liver might be even more nutritious than grass-fed beef liver.

Everyone should learn at least a couple helpful tips from this list of 25 food prep techniques [5].

Media, Schmedia

Famously gluten-free tennis star Novak Djokovic expands on his regimen [6]. Suffice it to say, he’s an interesting dude.

Health experts are recommending [7] the instatement of a new saturated fat tax in New Zealand to curb the dangerous national pastime of consuming grass-fed butter and promote a greater intake of vegetable oil. I’m sure this will go swimmingly.

This success story [8] from a Montreal man made my day.

Everything Else

Does evolution actually punish selfishness [9]?

Even though his adamantium-laced spinal column is nigh indestructible, Hugh Jackman still insists on deadlifting with proper form [10] (and in VFFs, no less).

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 4 – Aug 10)

Comment of the Week

This post bugs me.

– Even though your comment [15] got *crickets* as a response, I liked it.