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Weekend Link Love – Edition 248

Research of the Week

People who live with the most green space nearby (trees, grass, parks, etc) have the lowest levels of salivary cortisol [1], a marker of stress.

Chocolate with high cacao-content appears to be an effective sunblock when eaten [2].

New evidence suggests that part of what made human beings possible (and helped our ancestors diverge from the chimp line of ancestry) was the evolution of our transcription factor binding sites [3] – the places where genes are turned on and off. In other words, humans are extremely flexible and adaptable because our genes are extremely flexible and adaptable.

Interesting Blog Posts

How mood – and maybe depression – is a function of how connected we are (or aren’t) to other people [4]. I certainly hope so, because you can’t put a patent on relationships the way you can with Prozac.

Our emotional state can affect our taste for – and awareness of – fat in food [5].

Media, Schmedia

How junk food can end obesity [6]. Or, another apologist for the processed food industry rears his head.

“The attitude out there is that grass-fed is for the crazies.” Luckily, an increasing number of ranchers, including a favorite of mine – Prescott Frost [7] – are working to change that “cultural kind of fear-mongering,” [8] and it appears to be working.

Everything Else

Interested in a free poultry purchasing guide, with detailed breakdowns of all the poultry producers and products you’ll find in groceries and markets? Consider supporting the BuyingPoultry.com Kickstarter [9].

I assure you, I had nothing to do with this [10].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 23 – Jun 29)

Comment of the Week

The only thing I’d add to your ideal bath is to have Paul Togioka’s Hawaiian slack string guitar album “Ki ho’alu Inn” playing in the background. It’s such peaceful, happy music, it always takes me away.

-Indeed, Janice James [15]. How could I have forgotten music?