Weekend Link Love – Edition 251

Weekend Link LoveResearch of the Week

Access to treadmill desks (even with infrequent usage) help obese workers lose body fat without affecting performance.

Why the anxious should exercise regularly.

Folks who are depressed tend to pursue more “generalized goals,” as opposed to more specific goals.

Being infected with parasitic worms may protect you from heart disease.

Interesting Blog Posts

As corn pests wise up to our feeble attempts to genetically engineer pest resistance into corn seeds, farmers are having to pump even more pesticides onto their crops. Or, you know, they could do some old-fashioned and time-tested crop rotation and limit the resistance in the first place, but that wouldn’t be better living through chemistry.

Why software developers need to worry about their nutrition.

Media, Schmedia

I love it when a big government agency admits they were wrong: the CDC begrudgingly admits they may have been wrong about salt restriction.

The drug-resistant bacteria situation on America’s farms and the food they produce is only getting worse.

Everything Else

Drug companies are rushing to perfect a drug that mimics a rare LDL-lowering genetic mutation. People with the mutation have a drastically lower risk of heart disease, but I’m not sure that means the drug will have the same effect. Will this turn out like all the others?

Citing the increasing numbers of chickens being given up, animal shelter workers are calling the end of the urban chicken trend. “It’s the stupid foodies” getting in over their heads, they say. But, according to NPR, the actual problem is the hatcheries, who often mistakenly sell male chicks as females. When the males come of age and become loud-beaked roosters, most urban farmers must dump them or run afowl of the law.

Although we’re exercising more than ever, Americans are still failing to lose weight.

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One year ago (July 14 – July 20)

Comment(s) of the Week

I thought spouse wrestling was chronic cardio. – Randy

I think you must be doing it wrong, spouse wrestling is definitely HIIT. – Dzoldzaya

Excellent exchange.

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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. I’ll have to try the blueberry n cream scramble, If I can get to the blueberries before my granddaughter. Never would have believed that a 3 yr old would be such a blueberry picking machine 🙂

  2. Greatly written article about software developers needing to worry about their nutrition. Of course, everyone is helped out when going Primal.

  3. I concur on software development. When I dumped the carbs and thus the grains, I quit having finger pain (presumably RSI) and afternoon crashes, where I couldn’t do anything but think about sleeping for a couple of hours. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of difference it made.

    1. Some people don’t want the chickens for chicken, but for eggs…. for many there is a huge difference between picking up eggs and killing a chicken.

    2. You can get in trouble in some cities for backyard butchering. When you even know what you’re doing, and a lot of people don’t.

  4. “When the males come of age and become loud-beaked roosters, most urban farmers must dump them or run afowl of the law.”

    My dad, who loved corny humor, would have called that “a real boo-hisser.”

  5. Does anybody else think lowering cholesterol to the levels they are talking about with this new drug seem like a bad idea? Also the two women who have the genetic mutation for the super low cholesterol that the drugs are based off of are young – will this really be such a good thing as they age or will they develop other problems?

    1. +1. Clearly, it’s very important to develop this drug before anyone has any idea of the long-term consequences.

  6. Salt, yet another demonized food that we require for optimal health. Eat real food, add salt to taste and we are good to go. Nothing to worry about, and glad to see some big players beginning to publicise it.

  7. Sigh, as someone who has had and been around backyard poultry most of my life, chickens are livestock not pets. If you cannot deal with all aspects of chicken raising then you should not have chickens. If you buy straight run chicks, half of them will be roosters. If you buy sexed chicks most of them will be female. In either case there will be roosters. Unless you want to raise chicks you will need to have rooster dinner until you run out of roosters. We have had chickens lay for far longer than two years, but they don’t lay as many eggs. And yes you do have to deal with nonlayers, they become stewing chickens. Sometimes chickens randomly die or a dog or weasel or other varmint tears it’s way into the pen and then you need to have a place to bury them. If you are not fastidious about cleanliness you will have rats going after the feed. Unless you have money to throw away you try not to have nonproductive animals to feed. And no, don’t name them.

    1. I’m “lucky” enough to be the Grim Reaper for the lady I buy my eggs from, so I know that’s some solid advice, Ingvildr.

      I just culled a Guinea hen&rooster a few weeks ago for her, and her neighbors asked if she got rid of all of her chickens. No, she replied, the rooster just started a lot of fuss ALL the time. (Guinea fowl mate for life – couldn’t take one w/o the other. 🙁

      Oh, and as for cooking old clucks (hens that have stopped laying) a slow cooker is your best friend. Cook for at least 10 hours, preferably longer (Coq au Vin, Provencal, plain ol’ soup, etc.)

  8. KFOR-TV needs a new proofreader–what does this (the topic sentence of their article) even mean?

    “A recent report from the CDC reviewed the health benefits of reducing salt and say that, even though Americans consume too much salt, major reductions is no longer considered a substantial health hazard.”

  9. Why aren’t they slaughtering the roosters and making a good coq au vin? Come on people, stop being squeamish.

    1. Oh, give them a break. Have you ever plucked a chicken? Seriously, no way. We had chickens, I loved ’em. But kill one and pluck it? Not worth the hassle.

      No, any sensible person would just stuff the roosters in a bag, and in the middle of the night, drive over to the house of that a-hole accountant that just rejected your expense report and let them go. They will start crowing at 4 am. Good morning!!!

  10. Regarding the article on people exercising and not losing weight, no mention is made of the type of “moderate” or “intense” exercise being conducted. I wonder if for most people it is just cardio, not strength training. Seems like most mainstream recommendation for exercise I see are still almost entirely cardio focused. Cardio has never helped my body composition, while intense weight training has made improvements. Changing diet has been number one, of course.

    Freshman year in college when I tried to swim laps to lose weight (1 hour/day, moderate to high intensity), I gained fat. I was so darn ravenous after these workouts! I hadn’t changed my diet to become a fat burner at all and ate way too much sugar and carbs.

    1. Regardless, you can’t out-train a bad diet, and your goal is to lose fat, not lean mass. But as you say, if someone doesn’t watch how they train, lean mass is exactly what they’re losing, and more than can be explained by the overall loss in weight, which is thought to always be accompanied by a little muscle loss. (The logic being that you aren’t carrying around so much weight anymore so you don’t need the muscle to go with it either. I have no idea whether this is actually valid or whether they jumped to this conclusion after watching SAD eaters “cut calories” and lose ten or twenty or so.)

  11. So now we know why cat and dog owners are healthier….it’s not the stress reduction of interacting with those cute widdle puppy wuppies. It’s the parasites!

    Kind of makes me laugh, thinking of all those service dogs that go to elderly care facilities……

  12. I don’t believe the minor cholesterol reduction explains the all the effectiveness of those parasites on CVD. Some parasites increase Treg cells and IL-10 in the body to improve their survival. Tregs/IL-10 reduces inflammation and promotes cholesterol efflux to HDL and inhibits monocyte adhesion. There are safer ways to increase Tregs/IL-10, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc and good gut bacteria.

    As for the cholesterol drug, there are several populations who have extremely low rates of CVD for example: premenopausal women (likely due to iron (ferritin levels)), people with the AA genotype for myeloperoxidase and those with the mutation for low LDL-P. Instead of drugs that impair function/homeostasis we should use this evidence to provide clues as to the relevant underlying pathologies we should treat


  13. Sexing peeps is hard. This guy makes it look easy: https://www.metzerfarms.com/SexingVideo.cfm?CustID=1753762 But it isn’t. Every single one of my goslings and ducklings that we have hatched have been “female” when I checked. In one set of 12 ducklings, 8 were male, 4 female. And then there are the “specials” like the one my step dad fell for when I was a kid when he wanted fresh eggs. If you bought a bag of feed, you got 20 free chicks. Only they didn’t tell you that they were ALL male. My stepdad didn’t have the heart to chop more than 6 – the rest went to poorer neighbors down the road.

    Yes, my kids have named the birds. I try to keep my geese at 10 and the ducks at 20. While I enjoy mowing the lawn in the spring and fall, when it is over 90 by the time the dew is off the grass, I really can’t push that mower. The geese and ducks do keep the bugs down and keep my grass short – and fertilized!

  14. whats your take on hiit training? i started doing 3x a week 15 hiit on a stationary bike.

    1. 3 times a week…is overdoing it! Once or twice max and you get all the bennies. Mark says once every 7-10 days is even sufficient!

  15. Happy Birthday Mark!
    If I recall from one of your previous blogs your birthday is sometime in mid-July. You and your material have had a significant impact on my life – thank you. I hope you have many great years ahead… as a good friend of mine says: “My age is none of my business”.
    Grok on!

  16. Well, even on a healthy Primal diet, exercise doesn’t lead to any weight loss for me, either. And I’m doing what the Primal Fitness program says to do, exactly. I’m a 48-year old woman. The fat just doesn’t want to go.

    1. Diane, I highly recommend Sarah Gottfried’s book “the hormone cure”. I am 43 and this has helped me a great deal. There can be so many reasons for stalled weight loss and I should be the last person to give advice on this subject, but thyroid is a very common issue for women in our age bracket and regular tests don’t always flush out the problem.

    2. Have you tried dumping the so-called “safe starches”? Paleo goo-roos do *so* much damage pushing that so hard. Some of us just plain cannot handle them. I am pretty much gluten-free and my weight still doesn’t budge but I know that if I go 90 percent starch-free or better, it’ll start falling off again.